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Supernatural: Sex and Violence

Sex-Violence.jpgYou knew the first scene wasn't going to be pretty when it started with the meat mallet. This show uses more raw meat than The Sopranos.

So Sam is secretly calling Ruby to ... do what? On the surface, it sounds like they're trying to find Lilith. Dean doesn't call him on it - yet.

Everyone but Cinderella and Snow White

Sam found a job - 3 men in the same town brutally killed their wives recently. So they go to see the latest murderer. They interview him posing as lawyers, finally getting him to admit he was seeing a stripper named Jasmine (funnily enough, all the strippers in the ep have Disney princess names). He killed his wife to be with Jasmine. No signs of possession, though.

They move on to talk to Kara Roberts, the hungover doc who examined all 3 murderers. They all have elevated levels of "the looooove hormone" - oxytocin - in their blood. She obviously hits it off with Sam, sending a nice little snub to Dean when he gets too friendly by not giving him her first name. They finish up this interview, and as they're leaving, Dean says:

"Dude, you totally c-blocked me."

"Strippers, Sammy, strippers."

Dean tells him that the other 3 men also were seeing strippers, but different strippers for each one. He's also excited that this case involves strippers.

"Strippers, Sammy, strippers. We're actually working a case involving strippers. Finally."

We get a look at the inside of the strip bar while Dean interviews the owner over the sounds of Rob Zombie in the background (really, what took so long to get Rob Zombie in the soundtrack, you'd have thought it would be a natural fit). He doesn't know anything, the girls work for cash, and he stays out of their business.

Dean reads

Sam has been talking to Bobby, who has a theory. Siren.

"Like Greek myth siren? The Odyssey?" Dean asks.
Sam is surprised. "Yeah."
"Hey, I read."

Sirens have the ability to read minds. They see what you want most, and they give it to you through illusion. Bobby just doesn't have a theory on how to find it, or how to kill it.

Meanwhile, a stripper named Belle finds a young guy and they go back to his place, well, his mom lives there also. They, ahem, do the deed. In the afterglow, Belle convinces him that they can be together if only he beats his mom fatally about the head and neck area. So, naturally, he does. Because every solid relationship should be founded on a brutal murder.

A little Ruby based conflict brewing

Cut to Dean in the motel room. Sam forgot his phone. Dean resists, for a second, anyway. Then he looks at the recently dialed numbers, finds one that doesn't have a contact beside it. He dials it.

Ruby answers.

Sam comes in with the news on the latest murder. Same M.O. Sam's cell rings, and Dean tosses it to him, telling him he forgot it. Sam looks a bit nervous abou that.

It's Bobby, who has come up with a way to kill the siren. Some myths say that a bronze dagger with the siren's own venom on it will kill it. Sam gets the idea that they can use the blood samples that Dr. Kara has in her lab to get the venom.

No, that's not also an excuse that Sam needs to see the doc again. Honest. Really!

Well, both brothers go see the doc. They're trying to convince her to release the samples when Nick Monroe, an actual FBI agent, shows up. They check each other's badges, and Nick claims jurisdiction. The Winchesters tell him that D.C. has taken the case from the local office. He doesn't believe them. So they call their supervisor, which happens to actually be Bobby, who has a whole line up of phones in his kitchen, each one with a different phone line, presumably, marked things like "Federal Marshalls," "Police," "Health Unit"... Funny.

Nick seems to be on the same track the Winchesters are. He wants to tag along. Dean tries to ditch him, but Sam convinces him to keep Nick out of the way while Sam gets the blood samples. No ulterior motive or anything. Really. How could you even think such a thing? Dean can keep looking for the siren at the strip bar.

"Just focus on the naked girls, you won't even know he's there." Sam says.
"I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for the girls," Dean replies.

