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Supernatural: The Monster at the End of this Book

Monster-Book.jpgA guy lies on a couch, dreaming. His dream includes Sam and Dean.

Cut to a comic book store. Sam and Dean enter. There have been reports of supernatural activity in the building. The guy behind the counter had never heard of it, but suddenly he recognizes the brothers as LARPers - Live Action Role-Playing. They're playing the guys from the books - Sam and Dean, who use rock aliases and hunt supernatural creatures. The Winchesters have no idea what he's talking about, until he shows them. Their lives are played out in a series of paperback novels. Sam wants every copy in the shop. Sadly, their life stories are in the bargain bin.

Back at the motel, they read through them. It's all there, every detail. Sam finds a whole fan subculture. They're amused that there are Dean-girls and Sam-girls, but horrified at the slash fanfic. (Interestingly, the website Sam is reading lists fewer books than there have been episodes, though each book has the name of an episode.)

Carver Edlund

They decide they need to talk to the author, but he's using a pseudonym - Carver Edlund. They pose as reporters writing a story on the books, and track down the bankrupt publisher, who happens to be a fan. She thinks the best parts are when they cry. She wishes real men were that open.

"Real men?" Dean asks.

"How often do you cry like that?" she asks.

"Right now, I'm crying on the inside."

"Was that supposed to be funny?"

"Lady, this whole thing is funny," Dean replies.

That gets her suspicions up. How does she know they really are fans? They could write a snarky article. Sam and Dean assure her they are real fans. She doesn't belive them, so she quizzes them on trivia - model and year of Metallicar, what's May 2 (Sam's birthday, and Dean volunteers his- January 24), Sam's score on the LSAT (Dean doesn't know, and Sam hesitates, he can't quite seem to remember.... oh, yeah, 174. That's really good, would be higher than 75% of the students at Stanford Law.), Dean's favorite song (tie - Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" and "Traveling Riverside Blues"). She gives in, they really are fans. But she's reluctant to give them Carver Edlund's real name, at least until the brothers show her their tattoos. She shows them hers in return, and gives them the author's name - Chuck Shirley.

Chuck Shirley

Chuck is writing. He reads out loud, paralleling everything the brothers are doing at that moment. Dean rings the doorbell. Chuck answers, but just shuts the door when Sam and Dean introduce themselves as Dean and Sam, the Dean and Sam he's been writing about.

They ring again, and he tells them to get a life. They force their way inside. They want to know how he's doing it.

"Is this some kind of Misery thing? It is, isn't it? It's a Misery thing!" Chuck says.

"It's not a Misery thing! Believe me, we are not fans," Dean says.

Chuck says Sam and Dean are fictional characters. They take him outside and show him the arsenal in the Impala. This makes Chuck nervous. He still thinks they are fans that are just taking things a little too far. Sam wants to know how much Chuck knows. Does he know about angels, Lilith, the 66 seals? Chuck is confused. Those books weren't published.

"Well, nice to meet you, I'm Dean Winchester, and this is my brother, Sam," Dean tries again.

"The last names were never in the books," Chuck says, confused. "I never told anybody about that. I never even wrote that down."

A literary god

So now Chuck believes. He thinks Sam and Dean are hallucinations. Nope. So there can only be one other explanation - Chuck's a god.

"You're not a god," Sam says.

"I write things and they come to life? How else do you explain it? I'm a god, a cruel, capricious, god. The things I've put you through. The physical beatings alone..."

"We're still in one piece," Dean says.

"I killed your father. I burned your mother alive, and then you had to go through the whole horrific deal again with Jessica. All for what? All for the sake of literary symmetry. I toyed with your lives, your emotions, for- for entertainment."

"You didn't toy with us, Chuck. You didn't create us," Dean says.

"Did you really have to live through the bugs?" Chuck asks.

"Yeah," Dean replies.

"What about the ghost ship?"

"Yes," Dean replies again, impatiently. "That, too."

"I am so sorry. I mean horror is one thing, but forced to live bad writing... if I had known it was real I would have done another pass."

"Chuck, you're not a god!" Dean says.

"We think you're probably just psychic," Sam adds.

"No. No, you think if I were psychic that I would be writing? Writing is hard!"

Dean the Vonnegut fan

They think he's just psychic, and focused on the Winchesters. Dean asks what he's working on right now, and Chuck pauses. His latest work is, as he calls it, very Vonnegut.

