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Supernatural: Metamorphosis

Jared-Padalecki.jpgSam is ripping a demon from a man's body. He's still trying to track down Lilith. When he's able to do it, and not kill the host human, Ruby smiles like the cat that ate the demonic canary.

Unfortunately, Dean is watching. He is ticked, and he has it out with Sam, to the point where he starts to leave. Sam apologizes, several times, but Dean just punches him in the mouth. He says that Sam's heading down a dark road, and Sam needs to stop now. Sam doesn't know why it's so bad. He's saving people, and saving their lives many times. But do his eyes look darker than usual? I think so, very subtly. Clue, or bad color adjustment on my television? I report, you decide.

Dean answers that Castiel told him that Sam needs to stop, or be stopped. Even God is against what Sam is doing. Sam is stunned, but even more stunned when Dean tells him that if he didn't know Sam, Dean would hunt him.


Sam gets a call from a family friend named Travis. He wants them to keep an eye on someone named Jack Montgomery. They do, and see a lot of typical boring family time until the guy starts gorging, especially on raw meat.

The brothers are horrified, the looks on their faces are hilarious. This is surprisingly one of the more gross scenes of the series to me.

Travis killed Jacks's father, because he was a rougaru. Jack also is a rougarou, because it's genetic. Once a rougaru gets its first taste of human flesh, it turns into a monster with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. The only cure is burning the creature alive. They decide to wait to make sure he's really going to turn, but Sam isn't convinced. He does some research, and finds that there are stories of rougarus that resist the temptation, and remain human. Sam tells Travis they won't kill Jack until there's no saving the man. Is Sam giving Jack too many chances because he sees himself in Jack - a man with a monster inside, through no fault of his own? You betcha!


Meanwhile, things are not going so well for Jack. He's hungry all the time. His body is racked with pain at times, as he can feel his bones sliding around. And when his wife cuts her finger, the sight of the blood almost drives him mad with hunger.

He books it out of the house, to a bar, where he tries to drink his troubles away. He witnesses a big guy hitting on a young woman, and steps in. The big guy takes exception, then has his hand crushed when he tries to throw a punch. This really scares Jack and he goes home.

Not tonight, dear, you're a monster

Jack's wife is angry, and he tries to explain that he doesn't know what happened. He starts to get a littlle (okay, a lot) amorous and it scares his wife how aggressive he is. She asks him what's wrong with him lately. He says he doesn't know.

The next day, Sam and Dean have it out on the way to talk to Jack. Dean is upset that Sam is keeping secrets from him. Sam is upset, and tells Dean that he doesn't know what it's like. He has a disease inside of him that he can never get rid of. Dean has no answer to that.

The brothers catch Jack watering his lawn, and tell him what's going on. He doesn't believe them. They tell him that he has to resist the temptation to taste human flesh, and if he doesn't, they will have to stop him. He gets angry at this thinly disguised threat, and tells them to get off his property.

The rescue

That night, Jack is sitting on a bench, when he happens to look up and see the woman from the bar. She's in her apartment, getting undressed, and he, seemingly unable to help himself, starts climbing the fire escape to her window. Sam and Dean are watching, though, and have seen enough. They grab their torches, and head for the woman's apartment.

Jack watches through a window. But he catches a glimpse of his reflection, and is disgusted by what he's doing, so he climbs back down and leaves.

Sam and Dean, however, kick down the woman's door, startling her. "What are you doing? I'm calling the police," she screams. "We're ... saving you... sort of," Sam says. They quickly leave, but Dean considerately closes the broken door before leaving.

Travis to the un-rescue

Jack returns home, to find a seemingly empty house. He looks around, and finds his wife tied up. Travis slips a cloth over his face, and ties him up while he's unconscious. When Jack awakes, Travis tells him that he has to kill him, that he's becoming a monster. Jack tells him to let his wife go, but Travis says he can't. Jack asks why, and Travis tells Jack's wife to tell Jack what she said when Travis broke in.

She's pregnant. Travis believes he will have to kill her also, so that the rougaru curse will end.

This makes Jack angry, and he begins to change. He breaks the rope he's tied with, and attacks Travis while his wife watches. Jack cuts his wife loose before returning to his Travis feast, changing all the while. The wife, unsurprisingly, runs away as fast as possible.

Sam and Dean, meet, beat, but don't eat, the rougaru

Sam and Dean arrive to find the remains of Travis. Jack attacks them, and locks Sam in a closet, while Dean is unconscious. Sam tries to reason with the rougaru (and what's left of Jack) while he tries to escape. Jack mentions his wife, and Sam is puzzled. He can't imagine why Travis would want to kill Jack's wife also. Jack says he has no idea why Travis wanted to kill her. (Liar! And this sure makes it seem like this is going to come up again later.) Jack resists eating Dean, for a while, and just as he's about to give in to temptation, Sam breaks out and roasts him. Thankfully, he refrains from dining on him, I've had enough cannibalism for one night.

Later, Sam tells Dean he's decided to give up on using his powers. He wanted to use them for something good, but he realizes he just has to face the darkness in himself and try to fight it. Dean agrees.

Posted by Miller on October 10, 2008 3:01 PM
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