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Supernatural: Criss Angel Is A Douchebag

Barry-Bostwick.jpgThe opening montage having so much Ruby in it made me suspicious. This seemed like a one-off episode, but if Ruby was going to play a major part, then it could be a major plot point for the myth arc. Turns out it was, but what happened?

Sioux City, Iowa. A magic convention. And George Washington?!

Jay, an old magician (Barry Bostwick) whose skill and dexterity is slipping away decides to try a dangerous trick. He escapes - how? And why did the jerk who heckled him earlier end up dying the way Jay should have died?

Well, the Winchesters have arrived to sort things out.

Dean is unimpressed with the Criss Angel wannabe, Jeb Dexter, who pretends to be demon-possessed in part of his act. He's also unimpressed with Sam's former obsession with magic. ("Dude, I was 13!" Sam protests.)

Jay, excited about the success of his last trick, decides to try another, more dangerous trick. His friend Charlie tries to talk him out of it, unsuccessfully.

Chief suspect

Dean, posing as a fed, talks to Jay's friends while Jay is being interviewed by Dexter. They see through him, and send him to an address they claim belongs to a "Chief," a competitor of the dead man's. Predictably, Chief turns out to be a dom in an S&M dungeon. But it leads to a pretty funny exchange.

"There's been a misunderstanding, I think I've been had." Dean says.

"Oh, you ain't been had until you've been had by the Chief."

Ruby returns

Meanwhile, Sam is researching the tarot card found on the dead guy's body. A knock on the door turns out to be Ruby. She complains about Sam wasting time while more Seals are being broken, 34 to date. 34! She repeats it just in case we didn't catch the number the first time. I mean, there are only 66! That's more than half gone! Wait, that's what she said. Whoops, slipped into a little Michael Scott there. .... That's what she said. Have to stop doing that. That's what she... grrr.

Sam's problem

Ruby wants Sam to go after Lilith. And of course, Sam is willing. After all, that's what the whole season has been about, right? Sam and Dean, trying to track down Lilith and stop her from breaking the Seals.

"It's not the psychic thing, I have a problem with," Sam says.

Wait, back up the truck. What? There's something else?

"Yeah, I know what you have a problem with," Ruby replies. "But tough, it's the only way."

Sam takes a deep breath, considers it for a moment, and says, "No."

"You know, this would be so much easier if you'd just admit to yourself that you like it. That feeling that it gives you."

"You don't know what you're talking about," Sam says.

"Oh, I don't, huh? Fine." She turns to leave, then pauses. "It's simple. Lucifer rises, the Apocalypse starts. You think you have demons on your hands now? People are gonna die, Sam. Oceans of people. So you just let me know when you're ready." She leaves, and Sam sneers after her.

Oceans of people?

The Executioner

Dean returns to find Sam waiting to watch Jay's latest trick. Dean confronts Jay's friends
about the wrong address, they confront him for impersonating a federal agent. Dean is surprised and a little flustered, but makes up a lame story about being a fan, wanting to learn how to be a magician... and is saved from being called on another lie by Jay's act starting. Jay has one minute to extract himself from both a straightjacket and a hangman's noose before the trapdoor opens and he hangs.

The shadows show he dies, but he doesn't. During cutaways, we see Dexter die by hanging instead of Jay.

Dean is impressed with the trick. Sam is shocked.

And at 20 minutes in, we have our first commercial?

"Hope I die before I get old."

On the return, Sam is researching Jay. He was a big act in the 70s, but age took its toll. Dean quotes the Who, "Man, 'Hope I die before I get old.'" That seems to bother Sam for some reason.

"Think we will? Die before we get old?" he asks Dean.

"Haven't we both already?" Dean asks.

"You know what I mean, Dean. You think we'll still be chasing demons when we're 60?"

"No. I think we'll both be dead. For good. What, you want to end up like, like Travis? Or Gordon, maybe?"

"There's Bobby."

