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Supernatural: Time is On My Side

time.jpgSo it seems I've been focusing on the wrong brother...

All this time, I've been thinking Dean might turn to the dark side to save Sam. Last night, Dean had his chance, and refused it.

But Sam... Sam, on the other hand, was not only willing, but almost eager, for Dean to become supernatural. Is this Sam's own struggle with the evil part of his nature showing through, disguised as love for his brother? Or is Sam just desperate?

I think this might give us a clue to the arc of Season 4. Dean won't be the one Lilith, or its master, is interested in. Dean is just a bargaining chip. The demons want Sam back in the fold, helping the cause of evil instead of fighting it. Dean's life, and his eternity in hell, will be the reward.

So next year, I think, could be about getting Sam out of whatever contract he's forced into to save Dean's life.

Or maybe there's another demon that has its eye on the contract business. Lilith apparently holds all the contracts. Maybe another demon wants Lilith out of the way, so it can take that over. It could offer to free Dean from his bargain - if the brothers kill Lilith. The demon could even be willing to help them some way - like by giving them an ultra powerful knife, say?

Or I could see a Sam/Ruby alliance. Ruby helps the brothers kill Lilith, freeing Dean from his contract. She convinces Sam she's not like the other demons, and gets Sam to help her in the demon war. That leaves a lot of dramatic tension - Dean doesn't trust Ruby, Sam does. Is Ruby evil, or is she a "good" demon? Is Sam being evil by helping her, or is he aiding the cause of good? So many questions and situations can be created if it falls out this way.

What about Mary?

On the other hand, I don't think the little comment by the demon in the episode opening was just a generic "your momma" insult. I think that was specifically designed to remind us that we don't know much about Mary's past. John is pretty well filled in as a character, except for some bits and pieces about how he discovered that Mary's death was related to the supernatural, and why he decided to become a hunter. There's some rich background there that I hope we'll get to see, but it's not a big mystery. Not the way Mary's connection with the YED is.

It's been a while in this fragmented season, but we need to remember that there are still some big unanswered questions out there. Why did the brothers' eyes bleed in the Bloody Mary episode? Is Sam part demon, or something else? And how did Mary know the YED?

We may find out the answer to at least one of these questions next week.

Buh-bye Bela

As much as I've complained about Bela, now I'm sad to see her go. Bela's own bargain was brilliant. I never saw it coming, right up until the the end. I was a bit surprised to find out she'd been abused as a kid. Not because I didn't think of it, but because it seemed like the easy way out. Of course, the writers didn't have the luxury of having Bela's story be complicated or morally nuanced, partially due to the writers strike. They needed something that was easy to grasp in just a few minutes, and that would immediately make her more sympathetic.

One of my main complaints with Bela has been that she was too much a stock character. And yet, with just a couple of minutes of screen time, the writers fixed that. The bargain was the vital detail that made her backstory compelling. Eric Kripke said that she had a surprising secret in her past that would make her character worthwhile. I guess I should have believed him.

My other main complaint with Bela is that she hasn't drawn a realistic reaction from the brothers, in my opinion. Problem solved. I thought the interaction with Dean was well done. He didn't trust her, he didn't try to help her, for fear of her turning on him and Sam, just to save her own soul. And yet, he couldn't be the one to send her to Hell. If there was a chance she could find a way out of her bargain, and it didn't put him or Sam in danger, he was going to give her that chance. Even at the end, he pitied her, but seemed to feel she got what she deserved.

Rufus Turner

One final thing about the episode: what did Rufus Turner get Dean thinking about? I'm not talking about the "Did you do her ear?" line (brilliant, hilarious, and I'm shocked that it made it past the censors). I'm talking about telling Dean what he's got to look forward to as a hunter. What will that conversation set into motion, assuming Dean gets out of his deal? Dean seemed shocked and dismayed that maybe his future could be like that - paranoid, isolated, and maybe just a little on the edge of sanity.

How will this impact his future choices? I can't wait to find out.

Posted by Miller on May 9, 2008 7:53 AM
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