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Supernatural: Free to Be You and Me

I'm going to recap this out of order.

I'll write up Dean's synopsis first, then Sam's. Also, I won't be able to quote extensively like I usually do, because my DVD didn't record.

I'll have an extra update next week with my thoughts on this episode, and last. Some things I predicted have turned out to be wrong... so wrong... and some have come true.

On to the recap

The show opens with more diegetic music. This time, as the brothers are shown in their daily lives, the music is coming from Dean's tape deck in Metallicar. The music was something by Lynyrd Skynyrd (or, maybe Rossington & Collins), I think.

The Winchesters actually seem to be managing quite well. Sam has taken a job as a busboy at a bar in Oklahoma. Dean is hunting.


Dean is shaving one morning when Cas shows up, startling Dean. Dean turns to Cas.

"We talked about this, Cas. Personal space?" Cas takes a step back.

Cas has been unable to find God. But he has found an archangel, and if they question him, they may find some clues. The archangel, Raphael? He's the one who killed Cas.

Cas needs Dean's help, but Dean says no. Cas pleads with him. Dean is the only one who will help. Cas, now a rebellious angel, is on his own.

Dean thinks briefly, then agrees. Cas starts to zap him to the location in Maine, but Dean stops him.

"Last time you did that, I didn't poop for a week. We're driving."

Cas knows that a police officer saw Raphael, and they go to the station. Dean pulls out fake FBI IDs. Cas wants to go in and tell the truth, but Dean stops him. He says that he's human, and when a human wants something really, really badly, they lie. Cas asks him why, and Dean says, "Because that's how you get to be president."

They question the officer. He responded to a riot at a gas station. Cas says it was probably angels and demons. The officer is confused. Dean explains it away as Cas meaning alcohol, drugs, personality flaws, etc. The officer says that suddenly, there was a big explosion, a bright white light. And it killed everyone fighting, except one man. Dean asks if the man walked away, and the officer says of course not. He's in the hospital.

They go to the hospital, where Raphael's vessel is catatonic. Dean asks him if that's what would be in store for him if he became Michael's vessel. Cas tells him it would be worse, as Michael is far stronger.

Cas on the town

Dean waits in an abandoned house. Cas returns. He's been to Jerusalem to get special oil for a summoning ritual. He intends to summon Raphael, trap him, and interrogate him. Raphael has killed Cas once. Cas doesn't think he'll survive this time. But Dean will. This is why Cas needed Dean's help. Dean, as the vessel for Michael, won't be harmed. Cas, on the other hand, is not only expendable, he's wanted dead.

Dean asks Cas how he plans to spend his last night on earth. Cas says he thought he'd just sit there quietly.

"No booze, no women?" Dean asks. Cas looks uncomfortable. Dean is incredulous - Cas has never been with a women, or an angel. "Don't tell me you never did any 'cloud seeding' up there?"

Dean is resolved. "I know two things. One, Bert and Ernie are gay. Two, you are not going to die a virgin. Not on my watch."

Dean takes Cas to a brothel. Cas is nervous. This is a den of iniquity. Dean tells him that's the point. Dean summons a working girl to the table, sets Cas up, and hands him a wad of bills. He tells Cas to pay in cash - no credit cards - and sends him on his way.

While Cas is gone, Dean chats up another of the girls. A scream comes from a back room, and Dean runs to see what's up. The girl with Cas is screaming at him, and throwing things at him. Dean asks what happened. Cas says he just looked into her eyes, and told her it wasn't her fault that her daddy Gene ran away. He just couldn't take his job at the post office.

Dean tells Cas, "This whole industry runs on daddy issues."

Dean sees bouncers heading his way, and he hustles Cas out the back door. He stops outside, and starts laughing, so hard he has to double over.

Cas asks him what's up, and Dean says that he hasn't laughed that hard in a long time. Years, in fact.


They go to the hospital at sunrise, pour the oil in a circle around Raphael, and light it. Cas explains that the burning circle prevents angels from crossing, either coming in, or going out. He also explains that there is a direct link between vessels and their angels, you just need to know how to "dial". Cas speaks some words in another language (Latin? Hebrew? Made up language?) to Raphael's vessel, and they wait. Nothing happens.

They go back to the abandoned house, and Raphael is waiting. Raphael says that he's found Dean now, and he is going to kill Cas again, and take Dean to Michael. Dean tells him there's something he didn't know. Raphael asks what.