Carbon copy

But surprisingly, Dean and Nick hit it off. Nick loves Metallicar. They both love Led Zeppelin. Nick confides to Dean that he found something weird at the crime scene. It's a hyacinth flower, just like the flowers in the office of one Dr. Kara Roberts. They've been at every crime scene.

Sam tries to get the samples, but they're gone. Stolen. Sam and Kara review the security tapes, but find nothing. It's tampered with the tapes.

With that idea out the window, Sam and Kara spend a little face time. And a little intimate time.


Dean heads out and calls Sam. By the time Sam gets Deans call, he's already, uh, connected with the doc. Dean figures it out pretty quick, and refuses to meet with Sam because he thinks he's infected. Dean calls Bobby for help to save Sam.

While he waits for Bobby, Dean and Nick stake out a local bar waiting for the doc. Dean and Nick pass a flask, but Dean makes a potentially fatal mistake.

It turns out Nick is the siren, and saliva is the venom that gives the siren control of the victim. Being unsanitary can be deadly! I suspected Nick as soon as he started talking about the Impala, but started doubting it after Nick showed Dean the flowers. Nice little redirection.

Nick convinces Dean that he would be a better little brother than Sam. He tells Dean that Sam needs to die.

The replacement

Sam comes back to the room, where Nick and Dean are waiting. Nick isn't satisfied with having Dean kill Sam. While Dean holds Sam, Nick shoots saliva into Sam's mouth. They he tells the brothers to get their problems with each other out in the open. Then they can fight to the death, and the winner can be with Nick forever.

Dean tells Sam that Sam is hiding things from Dean. He feels like Sam doesn't have his back any more.

Sam tells Dean that Dean is jealous of Sam. Sam has become a better hunter than Dean, and he thinks Dean resents that. Sam is willing to do whatever needs to be done, able to go after demons Dean is too afraid to challenge. Like Lilith.

Stabbed in the back

They fight. Dean manages to get Sam on the ground, dazed. He grabs a fire axe. Just as he's about to make Sam into kindling, Bobby stops him, then stabs him in the arm with a bronze dagger. Nick tries to run, but Bobby throws the dagger and stabs him in the back. Nick dies. The spell is broken.

Later, Bobby takes them out for a couple of beers. Nope, soda.

"Soda!" Dean exclaims.
"Boys are driving, ain't ya?" Bobby replies.

They thank him, and Bobby gives them a little bit of a hard time. He only had to make one call to find out there was no Agent Nick Monroe. He asks them if they're going to be okay, and tells them that they shouldn't feel bad because the siren go to them.

After he leaves, they stand in silence for a bit, drinking their sodas. Finally, Dean asks Sam if he's going to say goodbye to Kara. Sam tells him no, that there's no point to it.

Sam asks Dean if they're okay. What he said before their fight was the siren's spell, and that was all. Dean tells him they're good. But it sure looks like neither one really believes that.

And that's it. They drive away for 3 weeks. Yep, that's right, no new eps until March!


Stiles and Murdock

By the way, in case you're wondering which band Stiles and Murdock came from... don't bother looking. Stiles and Murdock were the main characters of the Route 66 TV show from the 50s, which was a partial inspiration for Supernatural.

Is this the first time the Winchester's aliases haven't been from a band?

Posted by Miller on February 6, 2009 6:47 AM
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I had a HUGE problem with this episode. There have been many depictions of sirens throughout the many, many years since the Greek mythology. Last time I checked, sirens are NOT shapeshifters, and, more importantly, they are NOT guys.
So really, the whole episode is based on bogus and/or misinterpreted mythology. LAME.

-- Posted by: High C at February 6, 2009 2:16 PM

Awesome episode!!!
They didn't misinterprete!! why shouldn't the siren choose to appear as a guy when dean cares more about having his brother back than to see his dream girl! Sam explained that the siren could read people's mind and appeared as their perfect dream person.So the siren wasn't really shapeshifting just casting a different spell on Dean!

-- Posted by: cassi at February 8, 2009 9:08 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:08 PM

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