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Supernatural: Death Takes a Holiday

Death-Holiday.jpgA guy gets shot - point blank in the heart - by a mugger, and lives. Heck, he doesn't even bleed. No doubt it's a case for the Winchesters.

Sure enough, Bobby is tracking it down. But Dean, though he has his appetite back, seems strangely reluctant to take this one on. And he definitely is still harboring a grudge toward Sam for his "you're holding me back!" comment when he was under the siren's spell.

But they move past the conflict - for now. Off to Wyoming, where several people have escaped death miraculously in the last week.

Floored by the Lord

Posing as religious bloggers, they question the latest victim. He believes it's a miracle. They're skeptical, for good reason. But they can't find a link to demonic deals or faith healers. Dean finds the last death, a kid named Cole Griffith. Sam has an insight. Maybe the local Reaper is missing. He gets the idea to contact Cole to see if he knows anything.

At the cemetary, they prepare a spirit summoning. Dean has a philosophical problem with the whole idea. If they're successful, it's not evil things that will die, it's normal people. Sam tells Dean that it's interfering with the natural order, and Dean laughs, considering both brothers have died and returned, and one has demonic blood in him.

"The normal rules don't exactly apply to us," Sam says. Sounds like foreshadowing to me. Oh, and a good Joe the Plumber crack - no pun intended - here.

While they're preparing the summoning, a man shows up. He says it looks like they're devil worshipping. Dean tries a witty comeback, but can't think of anything, Sam tells him they're leaving, but the man turns to Sam and says, "You're not going anywhere, ever again, Sam."


He psychokinetically throws Dean into a headstone, but when he tries it with Sam, it doesn't work.

"You're stronger, Sam. Been soloflexing with your little slut?" Alistair says.

"You have no idea," Sam replies. More foreshadowing?

Sam then easily rips the demon from the body, with no nosebleed.

Lying Sam

When Dean comes to, Sam tells him that Alistair bailed when his powers didn't work on him. Dean wants to know why Alistair's powers didn't work. Sam claims not to know, but Dean calls him on it, and tells him he's lying. Sam denies it.

Dean lets it go, for now. Bobby called again, and told Sam about a prophecy in an ancient version of Revelations. Apparently, killing a Reaper under a solstice moon opens one of the 66 seals. So the demons have kidnapped a Reaper with the intention of killing it to open the seal.

That presents a problem, because only the dead or dying can see Reapers. Dean says that means they'll have to become ghosts. Sam thinks Dean's concussion is fogging his thinking.

Enter Pamela

The brothers enlist Pamela Barnes, psychic extraordinaire, to help them with astral projection. The plan is to walk the spirit world with Pamela's help, and track down the Reapers. Pamela points out the flaw, they'll be ghosts, and won't be able to touch or move anything. Sam points out that they physically fight ghosts all the time. Pamela tells him that those ghosts have lots of practice. Dean thinks they'll figure it out.

So Pamela sends them to the astral plane. Dean is excited when he realizes what has happened.

"Oh, I'm so feeling up Demi Moore," he says.

The brothers walk the town. A jogger runs through Sam. Dean is amused, he sticks his hand right through Sam's chest.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" Dean asks.

"Get out of me," Sam says.

"Such a prude," Dean replies.

Their walk through the town reveals nothing. Except in one window, they see a little boy who seems to see them also. Dean recognizes him - Cole Griffith, the last person to die in town.

They're here!

Cole is trying to contact his mom, but all he can do is move objects. The brothers walk in, and Cole demands to know who they are.

"Look, this isn't going to be easy to hear," Sam says, "But... you're... dead."

"Yeah, thanks, Haley Joel, I know I'm dead." Cole replies. "What do you want?"

Cole tells them his story. He also tells them he saw black smoke take the Reaper.

"Do you know where the black smoke went?" Dean asks.

"No, but I know where it is," Cole says.

Before he can tell them, the lights flicker. Cole says, "They're back!" and disappears. But it isn't the demons, it's a Reaper. And not just any Reaper, it's Tessa. Dean has met her before.

They explain the situation, but Tessa isn't buying it. She doesn't want to get involved. Dean asks her to at least hold off until they stop the demons. She finally agrees. Sam promises that Cole will go with her when they're done. He goes to talk to Cole. Sam tells him that he can tell Cole how to stay forever, if he'll just help them find the demons.

Downstairs, Dean is talking with Tessa. He tells her that for the entire year after John's death, he wished he had gone with her, for good.

"But I guess things are different now," he says.

"What, the angels on your shoulder?" she asks.

"So you know about that, huh? Well, don't get me wrong, most of 'em I've met are dicks with wings, but still... you know, I've done things, horrible things, and someone upstairs still decided to give me a second chance. It just makes me feel, I don't know."

"Uh huh," Tessa replies.

Sam interrupts, Cole with him. The demons are at the funeral home. Just then, the lights start flickering, and black smoke rolls in. Suddenly, Tessa is gone.

