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Supernatural: Mystery Spot

mystery.jpgThe humor was back in full force in this episode.

Not that it didn't have it's serious side, which I'll get to, but this episode was brimming with great moments.

My favorite was Dean head-banging to Asia's "Heat of the Moment". Over and over and over. Let's take it from the top.

Finnegan, Begin Again

Sam wakes to the clock radio on a Tuesday morning. Dean is cheerful and ready to go. Annoyingly cheerful, actually. They discuss the case on the way to the town diner, their normal "office" in whatever town they happen to be in.

There was a single disappearance near this town's "Mystery Spot," a tourist attraction found in many American small towns.

Along the way, as they walk, distractions appear - a couple of movers having difficulty, a barking dog, a young blonde woman passing out fliers who bumps into Dean.

At the diner, more distracting details can be noticed. An older gentleman is told to drive safely, a man who appears to be down on his luck sits at the counter, wistfully ordering coffee. A distinguished gentleman eats at the counter. The wait staff drops a bottle of hot sauce.

The brothers speak for a moment about Bela, before deciding what to do. Cut to night. They go to check out the "Mystery Spot" after hours. They find nothing, until the proprietor arrives, shotgun in hand. Clearly frightened, he accidentally shoots and kills Dean.

And that's how Sam's nightmarish day begins.

Sam, Alone

Obviously, Sam is distraught, but then he awakens, to the same music. While the day seems curiously repetitive, he laughs it off as a bad dream.

Until Dean is blindsided by a car driven by the elderly gentleman from the diner.

From there, it's a whirlwind of Sam awakenings, and Dean deaths. We seen Dean hacked by an axe, crushed by furniture, choked to death, poisoned, slipping in the shower, electrocuted, attacked by a dog. Am I missing any?

Some of the deaths were hilarious, especially the one scene where Sam stops Dean from walking out in the street and being hit by the car. Dean asks Sam if looked cool, like in the movies. Sam is in no mood for joking.

"You peed yourself," he says.

Dean pauses, then reacts angrily. "Of course I peed myself! Man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control of his bladder?"

He then carefully looks both ways before crossing the street.

Since each day Sam has to convince Dean that the day is happening again, Sam is essentially on his own figuring out the puzzle. Dean, though, discovers that the blonde woman is handing out fliers about her father, the missing man they originally set out to find. Sam discovers that the missing man is a professional debunker on a bit of an ego trip.

Then Sam notices something odd. Every detail is always the same, except today, the distinguished man at the counter uses a different type of syrup.

Sam chases the man down, throws him against a fence with a stake at his throat.

A stake? Yep, Sam knows what the man is.

The Trickster from Season 2's episode, Tall Tales.

Sam threatens to kill the Trickster, but monologues a bit too long. The Trickster sends him back to that morning, yet again. Except it's not that morning. They're free, it's Wednesday. Sam can't wait to leave town, but as Dean is loading the Impala, the down on his luck guy from the diner shows up and shoots Dean in a failed robbery attempt.

Sam races to Dean's side, but this time, he doesn't wake up.

Sam, Driven

We now get a glimpse of what Sam's life would - will? - be like without Dean. Sam is obsessed with finding the Trickster and killing it. He hunts the supernatural alone, without mercy, and recklessly, crossing the countryside with nothing but his obsession. It isn't pretty, but it is effective. Sam is a merciless, driven, killing machine.

Bobby tries to contact him, but Sam doesn't return the calls. Until one day, Bobby calls to say he's found the Trickster.

Sam, Vengeful

Sam returns to the Mystery Spot, where Bobby has a ritual set up.

Bobby tells Sam he's found a way to summon the Trickster, but it requires a gallon of fresh blood. That means an innocent person must die. Sam is ready to go, no debate, no discussion.

Bobby is disturbed. He thought the sacrifice required would dissuade Sam. Not so, Sam is ready to do anything to get revenge for Dean.

Bobby instead offers himself. "Better me than some civilian," he says.

"Fine," Sam says.

Bobby kneels with his back to Sam, and Sam, instead of cutting his throat, stabs him with a stake.

"You're not Bobby," Sam says.

But Bobby doesn't change into the Trickster. He just lies there. Sam becomes increasingly concerned. There's still no change.

Finally, as Sam is about to reach panic mode, Bobby's body glows, then disappears.

The Trickster appears in the corner of the room, as the stake flies to its hand.

Sam begs for the Trickster to bring Dean back. The Trickster refuses. He tells Sam that Dean is his weakness, and that the bad guys know this.

"Dean'll be the death of you, Sam," it says.

"Please... just... please," Sam begs.

"You know, this stopped being fun months ago," it says.

Then it said something I couldn't make out, and the closed captioning didn't have it either.

Even Sam apparently couldn't make it out, because he said, "What do you mean by that?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out," it says, and snaps its fingers.

And just like that, Sam awakens on Wednesday to the clock radio playing Huey Lewis singing "Back in Time". Dean is alive, and Sam hugs him. Sam asks Dean what he remembers. He remembers Sam acting weird, and them finding the Trickster. Nothing else.

They leave, without breakfast, and Sam won't let Dean go anywhere alone. Dean asks Sam if anything else happened, he doesn't look good.

Sam says he just had a weird dream.

"Clowns or midgets?" Dean asks.

Sam just looks at him, then turns to give the bed one last look before he leaves.

Posted by Miller on February 15, 2008 10:09 AM
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the trickster said "your Travis Bickell in an skirt pal" in reference to Robert De Niro taxi driver's character.

-- Posted by: nattyff at February 16, 2008 1:06 AM

didn't you found the trickster's speach awoufully similar to ruby's in the wicht episode??? either they are working together preparing Sam in what it's comming, or they are pulling for the same side (against the new leader of the west).

PS: Really sorry for the spelling, these is not my language and i can't figured out what is wrongh, just know that something is not right :)

-- Posted by: nattyff at February 16, 2008 1:22 AM

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