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Supernatural: Dream a Little Dream of Me

dream.jpgSo Dean has decided he doesn't want to die.

This is one of a few things that bothered me about this episode. Not that he didn't want to die, of course. But that I thought the decision was made last episode, after finding out he would become a demon. I'm sure you remember. Dean has a chat with Ruby, she confirms what he already had figured out but wouldn't admit - that Ruby really can't save him and that his fate was to become a demon. The stunned yet resigned reaction gives it all away. Dean had not cared about living or dying to this point, until he realizes that he faces the same fate Gordon faced. Gordon became what he hated most, a monster, in fact the same monster he hated most, the type that killed his sister. A vampire.

But we get to go through it all again in Dean's nightmare.

Viewers Clubbed with a Clue Brick?

It's as if the writers didn't trust Jensen's acting (they should, I thought he nailed tha ending scene last episode), or if they thought the viewers maybe didn't quite get it last time, so they needed to club us over the head with it.

Maybe. Or maybe they just thought they needed a way to show Dean finally confronting his self-detructiveness, and his anger with John (thought we'd been over that, too, last season). I guess it did segue nicely into Dean's awkward talk with Sam at the end, asking for his help.

But I'm starting at the end of the episode. Highlights from the beginning.....

From the Top

The bit about Bobby's wife was nicely done. I've been wanting more Bobby backstory for years because he's such a great character.

"Everyone gets into hunting somehow." Nice line. I hope we get to hear more about this event in a future episode. I'd also like to see how Bobby and John met and became friends.

The bit about Bela helping was irritating. The scene with Sam dreaming about her, and um... well, not being able to immediately stand up.... was funny. Very funny, in fact, but it really didn't seem to fit in the episode, and it really didn't seem in character for Sam (even possibly evil Sam). Sorry, but it's awfully hard to feel anything but irritation and dislike for Bela. She's put the Winchesters in danger too many times. And still they get swindled by her, time after time. This storyline needs to end before it becomes a running joke.

Yeah, sorry, I'm not a big fan of Bela.

Sam's Dream

I'm not sure if this was the episode Eric Kripke had planned to use Friday 13th's Jason Voorhees in. If so, Sam's dream might have been the place it was going to happen. Sam would have been about the right age to have nightmares about our hockey-masked friend. As it was, I think Sam's dream was okay, if unremarkable. Though it would have been a neat homage to the Friday 13th movies, it wasn't needed for the episode, and might've distracted from the main theme, which seemed to be Dean's battle with himself.

Dean vs. Dean

Dean's dream was strong. Nicely symbolic of his self-loathing and self-destructiveness. Not sure it was necessary, as I discussed above, but otherwise I thought it worked. And it was good to see him finally let loose with all the stored up anger he's held against John, and himself for all these years.

Now, will the writers show his character growing from this? Yeah, I think they will, and I look forward to it.

So what did you think? Did this episode live up to your expectations?

Posted by Miller on February 8, 2008 1:56 PM
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great episode as always. The dream secuences were really cool, and i loved jensen's acting when he was fighting with himself (very creppy and scary the "demon" dean). How is that you didn't mention about bela taking the cole??? hope that in the next episode she gets what it's coming to her.
PS: actually i like both new characters, and i'm really waiting to see where the writers are going with bela.

-- Posted by: nattyff at February 9, 2008 1:02 PM

I liked the episode. There haven't been any I really didn't like this year, I think it's been a strong year. This one just wasn't as good as last week's.

I'm planning a post on Bela and the Colt tomorrow or Thursday.

-- Posted by: Miller at February 12, 2008 6:47 AM

I have to agree with a lot of points raised here. For the most part, I liked the episode, but did we really have to wait ten or so episodes for Dean to admit he didn't want to die/go to Hell and everything that entails? It just seems like the whole process of admitting that took too long - though it included some great moments.

-- Posted by: Richard at February 12, 2008 11:48 PM

What a great episode. Jensen is such a great actor. Dean vs Demon Dean was heart wrenching. Gave us some good new information but left me wanting more. Can't wait until tomorrow night, another new episode.

-- Posted by: Supernatural-bestshowever at February 13, 2008 6:10 PM

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