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Supernatural: When The Levee Breaks

Padalecki-Violence.jpgDean and Bobby have Sam locked in Bobby's demon-proof panic room. The plan is to dry him out, wean him from the demon blood, which is apparently quite addictive. Sam rationalizes - or is he rationalizing? - that he's just trying to get strong enough to kill Lilith. Dean and Bobby intend to find Lilith and kill her without Sam.

Dean leaves Sam. I'm loving the lighting here, Dean gradually climbing from darkness into light. Very symbolic, eh? In fact, have you noticed that the last few episodes have played with the lighting, showing the Winchesters moving from stark darkness and bright light?


Sam's detox isn't going well. He begins hallucinating, starting with Alistair. Sam thinks Alistair is torturing him. Dean and Bobby try to ignore his screams.

"How long is this going to go on?" Dean asks.

"Here, let me look it up in my demon detox manual," Bobby says. "Oh, wait, no one ever wrote one."

Bobby isn't even sure Sam will live through it. They're interrupted by a call from Rufus, remember him? Retired hunter, lives as a recluse? He has news for Bobby.

Meanwhile, Sam continues hallucinating. He sees himself as a child. Young Sam blames him for becoming a monster.

Rufus told Bobby that the Seals are being broken fast. Bobby gently suggests that maybe since the Apocalypse is imminent, they should put Sam's detox on hold, so he can help stop Lucifer's return. It could mean Sam's death, but Bobby thinks maybe they're protecting him too much. Sam is a hunter. Maybe they love him too much.

Sam continues hallucinating. He sees Mary. Mary gives him the excuses Sam is looking for, telling him that justice for all the murders is the most important thing.

Clearly, Sam's war within himself over drinking the demon's blood is being played out in his hallucinations.

Castiel answers a prayer

Dean has been calling for Castiel. He wants to know what Cas needed to tell him before he was called back to Heaven. Cas tells him it wasn't important. Dean says that Cas was called back to Heaven to prevent him from telling Dean, and it wasn't important.

"Dean, I can't," Cas pleads. "I'm sorry."

Cas wants Dean to cut to the chase. Dean wants to know if Sam could kill Lilith. Cas tells him yes, but the amount of blood he'd need would turn him into a monster that Dean would feel compelled to hunt. But he tells Dean that there is no reason it has to happen. The angels believe Dean is the one who will stop the Apocalypse. Will Dean step up?

Absolutely, if it keeps Sam from becoming a monster.

Dean has to pinky-swear. Or the angelic equivalent - he has to recite an oath. Cas also makes him swear to follow orders as quickly and obediently as he obeyed orders from his own father. Dean, with just the ghost of a smirk, agrees. He's in!

Cas tells him don't call us, we'll call you, and he's out.

Sam is progressively getting worse. His veins are beginning to darken and spider across his hands and face. Bobby and Dean are discussing Dean's new deal. Bobby can't belive Dean agreed to serve the angels. What choice did he have, Dean asks, and Bobby admits it's a good point. Suddenly they notice Sam isn't shouting any more. They rush to the panic room to see Sam lying still on the floor, then suddenly flinging himself psychically against the walls. They go in and subdue Sam, tying him to a chair.

Sam has a conversation with Dean about why he started drinking the blood. Turns out he's still hallucinating.

Bobby is concerned, he thinks they're killing Sam by forcing him cold-turkey. Dean won't give in. He'd rather Sam die human than become a monster.

Halluci-Dean is arguing with Sam about why he was using the blood. He tells Sam it's because he's a monster. "You're nothing to me," Halluci-Dean says, then disappears.

Suddenly Sam's restraints open up and the door opens. Sam walks out, quietly. In the shadows, Castiel closes the door behind Sam.


Anna shows up to talk to Cas. She wants to know what Cas has done.

"You shouldn't have come," he says. He tells her it was his orders. She can't believe he would let Sam out, knowing how bad he'd become.

