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Supernatural: Lazarus Rising

Lazarus.jpg An emotional reunion. Several plot twists. The mother of all myth arc setups. Welcome to Season 4!

Dean wakes (uh, no pun intended?) inside his coffin. Guess it's a good thing Sam went cheap on the wood, so he was able to punch his fist through the top. It was nice also to see his personality survived intact. Snagging the skin mag on the way out was a nice touch.

Bobby obviously was shocked, and frightened, to see him. In their line of business, though, you quickly get over the shock of seeing the dead walk. Bobby was obviously torn up about Dean's death, and hitting the bottle hard.

Loved the line about his parents being out of town.


Dean and Sam have a brief but intense chick flick moment when Sam is finally convinced Dean is really himself. Loved the line, "I'm sorry, are you two..." Looks like that's going to be a recurring thing again this year. I think it's very funny.

Sam looked like he'd been tomcatting around while Dean was gone. But, of course, we find out later that the woman Sam was with is actually Ruby in another human body.

So has anything been going on between Sam and Ruby? I mean, other than his continued training in his psychic abilities? This is going to be real trouble between the Winchesters if so.

Dean also gets his amulet back, and we finally get a good, up-close look at it.

We get another emotional reunion when Dean sees Metallicar. Sam adding the iPod was a nice touch, as was Dean's reaction. Dude is stuck in the 80s, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We also get to hear what Sam would listen to if Dean didn't pick the music - a question that has been asked of Eric Kripke. I like Dean's choices better.

Bobby takes the brothers to a psychic he knows. Sadly, she gets her eyes burned out in a gruesome scene during a seance. Apparently, some being named "Castiel" is involved in Dean's resurrection.


The brothers go back to the town where Sam had tracked several demons. They hit the local diner, looking for some clues to where the demons might be. The demons, however, find them instead.

Dean dares them to send him back to Hell, but they won't. They're too afraid of whatever brought Dean back. It must be ultra-powerful.

Now Sam and Dean have different strategies. Dean wants to summon Castiel, even though he doesn't know what it is. He puts his faith in Ruby's demon-killing blade.

Sam wants to question the demons at the diner. But when he gets there, he finds a dead body, its eyes burned out.

He's viciously attacked by a demon. It's eyes, too, have been burned away. Sam asks it what happened, but it's out of its mind, babbling incoherently. "It's the end of us all!" Sam sends it back to hell using his psychic powers, but the human body doesn't make it. Was it my imagination, or did Sam's left eye turn almost totally black when he opens his eyes after sending the demon back? Is Sam becoming... something partially demonic? Is this what drinking the demon's blood as an infant did to him?

Ruby shows up, and congratulates him on improving his powers. Sam asks her (it? I have a hard time calling Ruby "it".) what could do the things they've witnessed - bringing Dean back, burning out the eyes of the demons and humans.

Ruby doesn't know, but she thinks whatever it is, it's more powerful than she can imagine. Cosmically powerful.


Dean, however, talks Bobby into trying to summon Castiel. Bobby doesn't just think it's a bad idea, he knows it. But he gives in to Dean, partly because he doesn't seem to have a better idea.

They put up every protection symbol they can think of in an old Quonset hut.

It's not enough.

Castiel nearly rips the roof off. Dean stabs it with Ruby's knife, and it has no effect. Bobby attacks it, and Castiel knocks him unconscious with just a touch.

Castiel tells Dean that he is an angel of the Lord. Dean, obviously doesn't believe, he's been through this before. Castiel tells him that he brought him back from Hell, because he has work for him.

What a great set up for the season! Lots of directions they can go here, and I'll explore some of them on Monday.

Posted by Miller on September 19, 2008 6:31 AM
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Agreed - the debut was seriously good.

I can only think of one other time that Angels were mentioned in this show. It was the episode where the people were killing people who were intending on doing something evil. Do you remember what that episode was?

-- Posted by: Fred at September 19, 2008 2:28 PM

Season 2 Houses of the Holy is the episode where the Dead Priest is getting people to kill the 'bad parishioners' - the pedophile, etc.

This is the episode where we learn Dean doesn't believe in God. Sam tells Dean he prays and has faith. Dean tells Sam that Mary used to tell him as a boy that 'angels were watching over us', but Dean believes she was wrong and that there was no higher power protecting her from dying.

The priest shows them a painting of the archangel Michael. He says a Scripture often calls angels as God's warriors.

-- Posted by: rosewood at September 20, 2008 12:53 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:23 PM

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