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Supernatural: Jus In Bello

bello.jpgIn case you're wondering, it means "Laws of War." And war it is.

Bela's got the Colt, but why?

Sam and Dean track down Bela's last known location, but once again, she's a step ahead. She calls them, and Dean speaks to her. She asks him what he thinks she plans to do with the Colt.

Sell it to the highest bidder, of course.

But she denies it. What's she planning?

Knock, knock

And as Dean threatens her, telling her they are going to track her down, the local Sheriff breaks through the door and captures the good guys. Did Bela report them, or just know the police were on the way?

Agent Henricksen is with them.

This is going to be bad. Real bad.

Behind bars

It doesn't take long to figure out that maybe heading to SuperMax is the least of their problems. The helicopter sent to pick them up explodes. All the deputies outside the building are dead. And then, Henricksen's supervisor walks in and shoots Dean before Sam is able to grab the lawman and exorcise the demon. Good thing he's got that Latin stuff memorized.

Sam talks a timid young receptionist into getting him a towel for Dean, before he viciously grabs her and pulls her to the bars. After a moment, she manages to escape.

But Sam has her rosary.

Eau de toilet

Well, they have a small weapon now against the demons. Good thing, because a bit later the Sheriff comes to let them out.

Sam and Dean are suspicious, but Henricksen is furious. So furious he kills the Sheriff.

Sam and Dean disarm him, and push his face into the toilet where they have created some ad hoc holy water by dropping the rosary in. Sam exorcises the demon, and Henricksen comes around. Now he believes them. But he can't believe he shot the Sheriff.

Dean tries to resist. Honestly he does. But he finally gives in with a smirk. "But you didn't shoot the deputy."

Sam is not amused. The look he gives Dean is priceless.

So Sam and Dean tell Henricksen how to survive. The close up the station, put demon traps at all entrances using spray paint. The seal the openings with road salt. Sam and Dean pass out amulets that will protect the others from becoming possessed. Henricksen asks what protects them. They both open their shirts and show ritualistic tattoos over their heart.

"Clever," Henricksen says.

Ruby to the rescue

And then Ruby shows up. They let her in. She tells them they are being hunted by a mob of about 30 demons, all under the control of Sam's rival from the west. Her name is Lilith (in legend, Lilith was Adam's first wife, who became a demon, also a demon in ancient Mespotamian writings).

Ruby tells them they need the Colt to escape.

Awkward silence.

The brothers finally admit that the Colt has been stolen. Ruby is not pleased. The only thing she can think of is a spell. It will kill every demon with 30 miles.

Including Ruby. But she's willing to make the sacrifice so that the brothers can win the war.

Problem is, the spell requires the heart of a virgin. Who's got a virgin socked away for a rainy day? Why, the sheriff's department! The timid receptionist is, surprise!, a virgin.

Dean is aghast. How could she be a virgin? Then, when Ruby tells him that the poor girl must be killed for the spell to work, he's more aghast. No way will he go along with the plan.

Sam, however, is noncommittal. He seems like he could be persuaded that the death is necessary. Dean takes him aside, tells him he has another plan, one that doesn't require human sacrifice. Sam reluctantly agrees.

Ruby rides away

Ruby is furious. She thinks the brothers are too soft-hearted, they could end the situation now. Ruby is so angry, she stalks out. She was willing to kill, and die, to save them. But she's not willing to stay behind and watch them die.

She leaves, challenging the demons outside to stop her. None try.

Dean sets his plan in motion. The open several doors and break the demon traps. When the demons come rushing in, they shoot them with rock salt to slow them down. Once the demons are all inside, a deputy and the receptionist seal them in with salt.

Henricksen starts a tape recording of Sam's excorcism ritual. It works! The demons can't flee, so they are all exorcised by the recording.

All that's left is the aftermath. Dean and Henricksen had struck up some grudging respect during the siege. Henricksen has no family, is frustrated in his job. But he seems to enjoy kill evil creatures. He may be on his way to becoming a hunter himself.

He tells the brothers that he'll say the helicopter crashed and burned, killing several people, including the Winchesters. They'll no longer be fugitives. The brothers thank him, and head off.

Someone searching

While the deputy, the receptionist, and Henricksen clean up the station to hide the aftermatch of the battle, a young girl walks into the station. She's looking for the Winchesters. They ask who she is.

"My name is Lilith," she says, as her eyes flash milky white. She raises her hands, and there's a bright flash....

Ruby bursts in on the Winchesters, and angrily tells them to turn on the news. The news reports that the local sheriff station was destroyed by what was presumed to be an explosion due to a gas leak. All inside were killed, including a deputy, receptionist, and an FBI agent named Henricksen. Two fugitives being detained also were killed.

Ruby is incensed. She tells them that she could have prevented all this, but the brothers were too squeamish, not wiling to make the sacrifices necessary to win.

She tells them it's war, and if they want to survive, and want the world to survive, they need to do what's needed.

She hands them a couple of amulets, and tells them to put them on. It won't protect them, but it will make it harder for Lilith to find them while Ruby figures out what to do.

Posted by Miller on February 22, 2008 4:21 PM
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