"Slaughterhouse 5 Vonnegut or Cat's Cradle Vonnegut," Dean asks. Sam gives him an amazed look.

"It's Kilgore Trout Vonnegut. I wrote myself into it."

Chuck gives them his current work. Later, at the laundromat, Dean reads as Sam does laundry. Dean reads everything Sam does, before he does it.

"You just thought I was a dick," Dean says.

Sam looks at Dean. "Guy's good."

Chuck is dreaming again. This time, it's about Sam. He's with Lilith in a motel room, and they're about to get busy.

They go to visit Chuck again. The camera pans over some artwork from the real comic book series. Chuck tells them about Lilith coming to meet Sam. Sam is skeptical. Dean wonders why Sam is getting with a little girl. Chuck says Lilith is possessing a dental hygienist from Bloomington, Indiana now. Dean wants to know how it turns out. Chuck doesn't know yet.

Opposite day

They leave, and Sam reads the latest chapter on the way. So much is unbelievable. Dean is in an accident with a minivan, and ends up wearing pink flowered bandaids. The Impala has its rear window broken, and Dean drives it with a tarp over it.

Dean believes Chuck is predicting the future. Sam is skeptical. Dean doesn't want to take chances, so they're leaving town. Sam wants to stay and fight, but Dean doesn't think they're ready.

Unfortunately, the bridge is out. They're stuck in town.

At the local diner, Dean gets the idea to do the opposite of whatever is written. They try it. No arguing. Dean orders tofu instead of a cheeseburger. No research for Sam.

Doesn't matter. The waitress brings Dean the wrong order, and Sam and Dean argue anyway (like always, and again it's about Dean seeming to want to run rather than fight). Dean is persistent, he puts out hex bags to keep Lilith away, chooses a different motel, and takes Sam's computer so he can't do research. He goes to park Metallicar, because the book says he spends the day riding around.

On his way out, the sign at the motel burns out, changing the name to "Red," the name of the motel in the book.

Seeing stars

Dean parks Metallicar. While walking away, he sees someone trying to break into it. He rushes back across the street, and gets hit by a minivan.

Sam calls Chuck, who meets him at the motel. Sam wants to know how much Chuck knows. He knows about the demon blood, but didn't write it into the book, because it would make Sam look unsympathetic.

Drinking the blood scares Sam, but he can't stop. He feels he has to do it to stop Lilith. Chuck says that the angels say it's Dean's job to stop Lilith. Sam says Dean isn't himself lately. He refuses to stand and fight. Chuck asks Sam if he feels like he has to carry the load for both of them. Sam does. He feels like Dean protected him his whole life, and now he has to return the favor.

Chuck suggests that maybe Sam is doing it for other reasons, like the demon blood makes him feel stronger and more in control. Sam rejects that idea. Chuck is sorry that Sam feels like it all is on him. Sam asks if it is all on him. Chuck says that it seems to be where the story is headed. Is he strong enough to stop Lilith that night? Chuck hasn't seen that far yet.

Dean wakes seeing stars, just as the book predicted. They are part of the earrings of a woman leaning over him. She apologizes for the pink flowered bandaids her daughter put on his face. Dean goes to Metallicar, which has a broken rear window.

Writing is prophet-able

Dean drives back to Chuck's. He's angry, he thinks Chuck is hiding something. He grabs Chuck, and from behind him, Castiel tells Dean to leave Chuck alone.

Chuck is a prophet.

"This guy, a prophet?" Dean asks, incredulous. "He's practically a Penthouse Forum writer. Did you know about this?"

Chuck had dreamed it, but he didn't put it in the books. It was too preposterous, and arrogant.

"Writing yourself into the story is one thing, but as a prophet? That's like M. Night level douchiness."

Dean can't believe Chuck is deciding what happens to them. Castiel tells him that Chuck isn't deciding anything, he's just a mouthpiece for the Word of God.

"Like the New New Testament?" Dean asks.

"One day, these books will be known as the Winchester Gospel," Castiel says.

Chuck excuses himself. Dean says, "Him? Really?"

"You should have seen Luke," Castiel replies. Cas doesn't know how prophets are chosen - the choosing comes from high up the celestial chain of command. Dean only wants to know how to stop Sam from meeting Lilith. Cas tells him there is no way, what the prophet has written will happen.

