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Supernatural: Jump the Shark

Jump-Shark.jpgI didn't quite know what to expect from this one, but I was pretty satisfied with it in the end.

Standard woman running away, barricading herself in a room sequence. You knew it would somehow be behind her, but the under the bed thing was creepy. I have been creeped out by under the bed sequences since Poltergeist.

So the Winchesters sometimes sleep in the car. Interesting. Dean gets a call on John's cell from someone claiming to be John's son, Adam. Dean is clearly upset, and thinks it's a trap. Sam is more bemused. They drive to Minnesota, and meet Adam, funnily enough, at a diner named "Cousin Oliver's". LOL!

The brothers claim to be John's co-workers. When they hear Adam's story, and after he passes Dean's tests - he's not a demon, and not a shapeshifter, he can drink Holy Water and touch silver - they go to investigate.

Inside the house, there are lots of pictures of John. Turns out John was somewhat of a family man, or at least as much as he could be, being an absent father. He even took Adam to a baseball game, a fact that really seems to annoy Dean.

Sam researches, and finds that not only have a couple people gone missing recently, but there have also been a lot of grave robberies. And strangely, it also happened 19 years ago, about the time Adam would have been conceived. While mulling these facts, they search for clues, and Dean notices scratches on the floor. They lift the mattress to find a heating vent. Rock, paper, scissors on who goes in; Dean, as always, loses (it's a running gag). Inside, Dean finds blood, hair, and gore. Pretty sure Adam's mom is a goner.

In training

Back at the motel, which features a "Sonny Bono Lounge(?)", Adam shows up while Dean is cleaning his shotgun. He's suspicious of them, and wants to know what's going on. They're clearly not mechanics. Sam tells him, over Dean's objections. Some time later, after the story is finished, Adam is stunned, and yet, he believes them. Too easily, in Dean's opinion. Adam wants to help hunt whatever killed his mother. Dean says no, flat out, because he wants to respect John's wishes. John clearly didn't want Adam involved in the hunter's life. Sam thinks he deserves to be a hunter if he wants. Dean gets angry, and leaves. Sam stays behind, and starts training Adam.

Where to spend eternity

Dean goes to investigate the grave robberies. The caretaker asks Dean, "Tell me, Agent Nugent, have you thought about where you might want to spend eternity?"

"All the damn time," Dean replies.

Dean looks around, notices fluid on one of the tombs. It's embalming fluid. The caretaker says the bodies were opened when they were taken. Having had enough of that, Dean goes to the bar where the bartender - Joe Blanton - disappeared. Coincidentally, Dean runs into Joe's wife. He finds out that Joe worked the case 19 years ago, and apparently John was involved.

Back at the motel, Sam is teaching Adam how to take the pistol apart for cleaning. Adam asks him how John really died.

Sam replies simply, "Demon."

Adam wants to know if they got revenge. Sam says, "Dean killed it."

"So it's over for you?" Adam asks.

"It's never over," Sam says.

They hear noises in the vents and the lights go out. Sam hustles Adam outside to Adam's truck. Something is beneath it, and grabs Sam, beginning to pull him under. Dean shows up just in time, and they pull Sam out. Dean gets a shot under the truck.

They move the truck, and find a manhole beneath. There's a little fluid around it. Dean apparently wounded the creature.


Back at the house, Sam tells Dean he wants to use Adam as bait. Dean refuses, but Adam overhears, and agrees. The training begins in earnest. Dean is clearly not happy about it.

Later, Sam breaks the bad news to Adam. To be a hunter, he'll have to break ties with his friends, his girlfriend, everyone he knows. Otherwise, the evil will use them as ways to get at him.

Dean is angry. It's the same speech John gave Sam when he left for college.

Sam and Dean argue again over whether to involve Adam in the hunt. Dean accuses Sam of being jealous of Adam. Sam accuses Dean of the same. Neither admit it, and Dean gets angry. He's going back to the cemetary to investigate.

At the crypt, Dean finds a breeze blowing from a wall. He opens it to find a tunnel. Reluctantly, he crawls through to find himself in another, older crypt. He's looking around - there are lots of bones on the floor, and some coffins. He finds Joe Blanton's glasses near an arm and a pile of gore.

"Sloppy Joe," Dean says.

Dean hears a noise from the tunnel. Something is replacing the bricks. Dean fires at it, and the tunnel caves in.

"Son of a bitch," he says.

Old Salty

Back at Adam's house, they're preparing the trap. They board up the windows, and salt around all the vents and windows, except one. They hear a noise downstairs. It's Adam's mom, and she's apparently injured. Adam runs to her, despite Sam's warnings. Sam tells Adam to back away so he can shoot her. She isn't human.

Dean is trapped. He searches, but can't find another way out. He's calm, methodical. Not a bit angry. He finds another room filled with older bones. Inside, he finds a coffin, and opens it. Inside is the half-eaten body of Adam's mother.

Sam is trying to get Adam away from his mom, or whatever has taken her body. Adam takes the shotgun from Sam. Sam tells him to shoot his mom, that she isn't human.

Adam smiles, and says, "I know." He hits Sam with the shotgun and knocks him unconscious.

Dean finds a second coffin, and inside finds the half-eaten body of Adam.

Dean is a bit less calm now. He looks around, sees a stained glass skylight.

Sam awakens to find himself tied up. The creatures are ghouls. They feed on corpses, and take the shape of the last corpse they fed on. But ghouls are scavengers. That's what threw Sam. These ghouls decided to eat live prey.

Turns out the ghouls have daddy issues of their own. John and Joe Blanton hunted down their father 19 years ago. And the ghouls are now having their revenge. They killed Blanton, Adam's mom, and Adam. They were going after John, but he was already dead when the Adam-ghoul found John's number.

They intend to kill both Sam and Dean. Slowly.

Party crasher

Dean kicks a rail off a coffin, and uses it to break out the skylight. The then uses the rail to pull himself through. He's out.

The ghouls are bleeding Sam, and drinking the blood. Dean arrives in time to shoot Adam. Sam yells, "They're ghouls, Dean."

"That means head shot," he says, and blows the female ghoul's head off with the shotgun.

But Adam was shot in the chest. He attacks Dean, and they fight. Finally, Dean gets the Adam ghoul on the ground, where he pounds its head into pulp. Sam is still bleeding, though, and finally gets Dean's attention to come and release him.

Hunter's funeral

Later, Sam and Dean are preparing to burn Adam's body - a hunter's funeral.

Dean says Adam was their brother, he died like a hunter, he deserves to go out like one.

Sam thinks maybe they can bring him back, call Castiel and ask him to resurrect Adam.

"No, Adam's in a better place," Dean says, and lights the fire.

"You know, I finally get why you and Dad butted heads so much," Dean says. "You two are practically the same person. You know, I worshipped the guy, I dressed like him, I acted like him, listened to the same music. But you were more like him than I will ever be. And I see that now."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Sam replies.

"You take it any way you want," Dean says.

So what does Dean mean by that?

Posted by Miller on April 24, 2009 7:07 AM
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