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Supernatural: Bedtime Stories

bedtime.jpgOpening, 3 builders discussing problems with houses they are building. One is concerned with the wood being substandard, the other wanted to build using cinderblock.

They hear something. A bearded man checks, sees nothing. As he returns to the group, another man walks around the corner, and something grabs him and drags him away, and we see blood splatter.

As another man is attacked, the bearded man hides behind a stack of cinderblocks. We see blood spatter again. The bearded man listens. Silence. He carefully peeks around the corner, and sees another man lying dead.

He hears growling, turns around, and screams as the camera shows a first person view of something running toward him.

Roadkill averted

Sam and Dean are arguing in Metallicar. Sam wants to summon the Crossroads Demon, and force it out of the deal by threatening it with the Colt. Dean doesn't want to try it, he's afraid if it doesn't work, Sam will die. Sam thinks it will work, and that if they kill the Crossroads Demon, the deal goes away. Dean doesn't think so, and he's not willing to do anything that could cause Sam to die. Sam points out that Dean will die if they don't do something. Dean won't discuss it.

They narrowly avoid hitting a frog in the middle of the road.

Sam tells Dean of a psychotic killer ripping people apart. The lunar cycle is right for a werewolf.

Draw a psychotic killer, and be an artist

The bearded man survived the attack. Sam and Dean show up to at the hospital to ask him some question. He thinks Sam is a sketch artist. The attacker didn't resemble a wolf, or even an animal. The man gets upset at the questions. His brothers were the ones killed. The man remembers that the killer had a tattoo of Wile E. Coyote on his arm. The doctor arrives, and Dean takes him into the hallway to ask him questions. The man wants to see Sam's sketch. It resembles little more than a stick figure.

Outside, we see the frog again, while Dean laughs at Sam's sketch. Dean tells Sam the bodies of the victims did not resemble werewolf kills. They debate if it could have been a demon, but they can't see a reason for a demon to stop halfway through an attack.

Cut to a man and woman hiking through the woods. They're lost. Ahead they see a little cottage. An elderly lady asks them if they are lost, and invites them in. She feeds them. As the couple prepares to leave, the man begins gasping for air. The woman tries to help, but she, too, falls. They've been drugged. The elderly woman takes a knife and slashes his throat, then begins slicing him up as the woman screams. As the elderly woman hacks away, the woman on the floor sees a young girl, standing outside the window.

Another survivor

The brothers return to interview the latest survivor. She tells them the story of what happened. While the elderly woman was attacking the man, she shoved her, and caused the old woman to hit her head on the stove. She also mentions the little girl, who appeared to disappear into thin air.

Back at the cottage, there is no sulfur, but lots of EMF by the window. Sam has a theory. He thinks the murders are somehow related to fairy tales. Re-enactments maybe.

"That's a little crazy," Dean says.
"Crazy as what?" Sam asks. "Every day of our lives?"

No connections

So they research it, in hopes that they can find a connection to the little ghost girl. Nothing shows up - no murders, no deaths, no disappearances. Sam's theory is maybe the ghost is controlling the killer's mind.

"Trances I get," Dean says. "But fairy tale trances? That's bizarre, even for us."
They see the frog again.

"Maybe it is fairy tales,"Dean says. "Totally messed up fairy tales. But I tell you one thing, there's no way I'm kissing a damn frog."

Sam sees a house with a pumpkin on the porch. A second later he sees a mouse.


"Dude, could you be more gay?" Dean says.

They check it out. Inside, they find a young woman chained to a cabinet in the kitchen. She says her stepmother went crazy, started beating her and screaming at her, and chained her up.

Dean sees the little ghost girl. He follows her through the house, and finally, asks "Who are you?"
She disappears, and in her place, there is an apple.

Wicked stepmother

After the paramedics get Cinderella, Dean asks Sam if it means anything. He suggests Snow White. Dean remembers that the apple doesn't kill Snow White. Sam tells him it puts her in a deep sleep, almost like death.