"You really shouldn't have come," he says. Two angels flank Anna, and take her away in a bright light as Cas watches in sorrow. What the heck did they do to him in Heaven, anyway?

Bobby catches Sam and threatens to kill him with a shotgun. He wants to know how Sam escaped. Sam doesn't know, but he does know Bobby won't kill him. He takes the shotgun from Bobby, and knocks him out with it. He hotwires one of Bobby's cars and escapes.

Dean thinks Ruby helped Sam escape, but Bobby isn't sure. Dean doesn't care, she's at the top of his list to kill.

Sam, meanwhile, is doing the opposite of what he thinks Dean would expect. He's meeting Ruby in a nice hotel. Ruby is impressed. Sam wants to know if Ruby busted him out. She didn't. Sam is angry at Ruby, but she shoots back that she's been looking for Lilith. Ruby thinks it's sad that things are so bad between Sam and Dean. Sam throws her on the bed, gets the knife from her boot, and cuts her arm and starts sucking. Just couldn't wait.

Bobby tells Dean they found the car Sam took in North Dakota. He tried to throw Dean off by stealing 2 cars, one nondescript, the other flashy. Dean knows Sam will think he took the nondescript car, so he goes looking for the flashy one.

Down to the final seals

Sam is recuperating from the bloodfest. He asks Ruby how many seals are left. 2, 3, she says. Sam is incredulous. Where are the angels? Ruby doesn't know, but she found out big news. Only "Lucifer's first" can break the 66th seal. Lucifer's first? The story as demons tell it is God prefers humans to angels. This makes Lucifer angry, so he twists and tempts a human soul and creates the first demon. This is what got him tossed from Heaven.

"That was Lilith?" Sam asks.

"She's way older than she looks," Ruby replies. Sam is starting to put things together. If Lilith is the only one who can open the final seal, if they kill Lilith, Lucifer can never rise. Ruby has a lead, she has learned who Lilith's "personal chef" is - a pediatric nurse. Yes, Lilith eats babies (that is actually pretty similar to the real legend of Lilith). Ruby tells Sam when and where to go to find Lilith. She also tells Sam he'll need more blood than she can give him.

Bobby tells Dean where to find Sam. He also tells him to go easy on Sam, not to push him away. Dean? Get angry at Sam?

Dean watches Sam leave, then busts in on Ruby. They fight, but Sam returns, and takes the demon-killing knife from Dean. Dean tells Sam he's there to kill Ruby, but Sam sends Ruby away. Dean tells Sam to look at what Ruby did to him, stringing him out. Sam says Ruby was looking for Lilith. Dean tells Sam Ruby is manipulating him, and that he's fooling himself. He wants Sam to be okay. "You'd do the same for me," Dean says.

Sam tells Dean they've located Lilith. He wants to kill her together. Dean agrees, but no Ruby. Sam says he needs her to help him.

"I'm the only one that can do this, Dean," Sam says.

"No, you're not the one who's going to do this," Dean replies.

Sam scoffs. That's right, the angels chose Dean. Dean asks if Sam doesn't think he's strong enough. That's right, Sam thinks Dean is too weak. Sam tells Dean that his whole life, Dean has taken the lead, and Sam has trusted him because they're brothers. Now he asks Dean to trust him.

"No," Dean says. "You don't know what you're doing."

"Yes, I do," Sam says.

"Then that's worse!"

"Why? Look, I'm telling you..."

"Because it's not something you do, it's what you are! It means..."


Dean hesitates.

"No. Say it," Sam says.

"It means you're a monster," Dean says.

Sam slugs him. They fight.

Eventually, Sam wins. He starts to choke Dean. Dean barely resists. Just in the nick of time, Sam releases him.

"You don't know me," Sam says, standing. "You never did, and you never will."

"You walk out that door, don't you ever come back," Dean gasps, echoing John's words to Sam when Sam left for college. (What episode did we learn that in way back in Season 1?)

Sam walks out the door.

Posted by Miller on May 8, 2009 9:57 PM
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