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Supernatural: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Last-Summer.jpgSammy's been up to unnatural acts.

It's been a slow couple of weeks. The episodes have been good, some of them very good, but it's hard to come up with additional things to write when you've got so many MOTW episodes in a row. So it was a nice change to finally have a myth arc episode.


The start was interesting. Most episodes tell you where the episode is taking place right at the beginning. Not this one. Just a view of the outside of a bland brick instutional-looking building. And an institution it is, it seems to be a psychiatric hospital, where a young woman is being held because she's hearing angels.

She also mentions the Seals. Turns out there are over 600 Seals, but only 66 need to be broken? I'm starting to sense a unifying theme here. Demons and other supernatural evils unleashed on the world to protect these seals, either by guarding them or acting as diversions, maybe?

I'm loving the casting here. Anna comes across as slightly ethereal, and haunted by what she's hearing and what she's learned.

The psychokinetic movement of the furniture was surprising. Is Anna like Sam, one of the YED's 6 month kids? If not, why her? And did she get the power when she began to hear angels? Also, why can she see a demon's true face? Dean began to see their true nature when he was close to going to Hell. Is Anna close to Hell?

I'm thinking we'll find out next episode.

Do the Hustle

Also loving seeing the brothers hustling pool again. The credit card scams get played up pretty often, but it's easy to forget that hustling pool is one of their other means of employment. Sam leaves money on the table, though, as soon as Ruby shows up. That doesn't make Dean happy, and seeing Ruby makes him even less happy.

Dean thinks everything Ruby does is a trap. I have to say, I'm still not convinced she's on the up and up at this point. Anyway, Sam wins and they go off to find Anna.

Along the way, Sam and Dean have a conversation, and we get a little insight into what happened to Sam when Dean went to Hell. The crossroads demon wouldn't deal, not even to exchange Sam for Dean. If Lilith wants Sam dead, why wouldn't she take that deal? And why did the crossroads demon say they have Dean right where they want him?

For the last 3 seasons, we've been thinking it's all about Sam and his potential for evil. Is it possible Dean is the key here, and not Sam?

If I had to guess, I would think it's both of them somehow. One is no good without the other. That's been the theme of the show for 3 years.

Is Anna for real?

It doesn't take long for the Winchesters to find out that Anna is for real. She knew about Raising the Witnesses and Samhain.

She's also missing. A quick check of her house finds her parents dead at the hands of demons. But it also yields a clue, so the brothers head to Anna's church.

They find Anna.

Anna, surprisingly, knows them - by reputation, at least. Her powers appeared on the day Dean returned from Hell, and her first message was, "Dean Winchester is saved!"

Wow. This ought to bump up Dean's self-esteem a notch. She doesn't seem to have quite the same awe for Sam.


Ruby arrives in time to tell the crew to bail out of there, because demons are arriving. A bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary backs her up. The Winchesters weren't too careful. The demons followed them from Anna's house. And why do the demons want Anna, and apparently want her alive?

She's a human wiretap, right into the plans and thoughts of the angel army.

They hide Anna and prepare to fight. Ruby gets Anna out of there, while the Winchesters get their butts kicked. During the fight, Sam is unable to exorcism the demon with his powers, he's also unable to kill it with Ruby's demon blade. As the demon is wailing away on Dean, he asks Dean if he recognizes him.

"Alistair!" Dean gasps. I'm guessing the name was taken from Alistair Crowley, a British occultist called "The Wickedest Man in the World" while he lived.

But the important thing is Dean remembers Alistair, and is not happy to see him.

Seeing that they can't win, the Winchesters jump through a window and escape. Or are allowed to escape.


Back at the room, they mend their wounds. Dean is upset because Ruby has Anna. Sam is unconcerned. This causes Dean to ask why Sam is so trusting of Ruby. Turns out she saved his life - twice. Ruby betrayed Lilith. She was sent to kill him, but killed her partner instead.

Now, to me, this wouldn't guarantee that she was on the level. Demons aren't above sacrificing one of their own to achieve their larger aims. I'm surprised Dean doesn't mention this, but I guess the next revelation pretty much took it out of his mind.

It's that physical relationship thing.

Dead or alive?

Sam wasn't thankful to Ruby for saving his life, in fact, he ordered Ruby to stop "riding" the body she was in, an innocent secretary she hijacked. Instead, Ruby found a woman on the verge of death, and hijacked the empty body as soon as the woman's spirit was gone. When she tracked Sam down in her new body, she told him she can teach him a few things. Little did he know what she meant by that.

He tried to exorcism a demon with his power, failed, and Ruby killed it with her blade instead. To console Sam for his failure, she hooked up with him. Sam resisted at first, but gave in because, well, I'm not sure. He has a thing for dead bodies inhabited by evil spirits? He needed comfort? I'm guessing, and hoping, it's the latter.

Dean is, unsurprisingly, a bit grossed out about it. He also seems to be in a bit of awe.

Lilith returns

One day, Lilith showed up, and Sam was ready to get her. Ruby warned him that he wasn't ready, and he wasn't. He was ambushed by a couple of demons. Lilith set a trap. Ruby showed up just in time to kill one of the ambushers, and as Sam rescued a little girl who was bait for the trap, Ruby was being killed by another demon. Sam returned in time to use his smoke-eliminator powers to exorcise the demon before Ruby is forced to head back to Hell.

Still, my thought is, "Is this part of an elaborate plan to win Sam over?" Ruby and the killer demon talked while Sam appeared to be escaping. The killer demon seemed genuinely angry at Ruby's betrayal, and threatened her with all kinds of torment in Hell because of it.

But Lilith might not have told her goons of any plan. I remain unconvinced about Ruby.

Ruby shows up in the maid's body to tell Sam where she took Anna, so they sneak out, and leave Metallicar to go meet Anna and Ruby.

"They're here!"

At the cabin, Dean is in a forgiving mood. He actually almost kind of apologizes to Ruby, and almost sorta thanks her.

Ruby kinda sorta accepts.

The grudginess out of the way, Sam is forced to tell Anna about her parents' deaths. No time to grieve, as she suddenly says, cryptically, "They're coming!"

The Winchesters hide Anna away, with Ruby for protection, and get ready to face the onslaught.

Instead, they get the angels. Castiel and Uriel arrive. But they aren't there to help the brothers fight the demons. Their mission is to kill Anna.

Posted by Miller on November 14, 2008 8:28 AM
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Can't wait for the next episode!!!

-- Posted by: Anonymous at November 14, 2008 2:20 PM

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