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Supernatural: The Magnificent 7 Critique

Can't help myself, I was a bit disappointed in this one.

Can't quite put my finger on most of it. I thought the supernatural elements were there. The baddies were bad enough, their evil graphically illustrated. And we learned some things, things that will come into larger play later.

But the episode seemed a little... I'm not sure... off, maybe.

Part of it was the frenetic pace. I think this will continue for the entire season. Dean's only got a year. He's going to be pushing for as much action as possible in that time. As the season goes on, I expect the pace will grow to become even faster.

Part of it was the appearance of Ruby, which just seemed tacked on. I was prepared to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, but I didn't like the cheesy "mysterious woman" treatment, the sudden appearances and puzzling disappearances. The writers needed to introduce the character early, so that when she saved Sam from certain death, it didn't seem like a plot device (though it still did, for me).

Oh, and that rescue scene. That seriously stunk. The dialogue:

"I'm the girl who saved your ass."
"And I just saved yours."

Where did this come from, Pretty Woman: The Supernatural Years? ("What happened after he rescues her?" "She rescues him right back." Gag.) That has to be the single worst exchange since Season 1's Bugs episode.

Rants out of the way, there was still lots to like abut this episode. There are some new weapons around, and they seem to be very effective. Special wooden stakes to pin demons inside the host body, and supernatural blades that can dispatch them back to hell. Good stuff, and I hope that there is a backstory for this blade like there was for the Colt (which is still around, remember, despite the lack of ammo).

We also got to see some new hunters. One of them didn't last long, but, hey, it's a dangerous occupation. We got reminded of it. That's good, the characters were compelling enough to root for them, and it hurt when one died, especiallythe gruesome he died. I like that this show isn't afraid to pull punches on the death side of things - both emotionally (John, Mary, and some assorted sympathetic characters, like the ones in Faith and Heart) and physically.

We learned that Sam and Dean aren't well-liked in the hunting community right now. In fact, they are being blamed for the apocalyptic proportions of the current demon activities. I'm sure this is going to be a big factor, at least in the early season.

And finally, the big news. Sam can't void Dean's deal, or Sam dies again. This puts Sam and Dean at odds with each other (and puts Sam at odds with himself, too. We saw what John's sacrifice meant for Dean's mental health. How will Sam deal with it?) This kind of risk-taking is exactly why I love the series. This could be the writers painting themselves into a corner, but you can't help but wonder how they will get themselves out of it. Will the deal go on - Dean dead, Sam alive? Will Sam find a way to save Dean, but costing his own life? Will Sam find a way to save them both?

I can't wait to find out.

And then there's the small matter of war. The ante has been upped. The evils are stronger and more numerous than ever, and the forces of good are left with a pistol with no ammo, a mysterious blade that they didn't even know existed, and don't possess, and a few well-worn tools like exorcism rites and holy water. How can they fight when they're basically disarmed?

Is this where Dean's amulet comes into play?

Despite the misses, the writers did manage to address the important questions, and set up the season. This ought to be a good one.

Posted by Miller on October 9, 2007 10:52 AM
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I didnt like it. Bobby was great and I heard Jareds texas draw slip which I love to here but if you here it on SPN, then it means he is out of character...and thats a no,no in T.V. Land. Dean was too much a male slotty. Very sad that he was acting so like Iam dying every 5mins. throwing it in Sams face and I was glad when Bobby did give him a hit...meaning your dying but not a fool? Hated Miss Ruby a cross between Buffy and Zena...oops I MEANT Zenas sidekick Gabrielle.

-- Posted by: OLGAIRISCHICO at October 11, 2007 5:24 PM

After last night's episode, Ruby got a lot more interesting to me.

And yeah, Dean's "I can do anything, I'm dying" act will wear thin fast. I think last night will get him straightened out a bit there, also.

-- Posted by: Miller at October 12, 2007 7:00 AM

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