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Supernatural Fodder

Supernatural: Catching up

Ackles-Padalecki.jpgLess than a week until the return of Metallicar and the Winchester brothers! While you're waiting, there has been a lot of news.

First, if you're into spoilers, Aceshowbiz has 2 clips from the premier of Season 4.

Then, there is the blitz of interviews: Jensen, at thestar online and BuddyTV; Jared at IGN; Jim Beaver at Movieweb; an interview with Sera Gamble at Firefox News; and last, but by no means least, an interview with the man himself, Eric Kripke, in the Toledo Blade.

Finally, if you missed it, Eric, Jensen, Jared and some surprise guests were at Comicon this summer. Go to WGNTV for a video interview with the Krip.

Check back on Monday, when I hope to have a post on where we are, and where we might be going with the mythology of the show.

Posted by Miller on September 12, 2008 9:10 PM
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