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Supernatural: I Believe the Children Are Our Future

A babysitter dies - she scratched her brains out.

Sam and Dean investigate, and find that Jimmy, the kid she was babysitting, put itching powder on her hairbrush.

But that can't be what killed her, can it?

As Sam and Dean talk about it, Sam gets a call. Another weird death, this time, an electrocution. An old man in the hospital tells the brothers it was just supposed to be a joke. A joy buzzer electrocuted the man.

Sam and Dean take the novelty, and test it. It completely cooks a huge pork roast, which Dean, of course, samples.

The link between the itching powder and the joy buzzer is a joke shop. The Winchesters pay a visit to the owner, and proceed to frighten him nearly catatonic when Dean melts a rubber chicken with the joy buzzer. Pretty clear the owner isn't a witch. They hastily leave.

Tooth Fairy

Cut to a father explaining to his daughter about putting her tooth under her pillow.

"The tooth fairy is going to come in my room while I'm sleeping, and take my tooth," she says. "Sounds scary. No, thank you."

The dad puts the tooth under her pillow anyway. As soon as she knows the dad is asleep, the little girl puts the tooth under her dad's pillow. He wakes up to see a huge bearded man wearing a pink tutu, and carrying pliers. The "tooth fairy" pulls every one of his teeth.

Sam and Dean find the dad at the hospital. Dean gets the scoop from a cute nurse, while Sam gets a written statement from the victim. He lost all his teeth, but got 32 quarters under his pillow.

Dean tells Sam that a couple of kids have stomach ulcers from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke, and there's also a guy who's face "froze like that" while he was making a face.

Dean tells Sam that when he was a kid he believed a lot of crazy things - like Seamonkeys looked exactly like the ads in comic books, with the wife cooking and the kids playing with the dog. He thinks maybe that's the connection. They're all crazy things kids believe.

Sam thinks that sounds like the power of a god... or a Trickster.

"Yeah, it's the humor of a nine-year old," Dean says.

"Or you," Sam replies, and walks off. Dean thinks for a moment, then follows.

Big pig

Dean is eating more ham.

"Dude, still with the ham?" Sam asks as he walks through the door.

"We don't have a fridge!" Dean replies.

Sam has mapped out the events, and inside the circle, there's a lot of empty land, and one house.

"Our motel isn't in that circle, by any chance?" Dean asks.

"Yeah, why?"

Dean shows Sam his palm, where hair has grown.

"Oh, dude, that's not what I think it is, is it?" Sam asks.

"I was bored, and that nurse was hot."

"You know you can go blind from that, too."

Dean pauses for a second. "Give me five minutes, we can go check out that house."

"Hey! Do not use my razor!" Sam says. Dean smiles.


They show up at the house, and start to break in, but a kid opens the door. He wants to see I.D. He lets them in, and they talk. His name is Jesse Turner, and he's a latchkey kid. Inside, they discover that he believes everything that corresponds with what happens, including the tooth fairy as a bearded guy.

Dean shows him the joy buzzer. Jesse says it can electrocute you;. Dean explains that it has no electricity, that it's just a windup toy. It just shakes in your hand.

"Oh. Okay," Jesse says.

"Kind of lame. See?" Dean says, and slaps it on Sam's chest. Sam is startled, but the toy just shakes.

When Sam and Dean leave, Sam is angry that Dean could have electrocuted him.

"I had a hunch and I went with it," Dean says.

"You risked my ass on a hunch?"

"You're fine, besides, now we know who's turning this town into Willy Wonka's worst nightmare."


Sam researches Jesse. He was adopted. No father was listed, but Sam knows where to find the biological mom.

The drive across Nebraska, and go to a dilapidated house with several locks on the door. They question the woman who opens the door, but when they ask if her pregnancy was normal, she tries to slam the door on them and runs inside. They catch up with her in the kitchen, and she throws salt on them. When they don't react, she is surprised.

"You're not demons?" she asks.

"How do you know about demons?" Dean asks.

She tells them the story. She was possessed, for the entire time she was pregnant. In fact, she was a virgin when the demon possessed her, and the demon was the father. The pain of pregnancy allowed her to retake control, fill her mouth with salt and expel the demon. She wanted to kill the baby, but couldn't, so she gave it up for adoption.

She wants to know about the boy. Dean tells her that his name is Jesse, and he lives in Alliance. He's a good kid.


They need help. Cas arrives, and tells them that Jesse is the Antichrist. Cas sits on Dean's whoopie cushion, but is not amused. The Antichrist is not the devil, but he is demon spawn, and is a powerful weapon for Lucifer. The demons have lost him, because his powers hide him from both demons and angels. And with Lucifer on Earth, Jesse could completely wipe out all angels. Cas thinks Jesse must be killed, because Jesse will do something to call attention to himself - allowing the demons to find him and allowing him to be used by Lucifer.

