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Supernatural: Children are Our Future preview + Dean's daddy issues

Tonight's episode is called "I Believe Children are Our Future". It's about murders that resemble fairy tales and urban legends. Apparently, there's a kid, and whatever he believes comes true.

Wow, this one seems strangely familiar... wait, I've got it! Bedtime Stories! Oh, wait, that was a comatose woman. Urban legends.. I've got it! Tall Tales! No, wait, that was a Trickster.... I know, Wishing Well! No, that's not quite right either...

Oh, well, I guess tonight we'll see what makes this episode unique.

Speaking of unique

Wow, some of those teaser trailers at the end of "Fallen Idols" were really weird. I had heard that the Trickster returns this season (please, can we finally kill that thing?), and I'm guessing the game show and sitcom sets were part of that episode.

I'm a bit puzzled why they showed so many comedic clips in that preview. I know Kripke said this would be a "fun apocalypse," but I thought for a preview they might balance out the funny with the scary. Something scary other than Dean as an old man.

Speaking of Dean

So the Paris demigod tells us Dean is still idolizing his dad. Dean obviously has daddy issues... still. I think he's gonna have to work those out this year. I think some time down the road we're going to get an episode with Dean working those out for a final time - I had thought he was over them already, but there were clues that he wasn't. I'll get back to that.

Now Dean's relationship with Sam is mending, and maturing. That had to happen also. We're starting to come full circle on Season 1. In Season 1, Dean pulls Sam into hunting, and it's Dean who takes the lead. Sam seems to be (mostly) okay with Dean taking the lead, but then John shows up, and Sam rebels a bit. When John dies in Season 2, Dean becomes an emotional basket case, and Sam begins asserting some authority then. But Dean resists.

Dean likes being the leader, no doubt about it, but there's more here, I think. Dean idolized John - he wanted to be like him. Still does, in a lot of ways. And John was a leader. He did what he wanted, and you were either with him, or against him. Dean has been like that. Still is, to an extent.

That's one reason why "The End" was such an interesting episode. Dean as a leader is just like John was as a hunter and a father. Everything was either his way, or the wrong way. It wasn't pretty.

In my opinion, this is the big conflict between Dean and Sam. Dean is a leader, and his leadership style is straight up John Winchester. And Sam rebelled against Dean just like he rebelled against John.

Dean isn't really upset that Sam broke the final Seal. How could he be? Dean broke the first one. That's been in the back of his mind all the time. But Sam's big sin, to Dean, is disobeying. Dean told him not to trust Ruby, but Sam didn't listen. Just like John, once Sam asserted himself, Dean was done with him.

But Dean has learned from his visit to the future. He knows he can't be like John, and now, I think, he doesn't want to be exactly like John. He's taken the next step toward resolving his daddy issues. Last season he finally realized John wasn't perfect. Now he sees where unthinkingly following John will lead, and he doesn't like. He's determined not to let that happen. I think he's going to get at least one more chance to show that he's not just like John.

And Sam

Oh, yeah, Sam's got to learn, too. But Sam has to come from the other side. Sam has to realize that sometimes, John was right. In fact, this might be the final lesson of the season. I'll get to that in a moment.

Sam's big lesson seems to be learning that power isn't everything. He had power - he still wants it. Learning to deal with not having it is going to be a factor in a few episodes this season, I think.

Sam has also seemingly learned that he can't just rebel reflexively - just because Dean tells him to do something, it doesn't mean he should do the opposite. He'll probably get another chance to test himself on that.

I could see the season finale playing out something like this: Sam and Dean finally get to Lucifer. They have the chance to kill him, but only if Dean finally agrees to be Michael's vessel, while Sam says no to Lucifer. Michael tells the Winchesters that it doesn't matter who the vessel is - as long as it's a Winchester. Either Sam or Dean can be Michael's vessel. Dean refuses, but Sam, seeing a chance to save at least part of the world, starts to say yes. Dean tells him no, it's not worth it, too many will die.

Sam listens, and refuses. It turns out to have been a trick - Sam agreeing would have given Lucifer his vessel.

Maybe not playing out exactly that way, but that kind of decision would be a way of bringing Sam full circle with Season 1.

Finally, the music this season

Just wanted to say a quick word about the music this year. Great! Just great so far.

It's been back to the roots of the show. No idea how much it's costing them, but it's worth it. I'd choose the music over special effects any time. Thanks to the show, I've rediscovered Foreigner and Jeff Beck. Can't wait to see who else they'll bring out this year.

As usual, you can use the comments below to talk about tonight's episode, and tomorrow I'll have a recap/review.

Posted by Miller on October 9, 2009 7:08 AM
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