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Supernatural: Casting news and rumors

So according to a casting call, a new recurring character will be added to Supernatural next year. As reported by Ausiello at TV Guide (and other places), a casting call was placed for Raphael, a mechanic who is possessed by a supernatural entity.

Most people (including me) are guessing that Raphael is the name of the entity, which would make it the archangel Raphael.

In other rumors (and you can find them on the Ausiello page above, and other places), Mark Pellegrino has been tagged to play Lucifer. You may also remember him from such other hits as Lost (where he played Jacob - who may or may not be a good god) and Dexter (where he played Rita's junky ex-con ex-husband Paul). This is either the beginning of some ultimate type-casting, or a huge breakout of typecasting. Yeah, I know he's played other parts, I read the IMDB page myself, but come on - going from a junky to a god-like being (good or bad) to Lucifer is a wild swing - or maybe a rut.

We know how Kripke likes to play with the casting calls to keep the surprise in the show. And there is some good speculation that because the casting calls for Raphael and Lucifer sounded similar, that they may actually be the same character. In other words, maybe Pellegrino has actually been cast as Raphael.

My best guess is that no, these are 2 different parts. If Raphael is basically the walking nuke to take out Lucifer, it would be interesting to have them be very similar type characters. Imagine the moral dilemma the Winchesters would face if the guy they most want dead is just like the guy that's going to kill him. Do they help Raphael? Do they stop him? Do they try to kill them both?

In other, less world-altering casting news, other rumors say that Adrianne Palicki will be coming back to play Jessica again this season and that Samantha Ferris will be back to play Ellen.

It's shaping up to be a huge final season.

Posted by Miller on July 17, 2009 6:55 AM
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