Sam is upset. They can't kill a kid. Dean agrees, but he knows they can't leave him there. Cas scoffs. They can't kidnap him. The things he's done so far have been when he's happy. What happens when he's upset? And how will they hold him, he can will himself anywhere in a second?

Sam thinks they should tell Jesse the truth. Jesse might make the right choice.

"You didn't," Cas says. "And I can't take that chance." Cas leaves.


Jesse's biological mom is visited by a demon, and possessed. She goes to find Jesse.

Cas is at Jesse's. But when Cas tries to kill Jesse, he gets turned into a toy, just as Sam and Dean arrive. Jesse asks how he did that. Dean tells Jesse he's a superhero, and that he and Sam work for a secret agency that finds kids with superpowers, and take them to a hidden base in South Dakota, where they train the kids to fight evil.

"Like the X-Men?" Jesse asks.

"Exactly like the X-Men," Dean answers. "In fact, the guy we're taking you to, he's even in a wheelchair."

Dean gets slammed against the wall.

"He's lying to you," demon-possessed bio mom says. Sam joins Dean against the wall. "Stay right there, dreamboat. Can't hurt you. Orders."

She looks at Dean. "You, on the other hand? Hurting you is encouraged."

Jesse tells her to leave them alone. The demon tells Jesse that he's half human, "half one of us."

"She means demons, Jesse," Dean says. The demon psychically twists Dean's neck enough to stop his talking.

The demon tells Jesse that everyone has lied to him, except her. "Doesn't that make you angry?"

It does. Jesse clenches his fist, and the house begins shaking and falling apart, the lights flicker, and fires start in the fireplace.

"She's right, we lied to you, but I'll tell you the truth," Sam says.

The demon begins to twist Sam's neck, but Jesse stops her, he wants to hear Sam out.

Sam tells Jesse the truth, their real names, and that they hunt monsters. He also tells her that the woman is Jesse's mother, but that she's possessed by a demon.

The demon tells Jesse not to listen, that they've done nothing but lie to him.

"Sit down and shut up," Jesse says, and the demon does.

Sam tells Jesse that there's a war between angels and demons, and Jesse is part of it.

"I'm just a kid," Jesse says.

Sam tells her that Jesse can go with her if she wants, but if he does, millions of people will die. Jesse wants to know if he's half demon. Sam says it is, but that he's half human, too.

"You've got choices, Jesse, but if you make the wrong ones, it will haunt you for the rest of your life."

"Why are you telling me this?" Jesse shouts.

"Because I have to believe someone can make the right choice, even if I couldn't," Sam replies.

Jesse clenches his fist, and says, "Get out of her." The demon is expelled, and Sam and Dean are released.


Jesse wants to know if his biological mom will be all right. Dean says yes. Dean wants to know if Cas can be turned back, but Jesse isn't buying it. Cas tried to kill him. Dean says they can talk about it later.

Dean tells Jesse that they're going to take him somewhere safe, and train him how to fight.

"What if I don't want to fight?" he asks.

Sam tells Jesse that he's powerful, more powerful than anything they've ever seen. Jesse thinks that makes him a freak, but Sam says not to them, because they're kind of freaks themselves. Jesse says he won't go without his parents. Sam says that it will be dangerous for them, too, but they'll back him up if that's what he wants. Jesse wants to know how it's dangerous for them. Dean tells him about John being killed by a demon. Dean tells him that if he starts fighting, there is no going back.

Jesse wants to know what to do, but they won't tell him. It's his choice.

Jesse wants to go say good-bye to his parents. They're sleeping, and he doesn't wake them. He goes into his room, and stares at the poster on his wall of a guy surfing.

Downstairs, Dean notices that Jesse has been gone a long time. They go upstairs, and he's not there. Cas comes into the room behind them, and tells them Jesse is gone. They find a note on his bed that says he's leaving to keep his parents safe. They won't be able to find him, unless he wants to be found, because of his powers.


Dean wonders if Jesse will be all right. Sam hopes so.

Dean says that they destroyed Jesse's life by telling him the truth. Sam says they didn't have a choice. Dean agrees, but says that now he knows why parents lie to their kids. Tell them the worst things out there are mixing Pop Rocks and Coke. You want them to go to bed feeling safe. If that means lying to them, then so be it.

"The more I think about it, the more I wish Dad had lied to us," Dean says.

"Yeah, me too," Sam says.

Posted by Miller on October 15, 2009 10:22 PM
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