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Supernatural: It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Great-Pumpkin.jpgThe word for the day is "skeevy."

Another witch episode. The last one, Malleus Maleficarum, was pretty gross, and this one keeps the string alive. The arthroscopic camera shot from inside the mouth was both brilliant and horrifying.

The brothers seem to know exactly what they're looking for while investigating Luke's death, and they find it - a hex bag. We all know how Dean feels about witches.

"Skeevy," he shudders. Sam says the hex bag shows more skill than any witch they've killed. The items in the hex bag are old, and powerful, including the charred finger bone of an infant.

Boilin' for apples

Cut to a teenage party, where we find out there's going to be a Halloween bash at the mausoleum. No way that'll be a recipe for a disaster, eh? A couple of girls bob for apples, and one of them seems to be unable to pull her head from the water. Then the water starts boiling. It's almost too painful to watch.

When Sam and Dean arrive, they find another hex bag. But Dean asks the surviving girl, Tracy, if she knew the other victim, Luke. She didn't, and Dean can't think of a connection.

Sam and Samhain, try to keep them straight

Back at the motel, Sam finally finds a match. This doesn't look like the typical witch's revenge spell. This looks like a heavy duty summoning spell that requires 3 sacrifices in 3 days. In particular, it's summoning the demon Samhain, who can only be summoned once every 600 years on Halloween. And he summons his own army of dark creatures.

"So we're talkin' ghosts," Dean says.
"Yeah," Sam replies.
"Zombies?" Dean asks.
"Uh huh."
"Those little guys are scary. Small hands," Dean says.

He soon gets serious when Sam tells him that the army would be every evil thing they've ever fought, in one town, in one night.

"It'll be a slaughterhouse," Dean says.

That lyin' Tracy

Dean heads to Luke's house for surveillance, looking for some connection between the deaths. He finds it when Tracy shows up. She's the babysitter. So why did Tracy lie? And why was Tracy suspended from school after a physical altercation with one of her teachers?

Dean and Sam head to the school to interview the teacher. Dean sees a grotesque mask, and it momentarily brings back memories of Hell. Sam interrupts him, asking him if art class brought back memories, and points to a student trying to operate a pottery kiln to fire what looks like a pipe.

They interview the teacher, Dan. He said he was disturbed by some of Tracy's work, it showed mass murders, with Tracy in the middle of the action. She also drew weird symbols. Sam shows Dan a Celtic coin they found in the hex bags. Yep, that was one of the symbols.

Tracy hasn't been seen recently. She's an emancipated teen, and no one knows where to find her.


The brothers return to the motel, where a kid dressed as an astronaut asks for candy. Dean, having eaten the whole bag while on stakeout, tells him they don't have any, and insults him in the process.

Inside, Castiel is waiting, and he's brought a friend, Uriel. Uriel is... a specialist. We never quite find out what kind of specialist, but it sure seems to involve mass destruction.

In fact, that's why they've been sent. The witch's identity is masked to the angels by powerful magic, and Sam and Dean have been unable to locate the witch, so now the entire town must be destroyed. The raising of Samhain is one of the 66 Seals to be broken, and the angels are feeling desperate. This Seal must not be broken, even if it costs the town, and everyone in it. They're here to tell Sam and Dean to leave before the angels get to work. In fact, they've saved the brothers' lives already. Inside a wall in the room they found a hex bag. If they hadn't arrived, one of both of the brothers would be dead by now.

Sam, who was a little in awe of the angels, despite Castiel calling him the "boy with demon blood," is horrified, but not just by the hex bag. Angels are not what he imagined. Dean, however, knows exactly what they're like, and he confronts Castiel. He's not leaving. They've identified the witch, and they'll find her and stop her from raising Samhain. Castiel is skeptical. He insists this plan is from Heaven, and is just. Uriel says he's "purified" towns before. Castiel says that the lives of the few here must be weighed against the 6 billion at risk.

Uriel is impatient. He says they should just take Sam and Dean from the town and come back to finish. Dean says that the only way they will take him is if he's dead. Castiel tells Dean his orders come from Heaven. Dean always obeyed his father. Dean considers that, but it doesn't have the effect Castiel intended. Dean is beginning to doubt his father always knew best.

Dean tells them he figures that Heaven must need him for something, or they wouldn't have dragged him from Hell. He dares them to send him back, if Heaven wants him.

The angels back down. They'll do it Dean's way.


Outside, they find the Impala egged. Dean is furious. Sam is silent. He's upset. The angels didn't seem holy, or righteous. Dean encourages him. He says these angels are "dicks," but that doesn't mean the whole idea of Heaven is wrong. Maybe just some angels are bad. Sam seems half convinced.

