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Supernatural: Lucifer Rising

Lucifer-Rising.jpg1972. A priest is possessed at a convent in Maryland, which just happens to be the door to Lucifer's prison. He proceeds to sacrifice all the nuns in order to speak to Lucifer.

Sam is spacing out a bit, thinking about his fight with Dean. Ruby says that Dean was wrong to say what he did to Sam. Sam disagrees. He thinks Dean was right. Ruby tells him that the brothers can patch things up after they kill Lilith.

"You're talking like I have an after," Sam says.

"Don't say that," Ruby replies.

"I can feel it inside me, Ruby. I've changed. For good. And there's no going back now."


"Look, I know what I've got to do. It's okay, I'm just sayin'.... Dean's better off as far away from me as possible. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Let's just get this over with."

Dean also is spacing out, thinking about the fight. Bobby is trying to talk some sense into him. Dean refuses to call Sam and apologize. Bobby says Sam is drowning. Dean says it's too late, that they need to face facts. Sam never wanted to be part of the family, he ran away as soon as he could.

"It's like deja vu all over again," Dean says. "Well, I am sick and tired of chasing him. Screw him, he can do what he wants."

"You don't mean that," Bobby says.

"Yes, I do. I do, Bobby. Sam's gone. He's gone. I'm not sure if he's still my brother any more. If he ever was."

Bobby takes a few deep breaths, turns from Dean. Then violently sweeps everything on his desk onto the floor.

"You stupid, stupid son-of-a-bitch," he shouts. "Well, boo hoo, I'm so sorry your feelings are hurt, princess. Are you under the impression that family's supposed to make you feel good? Bake you an apple pie, maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family!"

"I told him, 'you walk out that door, don't you ever come back' and he walked out anyway. That was his choice," Dean spits back. He stalks away.

"You sound like a whiny brat," Bobby replies. "No, you sound like your dad. Well, your dad was a coward."

Dean turns and pauses, then says, "My dad was a lot of things, Bobby, but a coward?"

"He'd rather push Sam away than reach out to him. Well, that don't strike me as brave. You are a better man than your daddy ever was. So you do both of us a favor. Don't be him."

Dean thinks for a minute, turns. When he's composed himself, he turns, and...

finds himself somewhere else. The room is huge, ornately furnished, with white walls. Oh, and Castiel.

"Hello, Dean. It's almost time," Cas says.

Meanwhile, Sam and Ruby, in their new orange Mustang, go to the hospital where Lilith's "chef" works as a nurse. She's in the process of stealing a baby, but her plan is interrupted by Sam and Ruby.

"So... we need to talk," Sam tells the demon nurse.

The Green Room

Dean is walking around, checking out the room. He passes a table, then when he passes it seconds later, it has a bowl filled with his favorite beer chilling on ice. Oh, and a plate full of cheeseburgers.

"Hello, Dean, you're looking fit," Zachariah says. Cas is with him.

"Well, how 'bout this? "The Suite Life of Zach and Cas," Dean says. Zachariah looks puzzled. "It's a... nevermind," Dean says. "So what is this, where the hell am I?"

Zachariah calls it "The Green Room." They want to keep Dean safe before the Apocalypse.

"Have a burger, they're your favorite. From that seaside shack in Delaware? You were 11, I think,"

"I'm not hungry."

"How about Ginger, from Season 2 of Gilligan's Island? You do have a thing for her, don't you?"

Dean considers. "Tempted," he admits. "Weird..."

"We'll throw in Mary Ann for free..."

"No. No. Bail on the holodeck, okay? I wanna know what the game plan is."

"Let us worry about that. We want you... focused. Relaxed."

"Well, I'm about to be pissed and leaving, so start talking, Chuckles."

"All the seals have fallen, except one," Zachariah says.

"That's an impressive score. That's right up there with the Washington Generals."

"You think sarcasm's appropriate, do you, considering, you started all this? The final seal, it'll be different."


"Lilith has to break it. She's the only one who can. Tomorrow night at midnight."


"We're working on it."

"Well, work harder."

"We'll do our job, you just make sure you do yours."

"And what is that, exactly? I'm supposed to be the one who stops her. How? With the knife?"

"All in good time."

"Isn't now a good time?"

"Have faith."

"What, in you? Give me one good reason why I should?"

"Because you swore your obedience," Zachariah says, staring Dean down. "So obey."

