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Supernatural: Good God, Y'All!

Montage to Foreigner's "Long, Long Way from Home."

Bobby's brooding about the loss of his legs. Dean can't muster much sympathy, until Sam tells Dean that he thinks the paralysis is permanent.

Sam's phone rings, it's Castiel. He can't find them because of the Sigil. He also can't heal Bobby. He's cut off from Heaven now, his powers are limited. But he's going to find someone that can help them kill Lucifer (he tells Dean his plan is stupid, in effect).

Castiel is going to find God, who is missing from Heaven.

"Try New Mexico, I hear he's on a tortilla," Dean says.

"No, he's not on any flatbread," Cas replies, obviously missing the snark.

Dean is skeptical. Clearly, God either is dead, or doesn't care. Castiel gets angry. He killed 2 of his brothers (actually, by my count, it's at least 4), made himself hunted, and cut himself off from Heaven to save the Winchesters. And the Winchesters failed. He tells Dean to keep his opinions to himself.

Cas needs something from the Winchesters. An amulet. It burns hot in the presence of God. They don't know what he's talking about, until Cas points it out. It's the amulet Sam gave Dean for Christmas. Dean, reluctantly, parts with it, and Cas departs.

"When you find God, tell him to send legs," Bobby says.


Now Bobby gets a call. Rufus is calling from River Pass, Colorado, where he needs help battling demons. The whole town has been taken over.

Sam and Dean arrive to find a war zone. The bridge is out, there are overturned cars in the street, and there is no one around. It's like a ghost town.

They walk down the street, as the radio from one of the cars plays "Spirit in the Sky".

Someone approaches them from behind. They turn and... it's Ellen Harvelle. She gives Dean a quick test for possession - throwing holy water on him - which he passes. They get out of the street, and she hugs Dean. Then she slaps him, for not keeping her in touch. Strangely, she almost seems to ignore Sam. She tells of getting a call from Rufus about omens near the town. She and Jo arrived to find the whole town possessed.

The survivors are holed up in a church. Jo and Rufus, however, are missing. Dean offers to go get guns for the survivors, so they can cover each other while they get the civilians out of town. Without Sam. Sam insists on going. Sam wants to get the salt, while Dean gets guns. Dean doesn't want to split up. Sam insists. While Sam is getting the salt, 2 demons come into the store, they see him, and Sam kills them both with the Demon killing knife.

There's a lot of blood. Sam is strangely fascinated by it. He wants to taste it. Dean interrupts him by coming into the store.

They get the guns back to the church. Dean asks a young man if he knows his way around a gun. He breaks it down in seconds. Dean asks where he served. "Fallujah. Two tours."

He says it takes one to know one, and asks Dean where he served.

"Hell," Dean says. The man scoffs, and says, "Seriously, where'd you serve?"

"Seriously, Hell," Dean says.

Sam and Dean talk. Sam is upset about something. He claims that it's the fact that he had to kill a teenager. He wishes he could save people like he used to. Dean says, "Like when you were hopped up demon blood?"

Ellen interrupts, she is going to find Jo. Sam volunteers to go, too. Dean tells Sam to stay, he'll go. Sam says that he forgot, Dean's afraid he'll take one look at a demon and fall off the wagon.

"As if after everything, I haven't learned my lesson."

"Have you?" Dean asks. Sam angrily shoves Dean. They have a stare down for a moment, then Sam walks off with Ellen, who has been watching.

Demon nest

Sam and Ellen walk the streets. Ellen asks what's up between him and Dean. Was it a girl that came between them.

Sam excuses it just as stresses of the job. He asks how Ellen and Jo started hunting together. Ellen always thought Jo couldn't handle the life. Ellen says she can't, that's why she's with Jo, to keep an eye on her.

Sam sees smoke. They go to the house, and get close enough to see demons inside. "Demons don't get cold, makes you wonder what they're burning," Sam says.

Suddenly, they're attacked, and Jo is one of the attackers. She says something strange.

"Give me my mom back, you black-eyed bitch!"

Sam gets the better of his attacker, and tells Ellen to run. She does, but Sam is attacked from behind and captured. By Rufus Turner.


Rufus and Jo have same tied up inside of a demon trap. They pour salt and holy water down his throat, tell him he's evil. They're puzzled by his lack of reaction.

Dean is pacing, waiting for Sam and Ellen to return. Ellen comes back to tell Dean that Sam is captured. Dean, at first, is ready to get Sam on his own, but he pauses, before coming back in the room and telling them they need to get a plan together.

