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Supernatural: News (including the Paris Hilton stuff, and more)

I thought maybe I was living some kind of Trickster-induced nightmare, but it's true: Paris Hilton is guest-starring on Supernatural, reportedly in Episode 5.

That has to be the most frightening idea ever unleashed on the show.

When I told my daughter, she said, "What, are her little purse dogs going to be Hellhounds?"

Funny kid.

Anyway, I decided maybe it wasn't all bad. I thought the addition of a third Winchester last season went all right. So I dug around for some details.

Hilton is playing a blood-thirsty demon, in the form of Paris Hilton. A succubus? Too easy (no pun intended!). I'm curious what creature she'll play.

One rumor is that Hilton is part of a post-Apocalyptic future, but that apparently is not true. Reports from Comic-Con state that Episode 4 will be the post-Apocalypse episode (warning, link has spoilers!).

Also at Comic-Con, reported at the Tribune blog linked above, Eric Kripke said that he would be open to a sixth season of Supernatural. This was confirmed recently by Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly. Apparently, Krip has some ideas about a new mythology arc that can take place after the current Apocalyptic arc wraps up.

Also, minor spoiler that I have to mention so I can make a lame joke - apparently, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be in Season 5, except instead of riding horses, they drive muscle cars (my guess, all Mustangs - ha! Okay, that actually might happen. If it does, remember I called it first.).

So (just in case you live under a rock), in less than 48 hours we'll get to see how Season 5 begins to unfold. I'll be back Friday with a review of the episode.

Posted by Miller on September 9, 2009 6:42 AM
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