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Supernatural: Sad Sam

Padalecki-McCoy.jpgSam is sad. Why is Sam sad? Sam is bad.

I didn't much care for the last episode. I'm not sure why, it just didn't seem to fire on all cylinders or something.

I think it's obvious there was a point to this episode, though. Sam needed to be shown how hard it is to force down the monster inside of you, once you let it get a glimpse of daylight.

Jack Montgomery struggled to keep the monster from taking him over. For a while, he was successful, but as soon as he let temptation get a foothold, he lost control.

There, but for the Grace of God...

There's no question that Sam saw himself in Jack. He'd been fighting the evil inside, even trying to turn it to good. But Dean telling him that an angel wanted him to stop using his powers stunned Sam. It made him reconsider his actions.

Sam just needed a little reinforcement on the point. And he got it from Jack. Sam saw the worst case scenario, up close, and way too personal, when Travis was killed and Dean endangered.

The set up

So where is this leading us? Well, Sam is now strongly committed to fighting the urge to use his powers. This will not sit well with Ruby, I guarantee. Can she talk him out of his decision? Demons are supposed to be good at giving you rationalizations.

Which reminds me, how sure is Sam that this is Ruby? Is this some new side benefit to his super-psychicness? Ruby is a black-eyed demon, which apparently is the Walmart-store-brand name demon, bottom of the pack. Crossroads demons are a step up from that, eh, call 'em Target brand demons. And then there's the yellow-eyed demon, the Macy's of demons. Where do the white-eyed demons fall in the pecking order? Lilith was basically created by the YED, yet she seems to be more powerful than him.

Anyway, can the upper level demons fake their eye color? I don't recall whether Lilith faked Ruby's black eyes in the finale last year. I'd love to check that if I had it recorded somewhere. Even if they can't fake the eye thing, just because it's a black-eyed demon doesn't mean it has to be Ruby.

Wrong or right decision?

For the short term, Sam is sure to be tempted to use his powers to rescue people, to save them without killing them. There will surely be an upcoming episode where Sam's failure to act causes someone to die. I think he'll continue to resist, though, the guilt just racking up inside him, until finally, he is forced by fate to make a decision - use his powers, or lose someone close to him - Bobby or Dean. I think it will be Bobby, and I don't know what Sam will choose.

Angel warriors

Along the way, I think we'll see that angelic tactics are not so angelic. I don't see angels as being the precision SEAL team of heavenly warriors. No special ops for them. I think they are the big guns - shoot first, and let their boss sort out who's good and bad. And if there is collateral damage - a few dead humans who weren't caught up in the prophecies, then they just get their heavenly (or hellish) reward a bit sooner than planned.

Ruby has as much as hinted at this when she told Sam to watch out.

It's not that I think angels in this show will be morally ambiguous (though I'm still not convinced Castiel and his angels are totally what they seem), but that their morals are concerned with Good - capital "G" - and human wants and needs really just don't figure in their plans.

And again, this has been hinted at already by Castiel.

About Castiel

The more time I've had to think of this, the more I think something is up with the angels. I could see some things playing out with this storyline. For example, Castiel could be a fallen angel, wanting power on his own, or even wanting to be reinstated.

Or Castiel could be sent to help the Winchesters, and the Winchesters may be destined to teach Castiel some humility and concern for humanity (yeah, it sounds a little "Lifetime Movie Channel" - chick flick - but I have a feeling it will play out much grittier if this is the story arc).

Another story arc I could see developing is Castiel has been ordered to help the Winchesters. But really, he is supposed to stop Sam from using his powers. What Castiel may not know is that this order - coming from a higher level angel - actually aids the demons, and Castiel's leader has fallen from grace.

Any of those would be good. But the ones I haven't thought of might be even better. I can't wait to find out which way the Supernatural crew takes this.

Posted by Miller on October 14, 2008 6:57 AM
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maby castiel is just a dude who took to many mushrooms.... like me !

-- Posted by: icravelsd at October 20, 2008 4:13 PM

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