"Yeah, there's a poster child for growing old gracefully."

"Maybe we'll be different, Dean."

"What kind of Kool-Aid you drinking, man? Sammy, it ends bloody, or sad. That's just the life."

Sam pauses, leans toward Dean. "What if we could win?"


"If there was a way we could just... put an end to all of it."

"Is there something going on you're not telling me?"

"No," Sam says, too quickly.


"No, I'm just saying, I wish there was a way we could ... go after the source, that's all. Cut the head off the snake." Uh oh. Those are Ruby's words.

"Well, the problem with the snake is it has 1,000 heads," Dean explains, a bit impatiently. "Evil bitches just keep piling out of the Volkswagon." Nice clown reference, that'll sure convince Sam.

"Yep, guess you're right." What are you planning, Sam?


Sam goes to track down Jay, but Jay slips away from him. Dean finds Sam to tell him about Baxter's death. Dean found a Tarot card on Baxter.

They see Jay coming back to his room, and bust in. They confront him, but he convinces them he knows nothing about what's going on. At a loss for what to do with him, they tie him up while they figure out their next move. While they're conversing, Jay escapes. They go after him, but he hides from them and calls the cops. They get hauled off to jail.

Public suicide

While Sam and Dean spend time in the clink, Jay is talking with his friend Charlie. He is starting to be suspicious of what's happening, and is considering if it could be real magic. He confesses that the first night, he planned to kill himself, and he has no idea how he escaped. He wants to cancel the show, but Charlie convinces him to go on, that he had nothing to do with the 2 deaths.

But that night, Charlie is the one who dies in Jay's place, while he's performing the Bed of Nails trick.

Back from the dead trick

This causes Jay to give up on life. He drops the charges against the Winchesters, and tells them everything that has happened. The brothers peg Vernon, Jay and Charlie's other friend, as the killer. Jay gets Vernon out of his room, and the Winchesters search it.

Jay and Vernon meet. Vernon has arranged for Jay to be the headline act for the convention, but Jay is done, he doesn't want to perform. He accuses Vernon of killing the people. But a younger Charlie steps out from behind the curtain, and admits to the killings. About that time, Dean finds a poster of a younger Charlie.

Charlie tells his friends that he found a book of real magic. He wants to make them all young again. But Jay isn't convinced. The price is too high, what he wants to do is wrong. Charlie has an easier time with Vernon, but before he can convince Jay, Sam and Dean show up.

"Not so fast!" Dean says. "I ain't Guttenberg, and this ain't 'Coccoon'."

Charlie puts Dean in a noose, and Sam shoots him, but Charlies magic stops the bullet. Sam gets put on the Bed of Nails. Just before Dean strangles, and the nails fall on Sam, Charlies gasps and clutches his stomach. Jay has placed a Tarot card on Charlie, and stabbed himself, causing Charlie to die. Sam and Dean are rescued.


Sam and Dean meet Jay in a bar. He's giving up magic. Vernon is furious with him for killing Charlie and ending their chance at immortality. He no longer wants anything to do with Jay. Jay wonders if it was worth it, if he did the right thing. He's old and alone. He leaves, telling the bartender to throw away his deck of cards.

Sam and Dean are depressed. It makes Dean want a beer, but it makes Sam want to take a walk... straight to Ruby.

"Okay, I'm in," he tells her.

"What changed your mind?"

"I don't want to be doing this when I'm old."

What did you just do, Sam?

Posted by Miller on January 23, 2009 6:31 AM
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Nice recap! This was a pretty good episode for me.

Oh, and thanks for this:
"34 to date. 34! She repeats it just in case we didn't catch the number the first time. I mean, there are only 66! That's more than half gone!"

*facepalm* Wow, thanks Ruby, what would we do without your knack for reiteration AND underestimating our ability remember numbers that we've heard at least 3 times now?

-- Posted by: Ashley at January 23, 2009 1:35 PM

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