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Supernatural: What the Heck Did That Mean?

Feb. 21 marks the last new episode until April. How many will they do? Plus, an interview link and ... Bickle in a dress?


We have one more new episode, showing this week, then a break. After the break, Supernatural will return with new episodes beginning April 24, according to multple news reports. The show will run for 4 episodes. No news yet on how this will affect the story arc. There were 22 episodes originally scheduled this year, so there will be 5 less than Kripke had mapped out for the season.

Speaking of Mr. Kripke, had an interesting interview with the man, no, make that The Man in which he talked about a spinoff idea he toyed (is toying?) with.

Now, about Bickle

I originally blew this comment off as a throwaway cutesy line for the Trickster. But commenter nattyff called my attention to how similar this speech was to similar themes recently - how Dean is Sam's weak spot.

So I got to wondering, what else could that mean?

If you don't know who Travis Bickle is (and I didn't), or had never seen the movie Taxi Driver (I hadn't), Bickle is the ultraviolent, delusional title character played by Robert De Niro.

Well, the mental imagery of Bickle in a dress aside, seems to me here's one meaning the comment could have.

On the outside, Sam is all sensitive, but on the inside, he's a monster who doesn't realize his true nature.

That would fit with the general theme of the season, in that we don't know just how dangerous Sam is, or even how dangerous he can become. The Trickster showed Sam, though, that when Dean is endangered, or if Sam is without Dean to act as a check on his actions, Sam is more ruthless and dangerous than most of the creatures he hunts.

That makes sense, and it's a role-reversal from the first 2 seasons, where Sam had to act as Dean's conscience.

Bickle also was hailed as a hero at the end of the movie, despite the fact that he very nearly became a murderer instead. So that fits also.

Still, I wonder what else it could mean. What do you think it means?

Posted by Miller on February 20, 2008 6:57 AM
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