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Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil

The opening montage - AC/DC's Thunderstruck. Appropriate. AC/DC are reportedly big fans of the show, and AC/DC songs have probably been played more than any other band through Seasons 1-4. Funnily enough, there's a mention of Texas in the song, and as we all know, Jensen and Jared are both from Texas.

This episode picks up at the final moments of last season's finale, with Sam and Dean trapped in the church at Ilchester, Maryland, as Lucifer opens the gate from... well, somewhere... into this world.

Then, just like that, they're in a plane overhead, watching as Satan blasts his way in, with a huge column of light that causes the plane to have to take evasive action. It looks like Dean's phobia of flying is coming true, as the plane looks like it's going down.

But it doesn't? Next we see Sam and Dean in Metallicar, getting the heck out of town and wondering what happened.

What did happen? Why a plane? Was it a little homage to Lost? Did the Winchesters need to be where they could see what Sam caused? More importantly, how did it happen?

Castiel is dead, long live Castiel

Prophet Chuck's house is a mess, lots of blood, too. Something bad happened. But Chuck is fine. Cas, however, is not. He's dead, exploded by the archangel. Zachariah and a couple of other angels arrive to try to recruit Dean to kill Lucifer. Dean wants to do it on his own - he's angry at the angels (and why not, they allowed, no, wanted to let Sam become a monster) We find out that Lucifer, as an angel, needs a vessel, but doesn't have one yet. Dean is prepared, though, having put the angel zapping symbol on the wall (hmmm, when did he do that?). He places his bloody hand in the center, and angels, be gone!

Supernatural methadone

Later, at the fleabag by-the-hour motel, Sam brings hex bags to keep angels, and demons, from finding them. Dean is curious if he's still addicted to demon blood, but Sam says he's completely fine - no withdrawal symptoms, no cravings.

"Supernatural methadone," Deans says.

"Yeah, I guess," Sam says.

Sam tries to apologize, again, but Dean tries to stop him. Dean doesn't want to talk about it. It's obvious things are not right between them. Dean suggests they treat it like any other hunt. First thing, find the Devil.

Lucifer's vessel

Cut to Pike Creek, Delaware (nice to get some east coast in, finally!). A man comes home to a dark, empty house. But it's obvious that something is following him. Could it be... Satan?

That night, he wakes, covered in blood. Turns out it's a vision. Clearly, there's more here. He tries to go back to sleep, but sees another vision, a bloody woman.

"It's you, Nick," she says. "You're special. You're chosen."

(Nick, ha! Old Nick is one of the many nicknames (no pun intended) for the Devil.)

So who is she? His wife? Did he kill her?


The writers seem to be obsessed with the slash fiction. Chuck asks Becky, the fan girl to get a message to Sam and Dean. She doesn't believe him, she knows the books aren't real. But all it takes is a simple "They're real!" and she says, "I knew it!"

At the motel, her reaction to Sam:

"You're so firm!"

and Dean:

"And you're... not what I pictured."

Her breathless message is that Michael's Sword is on Earth, in a castle on a hill made of 42 dogs. Oh, and that the angel mythology was a nice change of pace, the demon storyline was getting old.

Sam says, "Um, Becky, can you quit touching me?"

"No," Becky says.


Bobby arrives. The Winchesters called him to find out what Michael's Sword is. He gives them the lowdown. Sam, though, has to confess to Bobby. Bobby is furious. He tells Sam that after they kill Lucifer, he never wants to see Sam again. Sam volunteers to go to an old church nearby to research Michael's Sword. Bobby encourages him to get out.

How can Bobby do that?

Because it's not Bobby. Bobby tells Dean that maybe they shouldn't have tried to save Sam. He says maybe John was right. Hearing John's name jogs something in Dean's memory. John's storage unit in New York was Castle Storage on 42 Rover Hill. That's where Michael's Sword is.

Bobby's eyes turn black, and he starts beating the crap out of Dean. More demons come in. And one of them is Meg, in a new body. Meg gives Bobby the demon-killing knife to kill Dean. Bobby is able to take control for just a moment, and stab himself to get rid of the demon. That's all the break Dean needs. He attacks the demons, but it's 2 against 1, and he's getting the worst of it.

Then Sam arrives. He's caught by surprise, and the Winchesters are getting their butts kicked, until Dean pulls the knife from Bobby and kills one of the demons. Meg, seeing that Dean has the knife, leaves her host in a stream of black smoke.


Back in Pike's Creek, Delaware, Nick is packing. In the box are baby clothes. He hears a cry, and finds a baby monitor. He goes to the baby's room, where he sees blood streaming from the crib. He cries. Clearly, there's been a tragedy in this house. Involving his wife and son?