Sam realizes that the bone in the hex bag was charred, and it would take pretty high temperature to do that, like a kiln at a school. The bag was also planted in their room after they talked to the teacher, but that they had never found Tracy. They go to the school, and break into Dan's desk. They find a lot of child's bones.

Those lyin' angels

The kids are out in force for Halloween. Castiel and Uriel watch, and Castiel says the decision has been made. Uriel is not happy about it, but Castiel asks if he's prepared to disobey their "true orders." Uriel is not, apparently.

Inside Dan's basement, Tracy is tied up, while Dan recites an incantation. He takes a ritual knife, and prepares to stab her, when shots ring out, and Dan falls to the floor dead. Sam and Dean cut Tracy loose, and she thanks them, and asks if they saw what he did. Then she turns, and casts a spell on them that leaves them writhing on the floor in pain.

Dan was her brother. This spell requires two witches, and Dan was going to use Tracy as the third sacrifice. Now, she can use Dan as the third sacrifice, since the Winchesters were kind enough to kill him. She takes some of Dan's blood in a cup, and completes the summoning.

Sam sees what's happening, and reaches out and rubs some of Dan's blood on his face. Dean wants to know what he's doing, but Sam just tells him to follow his lead.


Samhain is summoned. He possesses Dan's body. Samhain is reunited with Tracy. He kisses her.

He snaps her neck.

Samhain stalks off, after giving a blurry look at the other two bodies on the floor. Deciding they're already dead, he walks past.

Dean watches the demon go, and asks Sam how he knew to do that. Sam explains that he knew that for centuries people used masks to try to hide from Samhain. He thought he'd take the chance.

Sam figures out that Samhain will probably go to a cemetary, better to raise zombies and other dark creatures. They race to follow. On the way, Dean warns Sam not to use his powers, on the orders of the angels. Sam argues, but Dean insists that he use Ruby's knife instead. Sam agrees.

It's my party, and I'll die if want to

Samhain arrives at the mausoleum, where a lot of teens are partying. He locks the door, and the teens are puzzled. They become frightened, when suddenly the drawers start trying to open. One teen gets too close to a drawer,it opens, and a zombie reaches out and pulls him screaming into the dark hole. Blood spatters out, and there's chaos as the teens crowd the locked gate.

Sam and Dean arrive, and Sam tracks Samhain, while Dean deals with the zombies. He tells the teens to clear the gate, and he shoots the lock. He kicks the door open, and tells the teens to run. Dean pulls a long knife from his backpack, and tells the zombies to bring it.

Sam finds Samhain in the chapel, preparing to summon more evil. Samhain turns, and tries to blast Sam with some demonic power. It has no effect, and Sam punches the demon. They fight, neither getting an advantage, until Samhain grabs Sam around the neck and begins to choke him. Sam pulls the knife, and tries to stab the demon, but it knocks it aside.

Dean finishes the zombies, and is attacked by a ghost. Realizing he's running out of time, he decides to just torch the entire room.

That lyin' Sam

Sam uses his power to break free of the demon. The demon relentlessly presses the attack, and Sam uses his power to first stop the demon, and then begin to exorcise it. The demon is strong, though, and fights against Sam. Sam strains with the effort, blood beginning to run from his nose, but gradually, as the demon advances slowly, black smoke begins to pour from the bullet holes in Dan's body. As the smoke streams faster, and Sam struggles, Dean arrives.

He sees what Sam is doing, and can only watch, dismayed.

November 2

The next day, Sam is packing, when Uriel appears. He notes that the next day, November 2, would be the anniversary of the date that Mary and Jessica were both killed. Uriel accuses Sam of using his profane blood to defeat the demon. Sam protests, if he hadn't, he and Dean would have been killed. Uriel doesn't like his attitude, and he tells Sam he will only remain alive as long as he's useful. As soon as he's no longer needed, Uriel will turn him to dust.

The angel also tells Sam to tell Dean to come down off his high horse, and to ask Dean what he remembers from Hell. Wonder what that means?

Dean is sitting with Castiel in a park. Dean says that they killed the witch and saved the town. Castiel says that the Seal was still broken, and Lucifer is one step closer to being loose upon the world. It will be literal Hell on Earth if that happens. He says that Dean should have special insight into what that will mean for humanity.

Dean tells Castiel that even knowing that, if he could go back in time he would make the same decision. Saving all these lives makes it worth it to him. Castiel confesses that his orders were to do whatever Dean told him to do. He also says that he was praying that Dean would choose to save the town. Dean is confused.

Castiel also admits that he sometimes questions his orders, and that he doesn't know what's right and wrong any more. That seems like it would be bad news for an angel. Dean wants to know if he passed the test. Castiel doesn't know, but he knows that Dean will have more difficult decisions ahead.

"I don't envy the weight on your shoulders," Castiel tells Dean.

Posted by Miller on October 31, 2008 7:19 AM
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