Living on a prayer

So Dean goes back to the motel. Sam has burned the hex bags. Dean tells Sam that Chuck is a prophet. Sam refuses to leave. He tells Dean that Dean is afraid Sam will go to the dark side. Dean admits it. He tells Sam that he knows Sam has been getting stronger, and Cas told him how easily he defeated Alistair. They just don't know how or why Sam is getting stronger. Sam says it's not what Dean thinks. Dean asks him why, but Sam won't tell Dean that he thinks Dean is afraid to fight.

Sam refuses to leave. Dean stalks out of the room. He goes outside, and prays. Cas shows up. Dean asks if Cas will help drag Sam out of town, but Cas can't interfere with a prophecy. Dean tells Cas that if he won't help Dean, he is done helping the angels.

Cas pauses, then tells Dean that he must understand why Cas can't interfere. Prophets are protected by archangels. If anything threatens a prophet, anything at all, archangels will destroy it. Archangels are Heaven's most terrifying weapon.

The light bulb comes on in Dean's head. He goes to get Chuck, but Chuck refuses to come with him. He's afraid of Lilith. Dean explains about the archangel, but Chuck hasn't seen that yet. He still refuses to come. Dean gives him a pep talk about standing up and fighting.

"No friggin' way," Chuck says. Dean tells him that he'll shoot Chuck if he doesn't come with Dean.

"I thought you said I was protected by an archangel?" Chuck asks.

"Interesting exercise. Let's see who the quicker draw is."

A bargain

At the motel, Sam opens the door. Lilith isn't there - she's standing behind him. He tries to trick her into walking into a Devil's Trap. She isn't fooled. He tries to kill her like he did Alistair. It has no effect. Sam wants to know why Lilith doesn't attack him. She can't, he's immune. It's a standoff.

Lilith offers to stand down, by trading his life and Dean's life for Lilith stopping. Lilith knows she won't survive the unleashing of Lucifer, so she's willing to settle for a return to how things used to be. But she wants Sam and Dean dead. Sam doesn't believe she'll stop, but she says that's the rule - if she makes a deal, she has to keep it. She accuses Sam of being arrogant, of not being willing to trade his life for 6 billion other lives.

Sam finally agrees. Lilith says that it takes more than a kiss to seal this contract. She pats the bed, and Sam gets on the bed with her. At the last second, he grabs Ruby's blade and tries to kill her. She takes it away from him, and is about to kill him when Dean and Chuck enter.

"I am the prophet, Chuck," Chuck says.

"You've got to be joking," Lilith replies, heading toward them with the knife. The room starts shaking.

Dean tells her she has about 10 seconds before the archangel arrives. Lilith pauses, then black smoke pours from her mouth. She's gone.

Sam and Dean are leaving town. Sam is telling Dean about the deal Lilith offered. Dean wants to know if Sam ever considered taking it. No. He thought she'd find a loophole.

Sam tells Dean the important thing is Lilith is scared. She's running, but he doesn't know from what.

"She's right about one thing," Sam says. "She's not going to survive the Apocalypse. I'll make sure of that."

A disturbing vision

Back at Chuck's house, he's dreaming, and it's a bad one. A voice wakes him.

"Did you see it?" it asks. It's Zachariah.

Chuck saw it. He wants to warn Sam and Dean. Zachariah won't let him.

"People shouldn't know too much about their own destiny," he says.

Chuck starts to leave. "Where're you going?" Zachariah asks.

"To go kill myself," Chuck says.

"Don't be melodramatic, Chuck," Zachariah says. "We'd just bring you back to life."

"What am I supposed to do?" Chuck asks.

"What you always do. Write." Zachariah says. What did Chuck see that was so disturbing that he wants to kill himself?

Couple of notes on this episode.

Took me a second to get their aliases this time - I thought Dean said "Young and Shaw". He's used Angus Young before, but I didn't pick up Shaw. When I watched it again, I realized he said "DeYoung and Shaw". That would be Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw from Styx.

Also, I'm sure you picked up that Carver Edlund's name is a combination of Ben Edlund and someone else. The someone else is Jeremy Carver, one of the writers and story editor. Oh, and the episode title? It's from a children's book starring Sesame Street's Grover.

Posted by Miller on April 3, 2009 6:35 AM
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