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Supernatural: Wishing Well

JPadalecki.jpgDid you get the pun in the title?

This episode was all about wishing well. Or at least not wishing poorly. Ha. Okay, probably unintentional, but with this staff, ya never know.

A shower scene reminiscent of "Red Sky at Night." A ghost - or is it? - calling the nude woman by name, when she accidentally tosses a towel on the spirit.

That's the bump on this one. Onward...

Pieces of Flair

Sam and Dean are at a chain restaurant (scene with ultra-peppy waiter was pretty funny, especially his blinking LED buttons). Sam is interrogating Dean about Uriel's claim that Dean remembers Hell. Dean denies it and changes the subject to hunting.

They're at loose ends, with nothing to hunt. Sam mentions an alleged "haunting" of a women's gym shower, and Dean is ready to be there. But once there, it seems to be nothing. Posing as an author writing a book called "Supernatural", Sam questions one witness.

Here's to you, Mrs. Armstrong

The story is weird. The woman thinks she's "sensitive" to spirits (Sam masterfully holds back a snort in response). The woman claims to have been pushed, maybe, down the stairs by the spirit, which then helped her up and said, "Please don't tell my mom, Mrs. Armstrong." Meanwhile, at the next table, Sam is distracted by the giggles and PDA of a nerdy guy and his way-too-hot-for-him date.

The brothers get ready to pull out, when they're distracted by a boy named Todd being chased by bullies, and a guy reporting a Bigfoot attack. Sam and Dean now think something weird is going on when they actually find footprints that are, well, big. They track the creature to a store, where it seems to have loaded up on liquor and porn.

Dean treats himself to a fifth of whiskey, and they sit down to think. As they sit, a young girl pedals past on her bike, basket filled with porno mags and liquor. She puts it outside the store with a sign stating "Sorry." Sam and Dean follow her home.

"What is this, a Harry and the Hendersons deal?" Dean asks.

Is That All There Is?

They ring the bell. The little girl answers. Her parents aren't home. She has a sick Teddy bear. Dean thinks quickly, and says they're teddy bear doctors. They wave their fake IDs at her, and she lets them in.

Outside her door, she warns them, he's grumpy. They open the door to a giant Teddy bear come to life. It yells at them to shut the door. They do, and look at each other. She wasn't kidding.

She tells them that all she ever wanted was a teddy bear that was big, real and could talk. But it hasn't turned out the way she thought. This bear is depressive. They ask how it became real, and she tells them she wished for it at the wishing well. Dean opens the door on the bear again, which is slugging booze and watching a news channel. "This is a terrible world," it whines. "Why am I here?"

"For tea parties," the little girl replies.

"Tea parties. Is that all there is?" it sobs.

How Could You Kill A Teddy Bear?

They ask for a moment to confer. Sam asks if they're going to kill the bear.

"How?" Dean asks. "Shoot it? Burn it?"

"I dunno."

"I don't even know if that's gonna work. I mean, I don't want any giant, flaming, pissed off teddy on our hands."

Sam agrees. "Besides, I don't get the feeling the bear is the core problem here."

Sam asks the little girl where her parents are.

"My mom said wished she was in Bali, so I think they're in Bali." They send her to a neighbor she knows, and go off to seek the well.


They walk into Lucky Chin's restaurant just as Todd is finishing up his wish. They decide to test the well, and Dean wishes for a sandwich, which shows up just the way he wants.

They decide the well is for real, and they think a local lottery winner was probably one wish, and the nerdy guy with his hot girlfriend is another. Dean debates whether they should stop people's wishes from coming true, but Sam points out that these things usually come with a deadly price. Dean has to admit that's true.

They tell the restaurant owner they are health inspectors to shut the restaurant down and stop any more wishes. They drain the well, but don't immediately see anything. Dean tosses Sam a coin and asks him if he's tempted. Sam says no, it wouldn't be real. Dean asks him if he wouldn't want to go back to before it all started, become a lawyer. Sam says it's too late to go back to their old lives. Too much has happened, and they have changed. Sam's wish, if he had one, would be Lilith's bloody head on a plate.

