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Supernatural: Angels Are Real, Are They Real Good?

Jared-Padalecki.jpgKnock another question off the unanswered list. Now what?

Well, it looks like we're headed for a little brotherly trouble. Sam seems to be hanging out with the wrong element.

Or is he?

The whole set up is too easy. Sam consorting with demons, Dean with angels. Sam is being bad, Dean is the good one.

What if? What if Ruby and Castiel are both on the same side?

Hold that thought.

How did we get here?

One of the essential character points with Dean is that he doesn't believe he's special. Dude has some serious self-esteem issues.

Now don't shoot me, but he's got a point, at least when it comes to Castiel. There are hundreds of hunters, why choose Dean?

Apparently, it's because Sam is special, and we all know that Dean is the only one who could stop Sam if he develops his powers more, at least without killng him.

Angel danger

So Castiel gives Dean a strongly worded warning about Sam. "Stop him, or we will." I think this is just as ominous as it sounds. If Dean can't convince Sam to ... something, the angels will kill him, or at least it sounds that way.

But what do they want Sam to stop? Stop using his powers? Or stop using them the way Ruby is teaching him? Or maybe just to stop taking advice from Ruby?

My roadmap

This is where I think the arc is going to go.

I think that the angels want to develop Sam's powers themselves. They don't trust Ruby, or any demon. So they want Dean to get Sam to stop learning from Ruby.

There may be some reason the angels can't directly intervene with Sam, since he would surely take their word over a demon's. For example, maybe demons go directly to Hell when looking directly at an angel, and Sam, having tasted demon's blood, could have a similar bad reaction. Then Dean might have to be the go between as they train Sam to fight for God.

Yes, it could be a classic good vs. evil thing: Castiel and Ruby fighting for control of Sam's soul.

Or it could be a classic reversal.

Here's how that goes.

Ruby is actually training Sam to defeat demons, to keep Lucifer locked in Hell. It could be she has regrets about her past life, it could be she just doesn't want to be under Lucifer's control, but she doesn't want Lucifer out.

Castiel, on the other hand, craves the power he could have under Lucifer's rule, and so is trying to either use Sam's power to help the demons, or to prevent it from being used against them.

More interesting, in my opinion, but not unexpected.

Evil everywhere

But what if Ruby and Castiel are on the same side, and they just don't know it yet? Or better yet, the same side, but working for their own purposes?

Castiel could believe that Ruby is evil, being a demon and all, that would be a natural assumption. But maybe she really has changed. She may be trying to train Sam to use his powers for good, but Castiel doesn't trust her. Dean then would try to stop Sam, become convinced that Ruby is good, then have to convince Castiel.

It would be good theater.


Demons seem to have some autonomy, and some power independent of the being they serve. They also seem to have varying degrees of belief in both God and Lucifer.

Maybe it's the same way with angels. And Castiel, and his brother warriors, may not really believe in God. Maybe they want to rule the world in Lucifer's place - for the greater good, of course, but still not following God's plan.

That could be interesting. The Winchesters against the world is how the series began. I would not be surprised to have it end that way - having to fight both angels and demons to stop the end of the world.

Speaking of the end of the world

In the last episode, it was not the first time Dean faced the question of whether he would sacrifice his family and his own happiness to save innocent lives. He had to face that exact question from the Djinn in "What Is and What Never Should Be".

That's why there is no hesitation when Castiel asks him if it will bother him that all the innocents he has saved will die if he changes the past.

Dean tells Castiel it will bother him. It will bother him a lot. But this is family, and he has to take care of his family.

Keep this conversation in mind, I have a feeling it will come up again later in the season. I don't think Castiel asked that question out of idle curiosity. He wants to know how strong the family ties run. If forced to choose between killing Sam and saving the world, what will Dean do?

Lack of Sam

Finally, a bit about one place I think the show needs to go.

We need more Sam.

We know Dean's vulnerabilities and his deepest desire (besides the girl in the magazine beer ads). What are Sam's vulnerabilities? What does Sam desire? How does he see himself fitting into the world?

I think we're going to be finding out soon. As Sam develops his powers, we are going to learn a lot about what makes him tick, I think.

Posted by Miller on October 8, 2008 8:03 AM
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