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Supernatural: Thoughts on Season Premiere

Just wanted to get a short post about some things in the premiere.

First, some things I didn't see coming.

Okay, I guessed that Lucifer would need a vessel. I never figured out that he would need permission to use it. Maybe I should have.

Remember the line from season 4, "He prayed for this." Cas mentioned it to Dean when talking about using Jimmy's body. At the time, it seemed like a throwaway line, just something to explain how angelic possession was different from demonic possession.

But one of the seemingly iron-clad rules of "good vs. evil" in literature is that the good guys have limits and conditions that the bad guys don't. So it makes sense that angels would have to ask permission to use a body, where demons just take the bodies of those with weakened spirits.

And since I knew that Lucifer needed a vessel, I should have guessed that he needed permission to use it.

Lethal weapon

I also didn't see the angels needing Dean as a vessel for an archangel. That's a nice twist, especially because it ties into some parts of last season. The angels wouldn't kill Dean (remember the witnesses episode?), and they wouldn't kill Sam, even when the Winchesters stood in the way of the angels trying to stop the breaking of seals. In fact, they let Dean get away with a lot, and now we know why. They needed him, and not just his body. They had to have his permission to use his body. No way would he give that if anything happened to Sam.

I'm thinking this is going to come into play somewhere else, I just can't figure out how. Yet. There may be some kind of deal struck later.

Cas rising

So Cas does a Lazarus and rises from the dead. Call him... Cas-arus? (Okay, let's not and say we did...) I had heard a spoiler that Cas would die this season. Guess it turned out to be true. Nice way to play with the fans, Krip. Now when (or IF) you kill Cas off later, it will be a big surprise, and an emotional moment. I love the way you think.

But how did Cas get resurrected? I know what you're thinking, and it's what Kripke wants you to think. He wants you to think it was God.

But, maybe because Krip clearly wants you to think that, I don't think that.

Here's my guess.

Remember the casting for "Raphael," an auto mechanic? I'm thinking that, just like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, we are also going have four Archangels. Mostly, because of literary symmetry. We need four to oppose the Four Horsemen. And, maybe not surprisingly, in some Christian traditions, there are four main archangels - Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.

Michael we won't see, unless it's right at the end of the season. He's the big one - the nuclear bomb of archangels, so to speak. We already know that he is supposed to use Dean as a vessel. If he shows up at all, it will be near the end.

Uriel is the name of one of the archangels. But we've already seen Uriel. Will they just gloss over the fact that Uriel is actually supposed to be an archangel? Or will we find out that Uriel was "demoted" from archangel? Remember, Cas said Uriel was a "specialist". Maybe that's because he once was an archangel.

The wiki entry says that in some traditions, Uriel is regarded as pitiless as any demon. Hmm, sounds about right.

Also interesting is the fact that in 745 AD, a Catholic synod struck Uriel from the "official" list of archangels, leaving only Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

Anyway, Uriel is out as one of the four.

If Michael and Uriel are out, who's in? I think we will see Gabriel, and I'm almost certain we will see Raphael.

But back to Cas and his return from the dead. The interesting thing about Raphael is what he does. He's the angel of healing. If archangels are really that powerful, can they bring dead angels to life? Could that be why Zachariah was so frightened that Cas was alive - because it means Cas has his own archangel to counter Zachariah's archangel (who I presume is Gabriel)?

Krip said that God would be present this season. He doesn't lie, though sometimes, as we have seen, he says things that you may take a different way than they're meant. My thinking is that God may make Himself known, somehow, this season, but it will near the end. Maybe as sort of a coda to the season, letting you know that God was in charge all the time.

Sam and Dean, together again

Finally, let's talk about the brothers. The relationship is broken. But is it unsalvageable? Of course not!

I think the arc will go like this. Sam broods for a while on losing Dean's trust. Then something happens, and Sam gets fed up and explodes at Dean, and calls Dean out. He tells Dean, "you're not perfect either, remember the whole torture thing?" Dean thinks for a while. He never thought he'd become a monster, yet he did. How did it happen? It happened because he thought he could save Sam. Sam thought he could save Dean.

Are they so different? Dean will realize that neither of them are perfect, they will start bonding all over again (symmetry with Season 1, where they were still trying to figure each other out for most of the season). This will coincide with the Winchesters finding a way to bring the angels onto their side, maybe banishing Lucifer again, instead of wanting to use the Winchesters to kill him. This leads up to the big battle with Lucifer.

So there you go, the whole season. No reason to even watch, now. (yeah, right).

Anyway, it will be fun to go back in May, and see how close I was. Do it! Let's see if I know what I'm talking about.

Posted by Miller on September 14, 2009 7:24 AM
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