Dean looks over Zachariah's shoulder at Cas, who can't meet Dean's eye.

Sam has that talk with the nurse

Sam has the demon nurse, and she's trapped by his powers. He doesn't even need a Devil's Trap now. The demon nurse laughs, and calls him "roided up."

"It's like A-Rod and Madonna over here," she says.

Sam wants to know where Lilith is, but the demon nurse explains that she can't win. She is dead either way, either Sam kills her or Lilith does.

"I think what you should be worrying about, is what happens before you die," Sam says. He raises his hand, and the nurse screams.

Back at the Green Room, Dean is debating calling Sam. He even has his phone in his hand.

"Ah, screw it," he says, and dials. He gets Sam's voice mail.

"Hey, it's me, ah... look, I'll just get right to it. I'm still pissed, and I owe you a serious beatdown, but...I shouldn't have said what I said. I'm not Dad. We're brothers, you know, family, and uh, no matter how bad it gets, that doesn't change. Sammy, I'm sor..." the voice mail beeps "...rry."

Tough decision for Sam

Sam, meanwhile, is still putting the nurse demon through his torture session. She screams. She agrees to tell him where Lilith is, if he'll let her die. He agrees. She tells him that Lilith will be at a convent in Ilchester, Maryland at midnight tomorrow, to break the final seal. Sam wants to know what the final seal is, but even under torture, she says she doesn't know. She begs for Sam to let her die.

"Fine," he says, but Ruby stops him. They're going to need her blood for the fight with Lilith. It's not that simple, though. The demon decides to make it harder for Sam. Trapped inside the nurse by Sam's powers, she can still give the consciousness back over to the person she's possessing. Which she does.

Sam now has to decide. Can he kill someone to drink their blood when the demon isn't in control, and the person knows what's happening to them? How far down the moral low road is he?

Flashback to 1972

The slaughter complete, the priest prays to Lucifer. And Lucifer tells him that he must free Lilith, then find a child, a special child. The priest's eyes click yellow. The origin of Azazel's plan has been revealed.

In the present, Sam is researching the convent, and finds what happened. The priest later claimed to be possessed by a demon named Azazel. YED. This gives the nurse demon's info credibility. Ruby is ready to leave, but Sam is getting squeamish. He wants to find another demon. Ruby tells him that they he should just do it, that there is a demon inside. Sam leads the nurse outside, and stuffs her in the trunk of the Mustang, complete with Devil's Trap.

Back in the Green Room

Dean is getting bored. He knocks over a statue on purpose. Castiel, from behind him, says, "You asked to see me." Dean turns, looking guilty.

Dean asks Cas to take him to see Sam. Cas asks why. Dean tells him it's because of the fight, but Cas says he doesn't think it's wise. Dean says he's going to do what the angels want, but he needs 5 minutes to talk to Sam first. Cas still refuses. Dean wants to know if he's trapped. Cas tells him he can go anywhere he wants, except to see Sam. Dean tries to leave, but the door disappears. Dean turns to talk to Cas, but he's gone.

Message waiting

Sam rides shotgun while Ruby drives. Sam's phone shows a voicemail from Dean. In the background, we can hear the screams from the nurse. Ruby tells Sam to listen to the message. He says he wishes the nurse would shut up. Ruby tells him that could be arranged. She wonders why this one is different, what did he think happened to the host when he cut other demons with the knife? Sam says that he's beginning to think Dean was right.

"You're going to see this through, right, Sam?" He doesn't answer. "Sam?"


Dean is trying to break through the walls, but he pauses and the wall is repaired. Zachariah interrupts him.

"Quit hurling feces like a howler monkey, would you? It's unbecoming," Zachariah says. (With this second reference to howler monkeys, Supernatural now leads all prime time shows in mentions of the creature.)

Dean wants out. Zachariah refuses.

"I've been getting my ass kicked all year, now you're sweating my safety? You're lying," Dean says. "I want to see my brother."

"That's... ill-advised."

Dean wants to know what's going on, why he can't see Sam, how he's going to kill Lilith.

"You're not," Zachariah says. "going to ice Lilith."


"Lilith is going to break the final seal. Fait accompli at this point. The train has left the station."

"But me and Sam, we can stop... You don't want to stop it, do you?"

"Nope, never did. The end is nigh, the Apocalypse is coming, kiddo, to a theater near you."