Back at the hospital, they find out there are no comatose little girls. Just old guys, and Kelly.


She's the doctor's daughter.

Cut to the doctor reading her a fairy tale. As he reads about Little Red Riding Hood, we see the events take a modern form. The wolf waits beside a minivan, and throws the grandmother in the back before beating her unconscious, and driving off.

Sam and Dean stand outside Kelly's room, and as they hear the story, they look at each other. They speak to the doctor. Kelly has been in a coma since she was 8. She swallowed bleach, and no one knew how she got the bottle. His wife found her.

Dean wants to know if his wife was Kelly's stepmother.

She was. She passed away last year.

Sam and Dean figure it out. Kelly was poisoned by her stepmom, and her father is keeping her spirit on earth. Unable to rest, her spirit is growing angrier, and she is trying to tell someone, anyone, what happened to her. She wants her dad to know, and to believe it. But the brothers don't know how to stop her, since she's not dead, and she's being kept alive by her dad, the doctor.

Cut to the man in the van. He awaits a little girl wearing a red coat with a hood. She gets in the van, and before she notices the man driving, she is trapped. He speeds away.

As they talk, a woman is brought in with injuries. As the doctor describes what happened, something clicks. Dean asks what the last story the doctor was reading Kelly. It was Little Red Riding Hood. Dean gets the next of kin's name from the doctor by showing his fake badge, and goes off to stop the wolf from hurting Little Red Riding Hood, while Sam tries to convince the doctor that Kelly is responsible for the strange violence in the town.

Sam finds the doctor, and the doctor is angry at him for suggesting that his wife had anything to do with Kelly's injuries. Sam tells him that Kelly is still here, sand she's a spirit. The doctor says "So you've seen her, too?"

Dean arrives at the grandmother's house, to find Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf attacks him, and they fight. Dean is losing, but he manages to grab a pair of scissors.

As Dean struggles with the Wolf, he gets the man down, and prepares to plunge the scissors into the man's gut, just like in the story.

Kelly's spirit appears. The doctor asks her if her stepmom hurt her. She nods yes. The doctor says he should have let her go a long time ago, and that now she can rest. She disappears, and Kelly dies.

Dean is just about to kill the Wolf, when the man suddenly starts begging for him to stop. He seems confused. Dean drops the scissors.

Later, Dean and Sam talk to the doctor. He says he should have just let Kelly go. As the doctor walks away, Dean tells Sam that there is some good advice.

"Is that what you want me to do, Dean? Just let you go?" Sam asks.

Dean nods, and walks away.


Later, Sam sneaks out while Dean is asleep. He goes to the crossroads, and summons the demon. He threatens the demon, telling it he will kill it if it doesn't break Dean's deal.

The demon recognizes that Sam doesn't have the original Colt. It wants to know where Sam got it. It guesses - Ruby. Ruby has apparently been a problem for the Crossroads Demon in the past. The demon tries to talk Sam out of wanting the deal negated. She tells him that Sam will be secretly relieved when Dean is gone. No more cleaning up Dean's messes, no more dealing with Dean's broken psyche, no more being bossed around by Dean. Sam's better than Dean. When Dean's gone, Sam will be free.

Sam tells the demon to shut up. It tells Sam, "Doth protest too much, if you ask me." The demon refuses to break the deal.

Sam tells the demon he'll just kill it, and that will break the deal.

The demon laughs. It couldn't break the deal even if it wanted to. It was only acting as an agent for ... someone, or something, else. And whoever it is, they would never consider letting Dean out of the deal. It wants Dean's soul, bad, and it won't give it up.

Sam wants to know who it is. The demon says it can't tell him.

"Sorry, Sam, there's no way out of this one," it says. "Not this time."

Sam considers this.

He shoots the demon, killing it.

Photo: © 2007 The CW Network/Sergei Bachlakov

Posted by Miller on November 2, 2007 1:26 PM
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