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Supernatural: Red Sky at Night

mater.jpgThis episode seemed like a homage to the last Bela episode. Almost.

What do I mean by that?

Well, when we met Bela, she had just stolen an artifact that was dangerous. Hey, wait, that happened this episode, too!

Yeah, but in the last episode, the brothers got the artifact back to destroy it when Bela was affected by the curse, and that .... didn't... um..... yeah, okay, Bela changed her mind after she was affected by the artifact.

Maybe I'm being harsh, but this character isn't working for me yet. The cutesy sexual tension stuff with Dean wasn't very tense. It seemed forced. And because of that, the whole going-into-the-museum-to-steal-the-Hand-of-Glory.scenario seemed forced.

My greatest hope for this character is that the writers will moderate her some. I think we've gotten hints that they are prepared to do that with the revelation that Bela has a secret.

Prediction: Bela's secret

So Bela is responsible for a relative's death. That's interesting. My first thought was that the writers would give her some overused backstory about being abused, but my wife thought of something different. She thinks Bela
sold some supernatural charm or artifact that would have saved her parents, or maybe a sibling's, life.

I don't think so, but now I think it's on the right track.

First, it has to be her dad whose death she's responsible for. Dean specifically mentioned her dad not giving her enough hugs, and Bela got defensive. For some reason, I got the impression her dad was mentioned by Dean in the Bad Day episode also. I'll have to check it out again.

But how is she responsible? Did she kill him herself? No, I think it's related to her thieving ways.There's a twist, though.

Generally, in writing you're paring down the personality to a few well-defined things. It's how humans naturally categorize. If someone asks you to describe a friend or acquaintance, you don't try to describe every facet of their personality. You break it down. "Joe's shy," or "Jill's ambitious." You do the same in writing, and then you begin to build on that to flesh out your character. But major decisions and actions and life path have to follow from the few strongest character traits, to be believable.

So work backwards with Bela. She steals supernatural artifacts. So stealing artifacts must be the result of a character-forming event, like the death of a relative. So her amorality has to result from this event.

I see 2 ways that could happen:
1) Bela's dad had a cursed item, and Bela sold it. Her dad died as a result, so now Bela sees herself as a worthless, amoral thief, and lives up to that self-image.
2) Bela didn't do something to kill her dad, but she had the opportunity to save him. But she didn't, because it would be morally wrong. Her dad died, so now she compensates by being an amoral thief.
3) Bela's dad died because someone stole a supernatural item from him. Bela's dad had the opportunity to steal an item and save his life, but didn't. So Bela now sees that stealing means life, not stealing means death.

My bet is on 2).

I'm not sure what the details will be, but I think Bela will have had the opportunity to save her dad, if only she had stolen some supernatural artifact. Oh, and money has to be tied in there somehow. Bela always makes a big deal out of how much money she has. In TV and movies, a character that makes a big deal out of being rich almost always is compensating for a poor childhood.

An example scenario.

Bela's mom knows a woman who has a charm. Say, it's a wishing charm, you get 3 wishes. The woman uses the charm to make Bela's dad fall in love with her, and her dad leaves her mom. Bela knows what the woman did, confronts her, and the woman offers to sell her the charm. Bela doesn't have the money. Bela resolves to steal the charm, but when the opportunity arises, she hesitates. Her mom, despondent over losing her husband, kills herself.

Okay, this particular scenario won't work. It's too complicated, and whatever the scenario is, it has to be communicated in a few, probably 5 or less, minutes of dialogue. Regardless, I am interested in what Bela's secret tuns out to be. I just hope it gets me more enthused about her overall character.

Upcoming posts

Next week, I'll have some info on the MOTW (or rather, both MOTWs, since there were 2), and what good I hope the writer's strike will bring.

Posted by Miller on November 9, 2007 6:40 AM
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you forget the most simple explination... bella's mother, father, brother or sister (wherever)got posesed by a deamon and she had to kill him/her to save herself or other relative (the same if it was turn by a vampire, etc), and no one understan it because no one knows that demons really exist...
So what do you think of that?? LOL

-- Posted by: nattyff at November 9, 2007 4:50 PM

I actually beileve she had a child. It's unexpected, and might explain why she is the way she is.

-- Posted by: Jay at November 9, 2007 5:39 PM

Well, it's the simplest explanation, but it doesn't account for why she feels compelled to steal. That's what I was trying to explain.

-- Posted by: Miller at November 9, 2007 9:22 PM

Wow! I could not even guess about it)) Not bad.

-- Posted by: William at January 31, 2013 4:37 PM

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