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Supernatural: Family Remains

Family-Remains.jpgTypical opening, flickering lights, and a creepy girl. I thought it was going to be another The Ring homage, but nope. Maybe a cross between the evil entities in The Ring and The Exorcist.

So Sam and Dean are almost non-stop hunting. What's Dean trying to prove?

The Winchesters head to Nebraska to check out a recent murder site. Inside the house, looks like a typical farmhouse. Could Dean be getting back to normal? He makes a barely smartass comment. They find nothing, except a walled over dumbwaiter, and a mutilated doll's head that they take as a message.

Asbestos, and a gas leak.

Unfortunately, the new owners arrive while the Winchesters are scouting around. Writers let us know the family has a secret right off the bat. The Winchesters try to warn them off by posing as county code inspectors... don't think that's gonna work. Gives the brothers a bit of time to do some research - finding out the Mom and daughter both died, daughter a suicide, and both were cremated. Makes it hard to salt and burn the bones.

The code inspector plan doesn't work. Hope the family kept their kitchen groceries close at hand, they're gonna need that salt. So the family moves in, and Danny, the son, makes a new friend. Loved the E.T. homage there (about the 9 minute mark), but it took me a while to make the connection. Kept thinking "Where have I seen that before?"

The truth? You can't handle the truth!

The Winchesters are watching. They kick around a few ideas on how to get the family out.

"How about we tell them the truth?" Sam asks.
"The truth. Really." Dean replies.
"No," Sam says.

The daughter (does she even have a name?) is laying in bed letting the dog lick her hand, and I'm cracking up. I knew they would have to get this urban legend in the series somehow, and they picked a great way to do it. The dog wanders in, the girl screams.


The family should definitely be getting "Get out!" vibes by now, but of course, they don't. Sam and Dean kick the door in, having heard the screams. Looks like they have some 'splainin' to do. So Sam tells them... the truth. Which of course they don't believe. The Winchesters finally convince them it might be a good idea to leave, but the tires on all the vehicles are slashed (and Dean is ticked!).

"What kind of ghost messes with a man's wheels!" Dean shouts to the universe.

Plus the guns are gone. And the ghost is watching them, out in the open, at the edge of the woods.

Sam and Dean are puzzled. A ghost, out of the house? Stealing guns? So they go inside and make a salt circle.

Danny asks Dean, "So you really hunt ghosts? Like Scooby Do?"
Dean gives him a small smile. "Better."

Jerk Uncle Ted decides he's leaving. Dean stops him, telling him he has a gun.

"Yeah, about that..."

Sam wonders how the ghost is still there if the bones are burned. Maybe there was a strong attachment to something in the house. He leaves Dean as protector, and goes to check out the attic, where the daughter hung herself.

The ghost appears. Dean herds everyone back into the circle, telling them she can't cross it. He's wrong. And the ghost has a knife. All Dean has to defend himself is a poker, or something like that. And she has the advantage.

Ted yells, "Shoot her!"
Dean says, "Yeah. About that...."

Dean tells the family to run, so they do. Just as the ghost is about the slice Dean open, Sam arrives, and shines his flashlight right in her eyes. This causes her to run away. Not a ghost, a deranged girl.

Parents of the Year

Guess Dean should have specified for them to pair up. Seriously, who would hide and let their kids go hide out of their sight, and without having an adult with them? Who taught these people how to parent? Sam and Dean round up the family, and find that Danny is missing.

Ted is dead

Sam found a diary in the attic. Dean and Ted decide to search the house for Danny, while Sam protects the family in the garden shed, by reading from the diary while they huddle together.

Dean and Ted find an opening in the wall, which leads to an opening in the floor. Dean decides to go into it, which Ted finds crazy. Well, crazy is what they do. Dean lowers himself through the hole, saying "Nobody grab my leg, nobody grab my leg." repeatedly.


Below, he finds lots of animal remains, and a drawing of a stick girl and boy. Meanwhile, Ted finds the Not-A-Ghost (NAG) girl, or at least the sharp end of her knife. It's in his neck.

Then Dean finds Ted. Then Dean finds the family, and has to tell them Ted is dead. Sam tells Dean that NAG is the dead girl's daugher, and the dead dude's daughter, and granddaughter. Yuck, incest.

Cut to the NAG making nice with Danny. Danny is tied up and gagged. And if he wasn't gagged, he would probably gag himself as he vomited after NAG kills a rat and begins to eat it raw. I mean, really, not even some ketchup?

So the men decide to go into the crawl space (ugh, I always have hated crawl spaces) through the dumbwaiter, and leave the females barricaded in the shed. Dean is feeling guilty about Ted, and vows to rescue Danny. Dad tells Dean their oldest, Andy (funny, they can name the dead kid, but not the living sister) died a year ago in a car accident. Not sure what Dean is supposed to do with that information, but he acts sympathetic.

Down under

Dean, determined to rescue Danny, volunteers to be the lucky one to go into the hole. He finds the guns, then he finds Danny, and cuts him loose.

Danny says, "Hurry, he's coming back!"
"He?" Dean asks.
"Her brother," Danny says, right before Dean is blindsided by NAG-Bro. They fight, Dean drops his gun, then gets his gun, and kills NAG-Bro. Ha! Guess that pic of the boy and girl holding hands was NAG and NAG-Bro, not NAG and Danny. Irony! And foreshadowing! Twofer!

The curtains didn't convey

Sam tells Dad to make a rope from curtains, and they haul Danny up while Dean fights and kills NAG-Bro.

Meanwhile, NAG is breaking into the shed to finish Mom and Sister No-Name. But just as she starts to crawl in, she is pulled out. We hear the sound of stabbing. Is Dad dead? Nope, NAG is. Family gets to talk to the police, but the Winchesters load up and roll out beforehand.

Some kind of monster

A few miles down the road, they stop for a packed lunch, which Dean, uncharacteristically, is not hungry for.

Dean is feeling some guilt about killing the NAG siblings. Yeah, they were monsters, but he figured they were a product of their upbringing. What kind of monster is he?

You see, when he was in Hell, and torturing, he liked it. It made the psychological pain go away for a while. And now, he's having to live with that knowledge, and no matter how many people he saves, it's not enough, he can't make up for it.

Sam doesn't know what to say. And neither do I, though it gives me some ideas on the brothers' character arcs, which I'll post next week.

Posted by Miller on January 16, 2009 7:39 AM
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nice review :)

-- Posted by: Nattyff at January 16, 2009 9:35 PM

The girls name was kate...

-- Posted by: Jade at January 18, 2009 4:51 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:08 PM

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