Fight club

Dean wonders how they're going to fight the demons.

Cole gives them lessons in how to move objects, disappear, and relocate. The brothers head off to the funeral home, where they find it covered in glowing occult graffiti. Neither of them recognize the symbols.

Inside, they find a demon standing watch. They beat him badly, before another demon carries in an iron chain, groaning from the pain of holding it, and surrounds them with it. They're trapped.

Death dies

Tessa and another Reaper are unconscious in a pentagram on the floor. Alistair walks in, wearing a different body and sounding like Marlon Brando. He takes a shotgun full of rock salt, and shoots Dean. Dean reconstitutes, in obvious pain. Alistair tells them that Hell has sent him back to kill the Reapers. Two have to die to break the seal.

He shoots Sam, who reconstitutes. Dean says "You can shoot us, but you can't kill us."

"Ah. Is that so?" Alistair says.

Back at the motel, Pamela hears something. She goes to investigate.

At the funeral home, Alistair recites an incantation, and slits the throat of the first Reaper with a sickle. He moves to Tessa. Sam notices a chandelier above the pentagram. He concentrates on getting it to fall. Dean notices what Sam is doing, and joins in as Alistair recites.

Back at the motel, a demon is in the room. Pamela begins taunting it, and it attacks her.

At the funeral home, Sam and Dean are successful. The chandelier falls, wiping out a section of pentagram. Tessa disappears, then reappears, removing the chain around Sam and Dean. The three disappear, but Dean and Tessa reappear without Sam.

Today is not a good day to die

At the motel room, Pamela manages to recite the return words to Sam, but the demon stabs her before she can awaken Dean. Sam sees Pamela stabbed, and he psychokinetically throws the demon against the wall and rips it from the body, sending it to Hell.

Sam rushes to Pamela, who is cut, but isn't even bleeding. There's no Reaper, so she can't die. She tells Sam to get her a drink, not a doctor.

Dean is wandering around the town, looking for Sam. Alistair waits around a corner for him.

"You can't run, Dean. Not from me. I'm inside that angsty little noggin of yours," he says.

He stares at Dean, smiling. Suddenly, an electric arc shoots down, striking Alistair.

"What the hell?" Dean says.

"Guess again," Castiel says, from behind him.

They prevented the seal from being opened, and captured Alistair. Castiel counts that as a win.

Castiel responsible for Sam and Dean being there. It wasn't Bobby that called with the tips, it was Castiel. He needed the brothers because the funeral home was covered in occult symbols preventing the angels from entering.

"If you wanted our help, why the hell didn't you just ask?" Dean asks.

"Because whatever I ask you to do, you seem to do the exact opposite," Castel replies.

Dean asks if people will start dying again, and Castiel says yes.

"Can't you make a few exceptions?" Dean asks.

"To everything there is a season."

"You made an exception for me."

"You're different," Castiel replies, and disappears, just as Tessa returns.

Dean's fate?

Tessa asks Dean to help her with Cole. They go to his house, where we see Cole's mother looking through a baby book (complete with a large lock of hair, presumably what's tying him to the house. Gotta love the continuity here.) Cole wants to know why no one will tell him what's on the other side. Tessa says maybe no one wants to ruin the surprise.

"That's not an answer," Cole says.

Dean tells Cole that Reapers never answer. Dean tells him that he can stay, but his family will eventually be gone, and there will be nothing on earth for him then. Dean tells him it's okay to be scared, but Cole denies it.

"We're all scared. That's the big secret," Dean replies.

"Are you coming?" Cole asks.

"I'm sure I'll be there sooner than you think." Geez, more foreshadowing?

Cole looks at his mom, then goes to Tessa, who hugs him as he disappears in a flash of light. His mom can feel him go.

"Look out for that boy," Dean tells Tessa.

"Look out for yourself, Dean," she says.

"What do you mean?"

"I've been around death from the get-go. You know what I see most? Lies. 'He's in a better place.' 'At least they're together now.' You all lie to yourselves, Dean. It's like you said. Deep down, you're all scared. Stop lying to yourself, Dean."


"The angels have something good in store for you. A second chance. Really? 'Cause I'm pretty sure, deep down, you know something nasty's coming down the road. Trust your instincts, Dean. There's no such thing as miracles."

"What are you saying?"

Sam's fate?

But before she can answer, she disappears, and Pamela has called Dean back to his body.

Pamela has started bleeding. Tessa has begun reaping again. Pamela is a bit ticked at the Winchesters for involving her.

"If it's any consolation, you're going to a better place," Dean says.

"You're lying," she replies. "What the hell, right? Everybody's got to go sometime."

These words almost seem aimed right at Dean, don't they?

She motions Sam closer, and whispers in his ear.

"I know what you did to that demon, Sam. I could feel what's inside of you. If you think you have good intentions, think again."

She dies.

"What'd she say to you?" Dean asks.

Posted by Miller on March 13, 2009 7:08 AM
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