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Supernatural: Are You There, God?

There-God.jpgI'm listening to Billy Squier as I type this. 'Cause once again, the Supernatural team nails the music, and this is another of those old gems that I had forgotten about. I used to listen to this song on my way to high school.

Not every episode needs a recap of previous episodes, but this one did because of the subject matter. The audience needed to see some of these people from the past, and the montage with the music made it interesting even for the fans who didn't need to be reminded.

And check out some of the lyrics. They fit so well with the show, even though I'm pretty sure demon-fighting isn't what he had in mind when he wrote them.

"Lonely is the night, when you find yourself alone
Your demons come to light, and your mind is not your own"

"Its a high time to fight, when the walls are closin in
Call it what you like, its time you got to win
Lonely, lonely, lonely, your spirits sinkin down
You find you're not the only, stranger in this town"

"Slowdown, showdown--waitin on line
Showtime, no time for changin your mind
Streets are ringin, march to the sound
Let your secrets follow you down"

Gut wrenching

When the TV started showing static, I thought Castiel was there.

If only, at least for the sake of our first victim. The hunter became the hunted, and she got gutted right there.

The Big Argument

Dean has met an angel, and he still has difficulty believing in God. Of course, part of that disbelief is Dean's essential lack of self-worth. He just doesn't believe he's special in any way.

Sam, of course, believes immediately. He has some good points - Castiel was immune to salt, demon traps, iron, and Ruby's blade.

But the Big Argument, caps intended, is eternal. If there is a God, why does he let evil walk the Earth. Bobby isn't touching that one, Sam takes it as a matter of faith. Dean is doubtful.

He'll get his chance to ask, later.

As Dean is doing his research on angels, Sam goes for pie. Between this show, and Pushing Daisies, pie sales have to be up 137% over the last 2 years. At the truck stop, as Dean is calling to remind him not to forget the pie (plus to get in a little product placement. But very subtly done.), Sam asks when has he ever forgotten to get the pie?

Ruby shows up. The word is out that Dean has met an angel. Ruby is clearly frightened. She knows angels don't take kindly to demons, even if the demons seem to be helping the good guys. Before she goes, she tells Sam to be careful. Sam is puzzled. It's an angel, why should he worry.

Why, indeed. He only drank demon blood.


Bobby is worried. One of his hunter friends hasn't returned his calls. They head to her house - though not before Dean makes the point that this time, Sam has, in fact, forgotten the pie. Sam is going to pay for that, I think.

At Olivia's, they find her gutted. It's clear spirits have been at work. There is salt on the floor and an EMF meter powered on.

They make some calls, and when they get no answer, they split up to check on other hunters in the area.

All dead, gutted. Heading back, Sam stops for gas and a potty break. In the rest room, the spirit of Agent Henricksen appears, and he isn't happy. He blames Sam for his death, and he begins beating the crap out of Sam. Dean shows up just in time to shoot the spirit full of salt and save Sam's life.

Now, Bobby isn't answering his phone, so the brothers race back. Bobby isn't answering for a good reason. He's being held hostage by the spirits of twin girls he wasn't able to save.

Meg returns

While searching for Bobby, Dean is attacked by Meg's spirit. Wow, does she lay a guilt trip on Dean? I have to wonder, would the pre-Hell Dean have listened? Or would he have shot first? Fortunately, Dean thinks quick, and despite losing his shotgun, he is able to dispel the spirit with an iron chandelier. Good thing Bobby is into Goth decorating style.

Meanwhile, Sam can hear something, but he can't find Bobby. Just in time, he finds the spirits and dissipates one, while Bobby dissipates the other.

They find Dean, and head to Bobby's panic room - complete with arsenal of automatic weapons and poster of Bo Derek.


Dean noticed that Meg had a type of brand on her hand. Sam noticed the same on Agent Henricksen. He sketches it for Bobby (and it's a good thing his drawing skills have improved since the Bedtime Stories episode), and Bobby looks it up. It's a spirit summoning spell. The power behind the spell is so strong, it branded the spirits. And having risen, the spirits are angry and raging for revenge.

But wait, there's more. It may also be one of the signs of the Apocalypse, known as the Rise of the Witnesses. There is a spell, but it requires a fire. No safely sitting around the iron and salt-clad room for them, they have to brave the house for the spell components and the fire. On the way up, they run into Ron Reznick, from the Nightshifters episode.


Of course, the spirits don't just let them perform the spell. Henricksen almost kills Dean. Meg almost kills Sam. But not before both of them lay some major guilt trips on the brothers. A major firefight ensues, with the spirits reforming as fast as the brothers can shoot them to little bits.

Then, just as Meg is squeezing the life from Bobby, Dean is able to complete the spell, blowing all the spirits away, permanently.

A little respect

Later that night, as they all sleep, Castiel appears at Bobby's house. Dean is the only one to awaken.

Castiel tells Dean that he did good work. Dean is angry. Where was Castiel when they were almost killed? Castiel basically tells Dean he was doing God's work, that Dean's battle is not the only battle. He tells Dean that big things are happening, and that Lilith is opening seals that will allow Lucifer to walk the Earth. Dean is skeptical. He doesn't believe in Lucifer, and he knows some demons don't believe either.

Castiel tells him that Lucifer is real. Dean asks if that means that God is real also. He is, Castiel says. Dean doesn't believe him, he asks the angel why God allows evil to kill innocent people. Castiel says that God works in ... and Dean interrupts him, and says if he finishes with "mysterious ways" he is going to kick his ass. Castiel says that there is a bigger picture, that his job is to fight, not to follow Dean around to help. Dean sarcastically mentions what a good job he did with the Witnesses.

The angel turns a bit dangerous now. He steps closer to Dean, and tells him that they are at war, and he lost six brothers in arms - angels - that night. He says he deserves a little respect, and that he pulled Dean from Hell, and he can throw him back. Dean is clearly shaken (and Jensen and Misha really nail this scene - hugely intense, with a lot of undercurrent of anger and frustration).

Dean awakes. Was he dreaming? He doesn't seem to think so. He asks Sam if he has a problem with believing in God and angels. Sam laughs, and says of course not.

Dean then hits him with the real question. What about the Devil? Sam wants to know why he's hitting him with all these questions.

Dean just shakes his head.

Posted by Miller on September 26, 2008 6:35 AM
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