Rufus and Jo continue to try to exorcise the demon from Sam, with no success. Outside the door, Sam sees a man from the church. He twists his ring.

Ellen tells Dean that Jo is possessed. She also tells her that she got called a "black-eyed bitch." She wonders what kind of demons these are - holy water and salt don't work, and Jo wears an anti-possession amulet. Dean agrees that something isn't right. Ellen asks what his instinct is.

"My instinct is to call Bobby, or Sam, and ask for help," he says. Ellen tells him to figure it out. He asks if there was a specific omen. There was, the river got polluted right before the demons appeared. There was also another omen. A shooting star.

Dean recognizes this. He grabs a Bible, and finds the passage in Revelation. The star and the river are omens right before the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse arrive. He connects a red Mustang that he saw earlier with the horses ridden by the Four. Red "horse" - War.

War is making them all think the others are demons. In reality, there are no demons in this town, they're killing each other for no reason.

War speaks

War, as Roger, one of the townspeople from the church, comes to see Sam. He tells Sam that there are no demons, that people really don't even need an excuse to kill each other. But Sam says that he will kill War.

War laughs, and says Sam is his poster boy. That he could barely resist the blood he saw earlier. He claims to be able to read Sam's mind, and that Sam has a lust for power. He tells Sam that if he can barely resist now, wait until the corpses start piling up, because he's just getting started. Then he twists his ring, and blood pours from his scalp. He kicks over a chair, and starts yelling, making it look like Sam attacked him.

Jo and Rufus burst in. Roger says that the demons are coming to get them.

Roger shows up at the church, and says the demons told him they're going to pick them off one by one. The people are confused. Dean told them there are no demons. Dean tries to calm them down, and Roger winks at him, then twists his ring. "Look at their eyes, they're demons too!" he says.

Dean and Ellen run from the room.


Rufus is setting traps. Jo is concerned that the traps will kill her mother with the demon inside. While Jo and Rufus are loading their guns, someone sets off one of the traps. It's Dean and Ellen. They try to convince Rufus and Jo what's happening. Meanwhile, the people in the church spread out with their weapons, looking for demons.

Dean finally gets through to Rufus, after a brutal fight. Jo and Ellen likewise get straight.

While they're talking, shots are fired at them. Dean goes to release Sam. Sam tells Dean that it's the ring, Dean agrees. He saw the ring, too.

The house is under full attack, but Rufus makes the defenders stop firing. Outside, Ellen goes to help a priest that was hit. The young veteran from the church knocks her aside, and tries to shoot her. He's out of ammo, so Ellen tries to fight back. He grabs a knife, and holds it at her throat. Ellen holds him back, but is slowly losing the battle.

Sam and Dean find War near his car. He's about to leave town, but Dean grabs him from behind, and Sam pulls out his demon-knife. War says he can't be killed. Dean says, "Oh, we know."

Dean holds his hand down, and Sam cuts his finger off. War, and his car, disappear. The veteran lets Ellen go. Everyone sees things as they really are.

Dean picks up the ring.

Mount Doom

"So, next stop on Mount Doom?" Dean says, checking out the ring. Sam and Dean are sitting at a roadside picnic table.

Sam wants to talk. Dean doesn't want to listen. Sam insists. He tells Dean that Dean was right not to trust him, that he wanted the blood. And he realizes that it's not because of the excuses he's been using on himself - the good intentions. The problem is within himself.

"The problem is me. How far I'll go. There's something in me... that scares the hell out of me, Dean. In the last couple of days, I caught another glimpse."

"So what're you saying?"

"I'm in no shape to be hunting. I need to step back, because I'm dangerous. Maybe it's best we just go our separate ways."

Dean pauses.

"Well, I think you're right."

"I was expecting a fight."

"Truth is, I spend more time worrying about you, than about doing the job right. I just can't afford that, you know. Not now."

Sam nods.

"I'm sorry, Dean."

"I know you are, Sam.

Sam starts to leave.

Dean stops him. "Hey, you, uh... you want to take the Impala?"

"That's okay." Sam looks back. "Take care of yourself, Dean."

"You, too, Sammy."

Sam goes to Metallicar, gets his stuff, and grabs a ride from one of Rufus' hunter friends in a camper truck.

Posted by Miller on September 18, 2009 2:28 PM
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