E Coli

Dean notices an old coin, but he can't remove it. They try to pry it up, and even with a hammer it won't budge. Sam takes a rubbing of the coin, and Dean goes back to the motel. Sam heads to the women's gym.

At the gym, Sam finds a skinny teen who can turn invisible at will. "You actually walked up to a wishing well, dropped a dime, and wished you could be invisible so could spy on women in the shower?"

"No, no. That's crazy," the teen stammers.

"Put on some pants," Sam says. "And stay visible."

Dean witnesses Todd chasing the group of bullies, and starts to feel ill.


At the motel, Dean is violently sick from the sandwich, and he tells Sam he researched the coin. The coin is Babylonian, and is cursed. It causes chaos, and is so dangerous it's wiped some towns off the map. Legend says only the first wisher at the well can remove the coin and reverse the wishes.

Meanwhile, teddy has decided life is meaningless, and he puts a bullet through his stuffed little head. But of course, it's stuffed with fluff, and the bear lives. Pretty macabre.

Dean has nightmares, and Sam wakes him. As Dean takes a shot of whisky, Sam confronts Dean about his memories of Hell. Dean changes the subject again. Sam rattles off all the possibilities, but they all seem to have happened in the last 2 weeks with no way to tell who wished first. Dean glances at the paper, and sees the nerdy guy, Wesley, and the hot girlfriend. They got engaged a month ago.

Hope for Wesley

Off they go to confront him. At the Wesley's home, he's beginning to have doubts. His girlfriend, Hope, is devoted to him. But it's like a Stepford wife, and he wants her to be happy, too. She tells him that it makes her happy to have him happy.

Sam and Dean arrive, posing as florists for his wedding They get the story from Wesley. He inherited some old coins from his grandfather. His grandfather told him that the coin could grant wishes, but that no one should use it.

The brothers tell him they know what he did, and that he's going to undo it. He refuses until they threaten. Hope overhears.

On the way they hit the invisible teen, who becomes visible, only slightly hurt.

Not Too Convincing

The Winchesters try to convince Wes that he's doing the right thing, but do a pretty poor job. Dean says, "People are people because they're miserable bastards, 'cause they never get what they really want."

"Yeah. Yeah," Sam agrees. "You get what you want, you get crazy."

"Just take look at Michael Jackson. Or Hasselhoff."

Wes scoffs. "Where is all this insanity you guys are talking about?"

Great Power, Blah Blah Blah

Cut to Todd terrorizing the bullies, who have locked themselves in a car. Todd tips it on its side, and is starting to tip it all the way over when Dean notices him.

Dean deals with Todd while Sam takes Wes inside. But before they can enter, Sam is struck by lightning. Meanwhile, Dean is trying to talk to Todd. "With great power, comes great responsibility..." Dean starts, before Todd knocks him across the street. Dean gets up, and Todd begins to choke him.

Inside, Wes finds Hope standing by the well. She wished Sam dead because he was going to wish away their love. She talks about how much she loves him, and Wes tells her it will be okay. He removes the coin, and Sam revives. Todd lets go of Dean.

Dean tells Todd, "Follow my lead, and you won't have a problem." Dean pretends that Todd is beating him up, and Todd scares the bullies away.

Hope doesn't even know who Wes is.

Wes gives the coin to Sam.

Sam has the coin melted down, and things appear to be back to normal. The lottery ticket is found to be fake. The little girl's parents are back, stunned and sunburned, and she carries around her teddy with the bandaged head.

Sam badgers Dean about memories of Hell yet again. Dean admits he remembers everything about what happened to him in Hell, but he refuses to talk about it. Talking about it won't help. He says that the things he saw were beyond words, there is no forgetting, no making it better.

"You wouldn't understand, and I could never make you understand," he says. "And I am sorry."

Posted by Miller on November 7, 2008 5:21 PM
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