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Supernatural: This Week's Episode

As I mentioned last week, this week's episode appears to be drawn (no pun intended) from the Supernatural: Origins comic book series.

I checked it out. Issue number 4 of the series has John Winchester, back in 1982, in Wichita, Kansas, facing a creature called "Doc Benton" (love the ER pun, though it would be seriously anachronistic). The bad doc was a surgeon who used parts from his victims to keep himself unnaturally alive, getting his start by eating the heart of a dying patient.

I'm wondering if this will tie in - the story seems pretty similar, but John killed the creature in the comic book.

So keep an eye - or an ear - out for mentions of Wichita or Doc Benton.

Do the dead call Collect?

As a short followup, I did a bit of googling on Edison's alleged device for speaking with spirits. It seems this may have been a hoax pulled by Mr. Edison on a magazine editor. Or maybe not.


Wanted to make a quick mention about last week's writing.

Here's one reason I thought the episode was strong. By this time, you surely know Sam or Dean aren't going to die. So why do we care what happens in this episode?

Because we care about how the characters feel at this point. The writers have brought us along, given us every reason to care what happens physically to the brothers. But more than that, we care about how they are doing mentally.

Dean might have been forced to kill an innocent man. Dean is already suffereing from guilt over his father, and doubts about some of the hunts they have been on. How would he handle it if he was forced to kill a human who didn't deserve to die? Then there was Dean's hope that his father could show him a way out of his deal. How would Dean react when he knew that the voice on the call was just offering him yet another false hope?

Finally, the writers also created a very sympathetic minor character in the father grieving his murdered daughter. The viewer can imagine what the father is feeling, and so they have sympathy for him, and want the father to live. But that puts the viewer in the situation where they know that father is doomed (since Dean won't be killed) unless Sam can stop the monster. Some nice writing how they quickly built sympathy for the father with just a short scene.

Wrapping up

The season is close to wrapping up, and I'm wondering where it will go from here. Dean could die - theoretically. The writers could send Dean to hell, and just have him wander as a spirit all season next season, but I really don't think that will happen. It's not very satisfying, and it really paints the plot into a corner. Once Dean is dead, you can't bring him back again, in my opinion. And it's hard to see how they could keep the season interesting next year with the focus basically being Sam trying to bring peace to Dean's spirit.

So that leaves 2 options - Dean gets out of his deal, or he gets a reprieve. Both have a bit of weakness to them, but I think the reprieve could have some interesting side effects.

If Dean gets out of his deal, then I suspect next season becomes the hunt for Lilith, or Lilith's master. That will be good, but it has a sense of "been there, done that" to it. I think the writers will find some way to spice it up - like maybe finding out a former acquaintance or friend is really the one Lilith serves?

Or, Dean could get a reprieve. That runs the risk of making Season 4 seem like Season 3 - the Director's Cut. But it could add interest also. Dean already owes his life. What could he possibly offer that's more valuable than that? Maybe there is a supernatural item out there (now I'm not saying it's a Ouija board owned by someone with an accent, but you never know....) that the demon needs to complete its conquests. That puts Dean in moral tension. He hates demons, but may be forced to help it enslave humanity in order to save his life. Of course, he would never do that. Unless he was just buying time to figure out a way to kill the demon.

On the other hand, he could be made to serve the demon, also. That could be interesting. Dean would be forced to help the very creatures he hates so much. But Sam is there to try to undo all the damage Dean is forced to cause. That would really ramp up the conflict between the brothers.

Just a little food for thought.

Posted by Miller on May 2, 2008 7:53 AM
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