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Supernatural Fodder

Supernatural: Ghostfacers!

ghostfacers.jpgAnother Ben Edlund-written episode. Not all Edlund written episodes are funny, but some of the best ones have been - Bad Day at Black Rock, Hollywood Bablylon (at least according to IMDB). While I didn't think this one measured up to Black Rock or Mystery Spot (the 2 best humor episodes, in my opinion), it was close.

First, the framing of the story as an attempt at a reality series pilot was genius - and very, very funny. But it's a hard way to shoot - you have to be very careful not to include anything that wouldn't be seen from the handheld video camera's point of view. I thought a couple of times, I caught them with Spruce (the character who had the main camera) in the frame, with none of the other characters around to be the source of the video. But it was brief, if it even happened. The way this was edited, with lots of quick jump cuts, made it hard to tell.

I was also a little thrown off in the beginning, when they had Sam and Dean in the Ghostfacer credits. After all, they're supposed to be dead. If they're being shown on national TV, I think the FBI could figure out that they maybe didn't perish in the jail explosion. It all made sense at the end though.

I also thought the reference to the writer's strike was a great line.

Other than that, I can't recall too many really funny lines. All of the humor in this one was how they did such a great job of satirizing the reality ghost shows. They nailed them. The only thing missing was some murky footage of something moving, and the team declaring it a "ghost".

I thought Corbett's ghost attacking Daggett's ghost was kind of a lame ending. I guess they set it up well enough, so that it didn't seem tacked on, but it still seemed forced, like they couldn't think of any other way to get the brothers out of this one.

Mythology Meat

Well, there wasn't any. The biggest thing that happened was the writers established a time and date for this episode, and a timeline on Dean's life remaining:: Feb. 29, and Dean only has 2 months to live. Cleverly inserted, but I'd hoped for a bit more than that. I had especially hoped that Lilith would be revealed a bit more, but there's plenty of time for that, I guess. I wonder if this is another ep that is being shown out of order due to the writer's strike.

Next week

I have high hopes for next week's ep. I never would have guessed they'd do an ep about Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). The previews looked great. Can't wait!

Posted by Miller on April 25, 2008 2:19 PM
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These episode was almost done before the strike, so that's why it felt a little a
out of place (at the time they didn't know that they will a have a short season).
The thing with the credits of ghostfacers didn't feel miss placed because they stablished in the beginnig that these was a pilot and just a sample to the networks of the show, clearly the winchester brothers would do something to prevent that, and they did. :), nice to be back!!!

-- Posted by: nattyff at April 26, 2008 2:25 AM

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