"We knew you were coming." Dean lights the oil, and Raphael is trapped. With his power, he's still able to create a huge storm outside the house. Cas asks Raphael where God is. Raphael tells him God is dead. He says that God would never have allowed the world to become as it has. Cas tells him he knows it isn't true - that God resurrected him.

Raphael tells him he's wrong. Lucifer resurrected him. He tells Cas that it makes sense, and to think about it. Cas is upset.

Raphael tells Dean that he will become Michael's vessel. Zachariah doesn't have Raphael's imagination.

Cas and Dean turn to go, and Raphael tell Cas not to leave him there. If he does, he will find Cas and kill him.

"Maybe," Cas says, "but for now, you're my little bitch."

"What he said," Dean says.


Sam has a new job. He burns all his fake IDs, and devotes himself to his job. A waitress at the bar takes an interest in Sam, but Sam keeps his distance.

At night, Sam dreams of Jessica. In his dreams, she tells him that even at Stanford he knew he had darkness in his soul. Jess was doomed the minute they met.

Dream Jess tells Sam that he has to stop running, that when he runs people die.

At work one day, Sam hears news reports that sound like omens. He looks it up later that night, and it matches a passage in Revelations. He briefly considers calling Dean, then calls Bobby instead. He explains what happens, and Bobby asks why he called. Sam says that Bobby might want to call some hunters in the area to take care of it.

Bobby says, "Hmm, let me think. Who is the best hunter I know in the area that might be available for this one. That would be you."

Sam asks him if Dean told Bobby what happened. Bobby said that Dean told him, but that he didn't care about that. Sam interrupts, tells him that he's sorry, he'll have to sit this one out, and hangs up.


Later, three hunters show up. The waitress is puzzled when they call Sam by his name. She thought his name was Keith. Sam tells her Sam is his middle name. Keith Sam. One hunter tells her it's really Samuel, so it's not as bad. Keith Samuel.

They want Sam to join in the hunt. Sam refuses, says he can't. They want to know what's going on. Sam tells them it's personal. They finally accept that he won't join them, and leave.

The waitress wants to know what's going on, and talks Sam into dinner. She says he showed up one day, is very secretive, and clearly highly educated (he did the Saturday New York Times crossword - notoriously hard), and she doesn't know anything about him, except that he kills Bambi and his parents were drunk when they named him.

Sam, opening up a bit, tells her that he and his brother were in business together, and were pretty good at it. Sam made some mistakes, and got some people killed. A lot of people. She asks him what he was addicted to. She pulls out her AA token, and tells him she's 3 years sober. He says, "You work in a bar!" She replies, "So do you."


Later, the lead hunter shows back up, bloodied, angry. Sam asks him what happened. He says that the demons attacked them, very strong, and lots of them. They killed his best friend. They also told him some things about Sam. He wants to know if they're true.

Sam doesn't answer. The second hunter comes in, holding a knife to the throat of the waitress. The first hunter asks again if it's true. Sam tells him to put the knife down. The second hunter does after handcuffing the waitress to the bar. Sam says yes, he started the Apocalypse.

The first hunter pulls out a vial of demon blood. He tells Sam he is going to drink it, then go kill all the demons after he's hopped up on it. Sam attacks, knocks the first hunter to the ground, then fights the second hunter. But he's outnumbered, and they hold him down and force the blood into his mouth.

Sam stands, and the two hunters take a step back, waiting to see what will happen. Sam spits the blood into the eyes of the first hunter, grabs the knife, and starts to kill the man. But he stops, looks over at the waitress, and shoves the man away, telling him to get out.

Dean's realization

The episode ends with Dean and Cas in Metallicar, leaving Raphael behind in the abandoned house. Dean tells Cas he knows what he's going through, that he spent lots of time looking for John when logic told him John was dead. All he had to go on was a feeling, knowing that John was alive.

He asks Cas what he feels. Cas says God is alive, and is out there.

Cas asks Dean how he's doing. Dean says he's doing well. He realized that he's been so worried about Sam that he couldn't be himself. He says that he realizes now that he's had more fun with Cas than he ever had with Sam.

He turns to Cas, but Cas is gone. Dean drives on, a bemused expression on his face.

Posted by Miller on September 25, 2009 6:40 AM
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