The Sword

Sam and Dean take Bobby to the emergency room, then rush to the storage unit. They're too late, there are 2 bodies in the room. And Zachariah is there, with 2 of his angel goons. They planted the prophecy in Chuck's mind. It was true, they had lost the Michael Sword. But now they've found it.

Because Michael's Sword is Dean.

Dean is the weapon that will defeat Lucifer. But Michael needs Dean's permission to use his body as a vessel.

"Why me?" Dean asks.

"Because you're chosen. It's a great honor, Dean," Zachariah says.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Life as an angel condom, that's real fun. I think I'll pass, thanks."

Zachariah breaks Sam's leg. Dean still says no. Zachariah tells Dean that he can heal Bobby, but if he doesn't Bobby will never walk again. Dean says no. Zachariah gives Dean Stage IV stomach cancer, and makes Sam's lungs stop working. Dean tells him just to kill them.

"Oh, no, I'm just getting started," Zachariah says.

There's a flash of light behind him, and he turns to see Castiel stabbing the 2 goons with an angel killing dagger.

"How are you... alive?" Zachariah asks.

"That's a good question. How did these two end up on that airplane? Another good question, because the angels didn't do it. I think we both know the answer, don't we?" Castiel says.

"No, that's not possible," Zachariah says.

"Scares you. Well, it should," Cas says. "Now put these boys back together, and go. I won't ask twice."

And just like that, Zachariah is gone and the Winchesters are whole.

"You two need to be more careful," Cas tells the Winchesters.

"Yeah, I'm getting that," Dean says. "Your frat brothers are bigger dicks than I thought."

"I don't mean the angels. Lucifer is circling his vessel, and once he takes it those hex bags won't be enough to protect you."

He puts his hands on the brothers sides. They both gasp. He's given them an Enochean Sigil that will hide them from any angel, even Lucifer. He carved it into their ribs.

"Cas, were you really dead?" Sam asks.


"Then how are you back?" Dean asks.

Cas doesn't answer, he just leaves in a rustle of angel wings.

Nick's choice

Nick is haunted again by the vision of the woman. It's his wife's body, but she tells him she's an angel. Lucifer. Nick thinks he's dreaming. Lucifer tells him he's special, that there are very few people like him, a vessel. A very powerful vessel.

Lucifer tells him that he needs Nick's body, but he has to be invited in. And it probably won't be pleasant for him. Nick wants to know why he would do that.

Lucifer says that he's misunderstood. That he was cast out because he loved God too much. God didn't intervene while someone broke into Nick's house and butchered his family.

There are only 2 rational reasons why, Lucifer says. Either God is sadistic, or doesn't care.

"If I help you, can you bring back my family?" Nick asks.

"I'm sorry, I can't," Lucifer says. "But I can give you the next best thing. God did this to you, Nick, and I can give you justice. Peace."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't lie. I don't need to. What I need, is you. Nick, I need you to say yes."

Nick thinks of his family and their deaths.

"Then yes," he says.


It's true, Bobby will never walk again. He doesn't believe it, and sends the doctor running from the room. Sam wants to know what they do now. Bobby tells them to save as many as they can, for as long as they can.

"Whoever wins, Heaven or Hell, we're boned," Bobby says.

"What if we win?" Dean asks. "I'm serious. Screw the angels and the demons, and their crap Apocalypse. Hell, they want to fight a war, they can find their own planet. This one's ours, and I say they get the hell off it. We take them all on, we kill the Devil, hell, we kill Michael if we have to, but we do it our own damn selves."

"And how are we supposed to do all this, genius?" Bobby asks.

"I got no idea," Dean says. "But what I do have is a G.E.D. and a give-em-hell attitude, and I'll figure it out."

Bobby tells Sam that he was awake when the demons possessed him. He says that he isn't cutting Sam out, not ever.

"Thanks, Bobby," Sam says.

"You're welcome. I deserve a damn medal for this, but you're welcome."


The Winchesters leave. Sam tells Dean that maybe they can go after the Colt.

"Why, what difference would that make?" Dean asks.

Sam thinks they might be able to use it to kill Lucifer. Dean tells him that his speech was just for Bobby's benefit.

Dean says he'll fight, but that they don't have a chance.

"You know that. Hell, you of all people know that," Dean says.

"Dean, is there something you want to say to me?" Sam asks.

Dean pauses. "I tried, Sammy. I really tried, but I can't keep pretending that everything's all right. It's not, and it's never going to be. You chose a demon over your own brother, and look what happened."

"I would give anything, anything, to take it all back."

"I know you would. Look, I know how sorry you are, I do, but, man, you were the one I depended on the most. And you let me down in ways I can't even... I'm just, I'm just having a hard time forgivin' and forgettin' here, you know?"

"What can I do?"

"Honestly, nothing. I just don't, I don't think we can ever be what we were. I just don't think I can trust you."

Posted by Miller on September 11, 2009 9:01 AM
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