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Supernatural: In the beginning

In-Beginning.jpgMary, what did you do?

The beginning of In The Beginning

Dean is asleep, having nightmares of Hell. Sam wakes, and sneaks from the room. He's meeting Ruby for... something.

Castiel appears. He wants to know what Dean was dreaming of. Dean asks him if he gets his freak on by watching people sleep. Castiel doesn't answer, he tells Dean he's got a job to do. Dean wants to know what the job is, and Castiel touches Dean's forehead.

Back in time

While sleeping on a bench, Dean is awakened by a police officer. He has no idea where he is. He tries to get cell service, and can't. Seeing a diner across the street, he walks in and strikes up a conversation with a young man next to him. He finds out he's in Lawrence, Kansas. Everyone is dressed strangely. Dean sees a newspaper, and notices the date - 1973.

A man comes in and talks to the young man at the counter - John Winchester. Dean is shocked. John sees Dean looking at him, and asks Dean if he knows him. Dean says no, and John leaves, with Dean following.

Around a corner, Castiel appears. He tells Dean he has to stop it. Dean wants to know what he has to stop, but Castiel is gone already.

The birth of Metallicar

Dean finds John checking out cars, and talks him into buying Metallicar, instead of a VW bus. It's a history changing moment - if John doesn't change his mind, the show becomes Scooby Doo instead of Supernatural.

John gets freaked out a little over Dean's questions about sulfur. To tell you the truth, young John is kind of a wimp.

Dean follows John, who goes to see Mary. Mary and John eat at the diner, and Dean watches through the window. He thinks Mary is a babe. "I'm so going to Hell. Again," Dean says.

Mary excuses herself, and the next thing Dean knows, he's being attacked by Mary. She saw him following her and John, she wants to know what he's doing. Dean fights back, and notices an occult bracelet she's wearing.

"Are you a hunter?" he asks.

Yep. Mary is a hunter. She takes Dean home to meet her parents, Deanna and Samuel. "You're kidding," Dean mumbles. Samuel is the suspicious type, he quizzes Dean about hunting, but Dean obviously passes the quiz easily. Samuel is working a job - a local man was killed brutally, amid a lot of omens that could show demonic activity.

Dean offers to team up, but Samuel doesn't trust him.

The next day, Mary and Samuel, who is dressed as a priest, go to the widow's house to question her. Dean is already there, also dressed as a priest. They ask a few questions, and when the widow gets sarcastic (Samuel: "Did you notice anything strange?" Widow: "You mean besides my husband's guts splattered over the back 40?"), Dean takes the opportunity to leave. He finds Mary talking to the son. The dad was not a good guy, he was a drunk and beat his wife and child.

A stranger came to the son, and told him he could make the beatings stop, and the son didn't have to do anything. He only had to know that the stranger would return in 10 years.

The stranger also had odd eyes, they almost looked yellow.

YED ain't dead

Dean is angry. He is going to kill the YED before it kills Mary. Of course, he can't tell Samuel why. He explains that his dad could see the future, and wrote down where the YED was going to be. He finds an upcoming time right there in Lawrence. He tells Samuel he knows where to find the demon-killing Colt. Samuel scoffs. The Colt is a fairy tale. Dean insists it is real, and that he is going to kill the YED.

In Mary's room, Dean stops by to say good-bye. He tells her that John is a good guy, and that it seems they are meant to be together. Mary agrees. She's happy, she thinks John is about to propose. She wants to go far away from Lawrence, marry John, have a family, and forget about hunting. Dean is heartbroken to hear her confession. He tells her that on November 2, 1983, she has to promise she won't get out of bed for any reason. It's important. Mary is puzzled, but agrees.

Hunting the YED

Dean leaves to get the Colt. Daniel Elkins has it, and Dean breaks into his safe. As he gets the Colt, Daniel catches him, shotgun in hand. Dean tells him he needs the Colt to kil a demon that is going to kill his family. He says if Daniel is going to stop him, he needs to kill him, because that's the only thing that will stop him. Daniel lets him go, and Dean tells him he can find the Colt later at Mary Campbell's house.

As Dean drives to the neighbor's house, Castiel appears. He tells Dean that if he kills the YED, his family will never become hunters. Does it bother him that all the people they saved will die now?

It's not the first time Dean has faced this question. So there is no hesitation as he says it will bother him. It will bother him a lot. But this is family, and he has to take care of his family. Keep this conversation in mind, I have a feeling it will come up again later in the season. Castiel disappears.

Mary finds out that Dean has gone to a neighbor's house to kill the YED. Mary is upset, she thinks Samuel should help, because the demon will be attacking one of Mary's friends.

Samuel gives in and goes to help Dean. He arrives before Dean, to find the demon inhabiting a doctor's body. It is offering to save the life of someone, in exchange for being able to visit in 10 years. Samuel shoots the doctor, but the demon comes after him anyway. The demon notices Mary, and tells her she is his favorite.

Dean arrives, but the demon grabs Mary, and he can't get a clear shot before the demon leaves the doctor's body.

Back at the ranch

Mary is upset, and leaves to be with John. Dean is upset because he couldn't kill the YED. He tells Samuel they have to leave, that he's got to protect Mary, because the YED kills her in the future. Samuel sarcastically asks if he can see the future also. Dean hesitates, then tells Samuel that he's from the future. He's Samuel's grandson, John and Mary's son. Samuel says he believes him, and is curious about the Colt. Dean gets suspicious, and moves the Colt away, saying he doesn't trust Samuel.

Samuel says that's good, considering he's the YED. His eyes turn yellow, and he psychically pins Dean against the wall. The YED questions Dean. He says it's obvious he's got friends in high places to be able to bend time. Dean wants to know what the YED meant about Mary being its favorite. The YED says it's not what Dean thinks, he's not mating with humans. He's got to ask permission to enter their house in the future. He makes deals with humans so that he can return in 10 years, and make the human's children drink his blood.

Dean mentions the YED's demon army, but the YED laughs. The army isn't the point, he's got bigger plans. Dean is shocked. He tries to find out the demon's plan, but the demon says there's no way he's telling Dean, and that angel on his shoulder. Dean tells him it doesn't matter, he's going to kill the YED anyway. The YED scoffs. Dean tells him that in the future, he's the one that kills the demon. The YED tells Dean he can't save Mary, or Samuel, and it stabs Samuel in the gut. Deanna tries to get the Colt, but the YED kills her, too. Dean escapes and gets the Colt, but the YED has gone.

Not so romantic

John is about to propose to Mary, when the YED pounds on the car window. It drags Mary from the car, and when John tries to interfere, it kills him. Mary is offered a choice. Make the deal with the YED, and John can come back. Mary makes the deal, John revives, and Dean shows up just in time to see the YED consummate the deal with a kiss, and leave Samuel's body.

Stop Sam

Dean awakes in the motel. Castiel tells him he couldn't have stopped the YED, because destiny can't be changed. Dean wants to know why he was even there.

Because it was important that you see. The angels need to know what the YED's plan was.

Castiel also tells Dean he has to stop Sam, that he has started down a dangerous path. And that if he doesn't stop Sam, the angels will.

Posted by Miller on October 3, 2008 8:42 AM
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