"What was all that crap about saving seals?"

"Grunts on the ground, we couldn't tell 'em the whole truth, we'd have a full scale rebellion on our hands. I mean, think about it, would we really let 65 seals get broken unless senior management wanted it that way?"

"But why?"

"Why not? The Apocalypse. Poor name, bad marketing, puts people off when all it is, is Ali-Foreman... on a slightly larger scale. And we like our chances. When our side wins, and we will, it's paradise on Earth. What's not to like about that?"

"What happens to all the people during your little pissing contest?"

"Well, can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. In this case, truckloads of eggs, but you get the picture. Look, it happens. This isn't the first planetary enema we've delivered."

Dean thinks about hitting him with a blunt object, but Zachariah warns him not to.

"What about Sam?" Dean asks. "He won't go quietly, he'll stop Lilith."

"Sam... has a part to play. Very important part. He may need a little nudging in the right direction, but I'll make sure he plays it."

"What does that mean? What're you going to do to him?"

"Sam, Sam, Sam. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Forget about him, would you? You have larger concerns. Why do you think I'm confiding in you? You're still vital, Dean, we weren't lying about your destiny. Just omitted a few pertinent details, but nothing's changed, you... are... chosen. You'll stop it. Just not Lilith or the Apocalypse, that's all."

"Which means?"

"Lucifer. You're going to stop Lucifer. You're our own little Russell Crowe complete with surly attitude. And when it's over, and when you've won, your rewards will be... unimaginable. Peace, happiness, 2 virgins and 70 sluts." Zachariah laughs. "Trust me, one day we'll look back on this and laugh."

"Tell me something," Dean says. "Where's God in all this?"

"God? God has left the building."

Dean tries to get help

At the convent, Lilith is preparing for the ritual.

Dean is trying to reach Sam on his cell, but Cas shows up and tells him that his cell won't work. Dean wants to know what they're going to do to Sam. Cas tells him Sam will do it to himself, and won't say more. Dean wants to know why Cas is there. Cas apologizes. Dean punches him (more damage to Dean than Cas), and tells him he needs a bigger word than "sorry." Cas says it's destiny, but Dean tells him that God's plan, destiny, are all lies, just a way to keep people in line. What's real are people, families.

"And you're going to let them burn?"

"What is so worth saving? I see nothing but pain here. I see inside you, I see your guilt, your anger, confusion. In paradise, all is forgiven. You'll be at peace, even with Sam."

"You can take your peace, and shove it up your lily white ass. Cause I'll take the pain, and the guilt, I'll even take Sam as-is. It's a lot better than being some Stepford bitch in paradise. This is simple, Cas. No more crap about being a good soldier, there is a right and there is a wrong here, and you know it."

Dean says that Cas was going to help him once, warn him. He wants Cas to help him now. Cas wants to know what Dean wants him to do. Dean says that he and Cas and Sam can stop it. Cas says they all will be hunted, killed.

"If there is anything worth dying for, this is it," Dean says.

Cas shakes his head.

"You spineless, soul-less son-of-a-bitch. What're you worried about dying for? You're already dead. We're done."


"We're done."

Cas leaves.

The voice mail

On the way, Sam stops to kill the nurse demon and drink her blood. He's hesitant, but Ruby keeps pushing him to do it.

He takes out his cell, and listens to Dean's message. But the message is not the one Dean left, though it's his voice.

"Listen to me, you bloodsucking freak. Dad always said I'd have to save you, or kill you. Well, I'm giving you fair warning. I'm done trying to save you. You're a monster, Sam, a vampire. You're not you any more, and there's no going back."

Sam gets angry, and hangs up the phone. Ruby smiles to herself. Sam is ready to drink the blood. Ruby goes to kill the victim, and in the background the nurse demon screams.

Escape from the Green Room

Cas appears behind Dean, slams him against the wall and covers his mouth. He pulls out a knife, and slashes his own arm. With the blood, he begins writing symbols on the wall.

"Castiel!" Zachariah says. "Would you mind explaining just what the hell you're doing." Before Zachariah can stop him, Cas completes the symbol and places his hand inside it. Zachariah is blinded by a bright light, and disappears.

Cas tells Dean that Zachariah won't be gone long, and they have to find Sam. Cas doesn't know where Sam is, but he knows who does. They have to stop Sam from killing Lilith. Dean is confused, what about the final seal?

