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Supernatural: Fallen Idols

After a long recap, we cut to the action. Canton, Ohio. A guy is showing off his new collectible car to his friend. It's not just any car - it's The Little Bastard, James Dean's car. The friend goes to get a video camera to record his friend starting up the car for the first time. The man in the car, waiting, begins to breathe steam. As his friend makes his way around obstacles in the garage, he hears the engine rev and tires squeal. As he gets a clear view, he sees his friend's head slammed into the broken windshield. He's dead.

Dean in charge

Dean and Sam are driving to Canton. Sam is irritated by the detour, but Dean points out they've been looking for the Colt for 3 weeks with no luck. He thinks they need a simple hunt to build trust, and he won't take no from Sam. He wants them to have a "fresh start."

When they arrive, they find out that the Sheriff has arrested the friend for murder. Sam and Dean interview him. Dean is surprised, and happy, to find out that The Little Bastard is the car involved. They go to the garage, and Dean recounts the history of the cursed vehicle. Sam wonders if it's really the right car. Dean says there's only one way to find out - check out the serial number of the engine, underneath the car.

Dean, nervously, volunteers to slide under. The car groans menacingly on the blocks as he takes a rubbing of the number, but he gets out safely, and turns the number over to Sam to research. It's a time-consuming job, as he has to trace the number all the way back to the original number.

Dean goes out for drinks.

Talent scout

Dean is chatting up the pretty bartender, claiming to be a talent scout when he learns she has aspirations to be an actrees. Sam calls. Turns out the car actually isn't The Little Bastard. Dean is confused.

Abe enraged

Meanwhile, in a house in town, a man is attacked and killed by Abraham Lincoln.

Sam and Dean investigate. The man was killed by a gunshot wound, but there is no bullet, no gun, no gunpowder residue. The sheriff believes it may be a professional killer. Turns out there is a witness, the housekeeper, who speaks mostly Spanish. Sam is able to translate, somewhat. She describes the killer - a tall man in a dark coat, with a beard, and a very tall hat. Dean says, "Like a stovepipe hat, like Abraham Lincoln."

"Si, Abraham Lincoln killed Mr. Hill!" the housekeeper says.


Sam and Dean research the case some more. Dean finds a frame from the first murder with a reflection of James Dean in it. Sam finds out the second victim was a Lincoln fan. The first victim was a James Dean fan. But why are the ghosts here?

Sam finds out - there is a wax museum in town.

They go visit. Turns out the wax museum has many of the personal effects of the people they are likenesses of, Lincoln's hat, James Dean's keychain, the Fonz's jacket, FDR's iron lung, Ghandi's bifocals. They find out that the 2 victims were regulars at the museum. They've heard enough.

Sam walks in on Dean talking to Bobby. Dean is telling him about the hunt, and he thinks that the ghosts are gathering because it's the Apocalypse.

"And we know who's fault that is." Dean says. "Well, I'm sorry, but it's true."

Dean wants to know if the trunk is packed up. Sam says it is, and wonders if they are going to pretend he didn't hear Dean. Dean says he doesn't care if he pretends or not. Sam says he thought it was supposed to be a fresh start.

They come back that night to burn the personal effects. They separate briefly for Dean to get the keychain. Sam starts breathing steam, and the doors slam shut. Sam is attacked by Ghandi. He tries to fight him off, but Ghandi keeps trying to bite him. Dean returns just in time to burn the bifocals. Ghandi ... just disappears.


Sam and Dean pack up. Sam is bothered by something, though. The ghost didn't behave the way most ghosts usually go. Sam also felt like the ghost was trying to bite him. He doesn't think it's over. Dean tells him they're going. Sam is annoyed that Dean drug him there to hunt, and now he's dragging him out before he thinks the hunt is over.

"You know, this isn't going to work," he tells Dean. Sam wants to know how long he'll be on probation. He tells Dean that whatever Dean thinks, he deserves it. And Dean will never be as tough on him as he's on himself.

"So we just back to the way we were?" Dean asks.

Sam says no. He doesn't want to be treated like a kid brother any more. One of the reasons he went off with Ruby is because it made him feel strong, like he was Dean's equal. And he wants Dean to let him grow up.

Dean gets a call. It's not over.


They go to the Sheriff's office, and he sends them in to talk to a couple of teenage girls. One of their friends was abducted... by Paris Hilton.

"She looked really good though. Skinny. Skinny and fast." one of the girls says.

The Winchesters are confused. Paris Hilton isn't dead, so it can't be a ghost. They must have missed something. They go over their files again, and Sam notices something. Both victims lost more blood than could be accounted for. Plus, they both had seeds in their stomachs.

Sam researches the seeds. They come from an Eastern European forest that was chopped down 30 years ago. The forest was guarded by a pagan god called Leshi, who killed his worshippers and ate them. He can killed by an iron axe chopping off his head.

They go back to the museum looking for Leshi. They find the missing girl, and Paris Hilton attacks them. In fact, she kicks their butts.

"Awesome," she says, right before she kicks Dean into unconsciousness.


When they come to, Paris is sharpening either her nails, or her sacrificial knife, or both. She wants to sacrifice them ritually. Dean is working himself loose from where his hands are tied. Paris monologues about how they chopped down her forest to build a Yugo plant. She laments that humans now seem to worship celebrity instead of gods.

"What have they got besides small dogs and spray tans?" she asks.

Paris is going to kill Dean first.

"You can't eat me," Dean says. "See, I'm not a Paris Hilton BFF. I've never even seen 'House of Wax'." Sam looks over at Dean.

Paris says that she can read Dean's mind. She knows who he does worship - John Winchester. She even has one of his personal effects - the iron axe.

Dean escapes and tackles Paris, who proceeds to beat the crap out of him. But Sam is right behind, and he grabs the axe and chops the Hilton head off.

"Not a word," Dean says.

"Dude, you just got whaled on by Paris Hilton," Sam says, grinning.

"Shut up."

Making up is hard to do

Dean is on the phone. The abducted girl is okay. The Sheriff is putting out an APB on Paris Hilton, to the Winchester's amusement.

Dean tells Sam he's been thinking about what Sam said. Dean agrees that maybe he's been keeping too tight of a leash on him.

Dean says he's not totally innocent. He broke the first Seal. Sam broke the last one, but there is no way anyone could have know that killing Lilith was the final Seal, and a bad thing.

"Point is, I was so busy watching your every move that I didn't see what it was doing to you. So for that, I'm sorry."

"So where do we go from here?" Dean asks.

"The way I see it, we've got one shot at surviving this. Maybe I am on deck for the Devil, maybe the same for you and Michael, maybe there's no changing that."

"Well, that's encouraging."

"But, we can stop wringing our hands over it. We gotta just grab on to whatever's in front of us, kick its ass, and go down fighting."

"I can get on board with that."

"Okay, but we're going to have to do it on the same level."

"You got it. What say we get the hell out of here."

They start to leave.

"Hey..." Dean says. "You wanna drive?"

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I could uh, I could use a nap."

He hands the keys to Sam.

"Superstition" starts playing in background (sounds like the Jeff Beck cover?), and they show a long set of clips from upcoming episodes. I'll have more on those next week.

Posted by Miller on October 8, 2009 10:25 PM
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