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Supernatural: After School Special

After-School.jpgNice recap of Sam's life at the beginning. Segue into a too real High School scene. Cheerleader type gets the catty treatment from another cheerleader type, and she takes it out on a girl sitting alone.

The cheerleader type oughta know from the movies - if you're a cheerleader type, never insult the non-cheerleader types. 'Cause the best case is it leading to a beatdown, and the worst case is a brutal death. Oops, this leads to both. Heroes-esque black tar tears. Actually, Heroes stole it from Supernatural first.

Sam impersonates a doc and interviews the perp. Sounds like a case of demon possession. Sam has to laugh when the girl in a mental institution asks him if he's crazy.

Rock and Roll High School

Sam wants to check out the school, where he and Dean did time, uh, I mean, attended for a month way back. Dean wonders why Sam would want to go back there. Sam is in charge of coming up with the cover.

But we have to wait for that - as we get a glimpse of Sam and Dean as a freshman and senior while Foreigner plays in the background. Sam is unhappy to be changing schools again. Dean is used to it by now. Soon, we find out something about Sam, as he stands up to a bully picking on a kid sitting near him. He's got a strong moral streak and a toughness at a young age. Guess fighting ghosts, demons, witches and werewolves will do that to a guy.

Back to the present

In the present, Sam is posing as a janitor, and Dean as a substitute gym teacher going by the alias of Roth (See David Lee of Van Halen). Dean's shorts are hilarious, though he he doesn't seem to mind, enthralled by the power of the whistle and having the kids play dodgeball, the previously forbidden game.

Sam has found no signs of a demon. Dean is ready to leave, after lunch, anyway. It's sloppy joe day.

Cut to a couple of students in home ec. When the jock starts to bully a kid, the kid grabs the jock's hand and shoves in a blender. Sam is close by, and goes to the kid, who has passed out. The kid has black tar leaking out of his ear.

Turns out the black tar is ectoplasm. Ghost possession? It's rare, but it happens. Strange that there's no EMF. Sam thinks they should research the history of the school to see if any violent deaths occurred there. Dean has already searched the school's records.

"Oh, and FYI," he says. "Three of the cheerleaders are legal. Guess which ones?"
"No," Sam says flatly.

Only one death at the school - a suicide by a Barry Cook - a kid Sam knew when he attended. It's the same kid Sam rescued from the bully on his first day there. And we go back to Sam's memories to see Barry having his books knocked from his hands by a jock. Sam helps Barry pick them up.

Meanwhile, Dean is making out in a closet with a blonde. He asks her out, but it's past her curfew. Dean doesn't. In fact, Dean has a lot of freedom. The blonde can't believe he's living in a motel. "HBO, Magic Fingers, free ice..." (hmm, so the Magic Fingers addiction goes back a long way) She fails to see the attraction. "Yeah, but don't you miss your dad?"

Dean pauses, then gives a barely perceptible shake of his head.


Sam and Barry are stopped in the hall by the same bully who picked on Barry earlier, a kid named Dirk.

"Still want to take Barry's place?" he asks.
"I'm not going to fight you, Dirk," Sam replies. Barry hustles off to find a teacher.

Dirk slugs him in the face. Sam, who is much shorter than the average freshman (dude must have grown 12 inches or more after his freshman year!), goes flying. Sam barely controls his temper. Just before Sam's temper explodes, Dirk is hustled off by a teacher.

Barry's bones

Cut to present day, Sam is burning Barry's bones. Sam is feeling guilty, he thinks he could have helped Barry. Dean tells him it's not his fault. Dean was glad to leave the school behind. He hated it. Sam thought it wasn't all bad.

"How could you say that after what happened to you?" Dean asks. Foreshadowing! I said, FORESHADOWING!!

Back in the past, Dean is ticked that Sam took a beating. He wonders why Sam didn't fight back.

"Because I don't want to be the freak for once, Dean! I want to be normal."

Later, Sam gets held after class by the English teacher, Mr. Wyatt. He wrote a story about his family killing a werewolf - and it was supposed to be a nonfiction story. Sam says it doesn't matter, he'll be changing schools again soon. Mr. Wyatt thinks Sam is a talented writer, and asks him if he ever considered it as a career. Sam says he can't, he has to go into the family business... uh, being a mechanic.

"Do you want to go into the family business, Sam?" Mr. Wyatt asks.
"No one ever asked me that before."
"Well, do you?"
"More than anything, no," Sam says.

Mr. Wyatt tells Sam that he doesn't have to go into the family business.

"There may be 3 or 4 big choices that shape someone's whole life, and you need to be the one who makes them." Prophetic? Foreshadowing? I think... yes.

Back in the present day, Sam is deep in thought.

Ghost again

Sam returns to the school. He wants to talk to Mr. Wyatt again. But when he enters the school, he's stopped by a girl asking directions. "Thanks, Sam," she says, then as he's processing what just happened, stabs him with a compass. "You got tall, Winchester," she says, right before she kicks him in the groin, then punches him into the lockers. Black tar begins oozing out of her mouth. Sam lies on the floor, and opens up a flask. I'd want a drink, too, about this point. But no, it's holy water, which he cups in his hand. She leans to pick him up, he grabs her and forces the water into her mouth. The ghost catapults from her body in a black shadowy haze.

Aw, nuts

Later, Dean gives Sam a 40 for the pain, which he applies topically to his groin. Sam wonders how the ghost knew his name. Dean thinks they missed something, and pulls the record sheet out his pocket, with the info on the 3 students possessed by the ghost. They all rode the same bus.