"Lilith is the final seal. She dies, the End begins."

Chuck knows

Chuck, the writer-prophet, is writing the final chapter of his series called "Lucifer Rising." He's stopped, though, and right now is on the phone with an escort service trying to arrange the services of 20 girls for the same night. When the service doubts his ability to pay, Chuck says, "Lady, sometimes you have to live like there's no tomorrow."

When Cas and Dean show up, he's confused. It's not supposed to happen.

Sam arrives

Lilith finishes the final preparations. She turns her back, and hears a sound. All of her followers have been killed instantly. Sam has arrived. Lilith slams the door.

Cas and Dean read Chuck's ending, to find out where the final seal is located. Chuck says they're not supposed to be there. As they talk, the lights flicker. An archangel is coming to destroy them. Cas tells Dean he'll hold it off, and sends Dean to the convent. He stays to fight. Chuck puts his hand on Castiel's shoulder, but removes it when Cas glares at him.

Dean arrives

Dean sees Sam about to kill Lilith. Ruby sees Dean. She smiles, and psychically slams the door on him.

Sam glares at Lilith. "I've been waiting for this... for a very long time."

"Give me your best shot," Lilith says, smiling. Behind Sam, Ruby is smiling also.

He does. She begins to glow, and scream. Time has slowed down for Sam, Lilith is his total focus. But faintly, he can hear Dean yelling "Sam!" He pauses, and turns to the door. On the other side of the door, Dean is frantically trying to get in.

"Dean?" Sam says.

Ruby yells at Sam to kill Lilith. Sam looks at Ruby, then hears Lilith laughing.

"You turned yourself into a freak, a monster, and now you're not going to bite. I'm sorry, but that is honestly adorable," Lilith says.

Sam gets angry, and his eyes turn fully black. He raises his hand, and Lilith writhes in agony as she glows from within. Sam tortures her for a moment more, then Lilith dies.


Blood begins to flow from Lilith's head, and it begins to make a pattern.

"What the hell?" Sam says.

"I can't belive it," Ruby says.

"Ruby, what's going on?"

"You did it. I mean, it was a little touch-and-go there for a while, but you did it."

"What? What, what did I do?"

"You opened the door. And now he's free at last. He's free at last!"

"No, no, no, no, Lilith, I stopped her, I killed her."

"'And it is written, the first demon shall be the last seal." And you bust her open. Now guess who's coming to dinner."

Sam is horrified. "Oh, my God."

"Guess again," Ruby says. The blood flows into a circle, with tendrils spiraling toward the center.

Dean is still pounding on the door, trying to get in.

"You don't even know how hard this was," Ruby says. "All the demons out for my head? No one knew, I was the best of those sons-of-bitches, the most loyal, not even Alistair knew. Only Lilith. Yeah, I'm sure you're a little angry right now, but, I mean, come on, Sam, even you have to admit, I'm... I'm awesome."

"You bitch. You lying bitch!" Sam says. He tries to use his powers on her, but they won't work.

"Don't hurt yourself, Sammy, it's useless. You shot your payload on the boss."

"The blood, you poisoned me."

"No, it wasn't the blood. It was you, and you're choices. I just gave you the options, and you chose the right path every time. You didn't need the feather to fly, you had it in you the whole time, Dumbo," Lilith says. "I know it's hard to see it now, but this is a miracle. Everything Azazel did, and Lilith did, just to get you here. And you were the only one who could do it."

"Why? Why me?"

"Because. Because it had to be you, Sammy. It always had to be you. You saved us. You set him free, and he's going to be grateful, he's going to repay you in ways that you can't even imagine."

Dean finally breaks in, and stalks toward Ruby with the knife.

"You're too late," Ruby says.

"I don't care," Dean replies. Sam grabs her from behind, and Dean stabs her in the gut with a demon-killing knife. As she begins to glow, he twists it, several times. He jerks the knife free, and she dies.

Dean looks at Sam with a mix of horror, anger and fear.

"I'm sorry," Sam says.

The blood has finished the pattern. Light begins to stab upward from the center, and a hole opens. A deep roar comes from the hole.

"Sammy, let's go," Dean says.

"Dean. He's coming," Sam says.

The screen whites out.

That's it for the season. Check back next week for a season wrap up.

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