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Supernatural: Malleus Maleficarum

malleus.jpgGreat start for the final(?) 4 new episodes. Nice "Whoa!" at the end, too.


Ep starts with a pretty gruesome death. The teeth falling out was gory and hard to watch. Then, just a few minutes later, we're treated to the maggot meal. Ugh.

I think it was Stephen King that said, "If you can't scare 'em, go for the gross out." They definitely achieved the gross out.

So Dean's got a hatred of witches, eh? This makes me wonder why. Was there something in his past? A development to watch.

Playing with fire? Check. Burned? Check.

Then we move to a nice twist in the episode with the murderous witch herself being killed by something supernatural. The Stepford witches were convincingly creepy when they found out, though the one (Elizabeth - Erin Cahill) looked a little too much like Alyssa Milano. It was a bit jarring.

The blonde witch, Renee, was nasty enough that you could easily believe she killed a friend. Nice pacing though, because the writers only briefly let you think that, until Ruby shows up. And she is obviously frightened - for Sam? for herself?

The Winchesters, being Winchesters, totally ignore the warning, and nearly pay the price. Dean begins spitting up blood, right in the middle of an argument with Sam about Ruby. Sam looks for a hex bag, can't find one, and tears out of the room to confront the witches. Except they clearly have no clue what he's talking about.

Demon Among Them

Sam is a bright guy though, and it only takes him a few seconds to figure out that the demon these witches serve is right there in the room, pretending to be one of them.

Bad idea confronting it, though. The Colt proves to be useless against it. Yikes.

Rescue Ranger Ruby

Meanwhile, Ruby is saving Dean's backside. She forces him to drink something that looks like dishwater (another gross out!), which heals him, and allows him to follow Sam. And to get his butt kicked once again.

Ruby arrives in time to save the day. One problem, though. This demon is the demon she once served - as a witch herself long ago, and she is nowhere near powerful enough to take it on. Ruby and the brothers look down for the count, which gives a little convenient monologuing time for the baddie. So Sam is no longer the golden boy Demon-Messiah, eh? A new one is being created out west. This means that YED wasn't the one pulling the strings in this war, he was just one of the training officers. How the heck will they kill the Boss Demon if the Colt is useless against even the current baddie?

On Pins and Needles

Thanks to a distraction by the one remaining witch, who pays the price with her life, Dean is able to use Ruby's badass demon-killing knife to dispatch the baddie demon.

At the wrap up, Dean once again sees Ruby. His attitude toward her has changed. He is beginning to see her as an ally. Is she, or is this just part of the plan?

Dean's Hell

Dean hasn't made the connection yet. By selling his soul, he has doomed himself to become the very thing he hates the most - a demon. Hell strips away your humanity, and you gradually become a force of demonic hatred for what you once were. In fact, part of what defines Hell is your loss of humanity. And Ruby also makes it clear, there is no way out of the deal. She's been stringing Sam along for her own purposes. She wants to toughen him up, make him more like Dean so that he can continue on when Dean's dead.

But why? What does she gain from Sam's ability to survive without Dean? What are her plans for Sam? And is she telling the truth about there being no way out for Dean?

Questions like these are another reason this is the best show on TV right now, and that includes "Lost".


Malleus Maleficarum, the ep title, is the title of a 15th century book which was basically the witch hunters guidebook. You can wiki it, but it's a long article. I recommend checking out the summary on instead.

Ruby doesn't believe in Satan. Interesting. Kind of a neat way to keep out the most religious aspects of the show.

Posted by Miller on February 1, 2008 4:11 PM
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LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the episode!!!, they have a unique way to put in one episode comedy and drama, so well balanced. The way sam was acting was exactly what i thought, i never buy the thing about "not 100% sammy" thing, just a character development for all the things that he has gone though and that will come in the future without dean.

I really can't belive that ruby can't help dean!!! i was soooo sure of that, it was a great curve ball to the viewers, and it was very sad to see dean realize that ruby can't help (i think that he seriously though, even if he didn't admit, that ruby coud save him), but now for the first time we get to see dean without hope... so sad!!!. Can't wait to see what's ahead in the story, and i'm really scared about the uncertain future of the series, these is the only one (of the millions of series that i regulary see) that really caught me in every way, and i woud really like to see it until the end.

-- Posted by: nattyff at February 2, 2008 3:28 PM

Yeah, it happens sometimes ... Nothing special.

-- Posted by: Richard at January 31, 2013 9:42 AM

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