It doesn't make sense to Dean. Ghosts are tied to the place they haunt. So if the ghost was haunting the school bus, how does it get into the school. Sam thinks he knows. There are legends talking about ghosts that possess people and ride them for miles, but when they leave the body they back to the place they haunt.

They decide to check out the bus.

Magic bus

Inside the bus, they find EMF, but no ghost. In fact, they can't find anything that could tie the ghost to the bus, like a part of its previous body. But Dean finds out that the bus got a new driver about the time the attacks started. His name is Dirk Macgregor, Sr. Nope, not that Dirk. His dad. Sam says he knew the son.

"You know everybody at this school?" Dean asks.

Sam remembers. Dirk is picking on Barry. Sam tells him to leave Barry alone. Dirk shoves Sam. As Sam crouches on the ground, he struggles to keep his temper, but then Dirk makes a mistake. He calls Sam a freak. Twice. So tiny Sam pummels Dirk mercilessly, then as a crowd of kids cheer, Sam stands over Dirk.

"You're not tough, you're just a jerk," Sam tells him. "Dirk the jerk."

The kids start chanting the new nickname, as Dirk runs off humiliated.

The Winchesters go to see Dirk the elder. Dirk died of a drug overdose. He was a troubled kid, but he wasn't all bad. He got picked on at school because his family was poor. They called him "Dirk the jerk" (ouch. Sam is dismayed.)

But Dirk had another side to him. He used to take care of his mom as she died of cancer, while his dad worked 3 jobs. So Dirk was a pretty angry kid.

Dean asks where they buried Dirk, Jr., so they can pay their respects. Mr. Macgregor tells them Dirk was cremated.

"All of him?" Dean asks, ever tactful. Not all, Mr. Macgregor kept a lock of Dirk's hair, he tells them, puzzled.

"Oh, that's nice," Dean replies. "Where do you keep that?" Even more puzzled, Mr. Macgregor tells them its in a Bible he keeps on his bus. Bingo!

Highway to Hell

Later than night, a whole team of jocks is getting a ride with a possessed bus driver. He runs them over spikes laid across the road. Where did those come from? 2 guesses.

The bus driver gets off the bus, and Sam calls Dirk's name. He turns, greets Sam, and Dean throws a rope soaked in salt water around him. Nice, ghost trap! Dean begins to search the bus, telling the passengers to stay seated and they'll be okay.

"Aren't you the P.E. teacher?" a coach asks.
"Not really," Dean replies. "I'm like 21 Jump Street. The bus driver sells pot... Yeah."

He gets back to searching, but the hair is missing. Dirk tells them they'll never find it.

"Where is it?" Sam yells. The ghost calls Sam a bully. He tells Sam he used to look down on him, and call him "Dirk the jerk. Now you evil sons-of-bitches are gonna get what's coming to you."

"I'm not evil," Sam says. "I'm not, and neither were you. Trust me, I've seen real evil. We were scared, and miserable, and we took it out on each other. Us, and everybody else. That's high school. But you suffer through that, and it gets better. I'm just sorry you didn't get a chance to see that. You or Barry."

"Nothing is gonna get better for me. Not ever," Dirk replies through gritted teeth, and breaks the ropes. Sam shoots him with rock salt, and the ghost leaves the body. But it enters a big jock's body, who comes off the bus to beat the living daylights out of Sam. ANd he doesn't stop when Dean tries to shoot him with rock salt.

Dean frantically looks for the hair. It's not on the bus. He searches the driver, finally finding it in a boot. He takes out his lighter, and burns it, saltless. Still works. Sam is saved.

Final memory

In Sam and Dean's memories, Dean is making out with a brunette in the closet. His blonde girlfriend opens the door, and he tries to make an excuse, which doesn't work. He tells her not to be mad at him.

"I'm not mad," she replies. She thought there was more to him than his "I don't give a crap attitude." A crowd of girls is starting to gather.

"Like when you're with your brother? I was wrong. You spend so much time trying to convince people you're cool, but it's just an act. We both know you're just a sad, lonely, little kid. I feel sorry for you, Dean." Yikes.

"You feel sorry for me, huh?" he replies. "Don't feel sorry for me. You don't know anything about me. I save lives. I'm a hero. A hero!" The girls just smirk at him and leave.

Meanwhile, Sam is a hero to the other kids. Dean gets a call. John is coming to pick them up. As Sam gets in the car, he looks up at a window, where Barry is waving good-bye to him.

Happiness, and how to find it

Back in the present, Sam goes to talk to Mr. Wyatt, to thank him for the advice he gave Sam so long ago. Not surprisingly, he remembers Sam after a few moments.

"You wrote that horror story," Mr. Wyatt says.
"Yeah. Yeah, I did. Yeah, it's kind of all been long horror story."
"Well, what do you mean?"
"Nothing. Sorry."
"Well, what was this advice? I might need to plagiarize myself somewhere down the line."
"That I didn't have to go into the family business. You said I should make my own choices."
"So you managed to do your own thing, then, right?"
"Uh, for a while. Then I, think I went to college because of you. But, you know, people grow up, with responsibilities... but still, you took an interest in me when no one else did. So, thank you."
"Well, the only thing that really matters is that you're happy," Mr. Wyatt says. "You happy, Sam?"

Sam doesn't have a answer. Hmm, Sam looking for an end game to the hunting business. Unhappy. Where is this going to lead, I wonder?

Posted by Miller on January 30, 2009 5:44 PM
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