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Supernatural: The Kids are Alright Recap

Cicero, Indiana. Divorced dad drops off his daughter with mom. Daughter threw a fit on him until he drove her home, ending his visitation night. The daughter tells her mom that she doesn't want to visit dad anymore. "He's mean, and there are monsters there," she says.

Dad is working alone in his garage, when his table saw with a wicked looking blade starts up. He turns it off, puzzled, and starts to leave. It starts again. He goes over to examine it, and something pushes him onto the spinning blade, killing him.

Pizza? Again?

Sam is on the phone with Bobby. He's translating a document on his ever-present laptop. "What do you mean you don't think it will work, Bobby? It's a demon dispelling ritual." He pauses, "Well, maybe we just got the translation wrong. We can't just let Dean fry in hell while we - " Dean knocks on the window. Sam hurriedly hangs up, but his computer is not done translating whatever it's working on.

"Who's that?" Dean asks.

"Hi, "I'm just ordering pizza," Sam replies.

Dean looks at him strangely. "Dude, you do realize you're in a restaurant?"

"Yeah, oh, yeah, I just felt like pizza again."

Dean looks at him. "Okay.... Weirdy McWeirdenton."

Dean wants to go to Cicero, Indiana, where a man was just killed by a table saw. Sam doesn't see the demonic connection. Dean confesses. He wants to look up an old flame, Lisa Braden, a yoga instructor.

"That was the busiest weekend of my life," Dean says.

Sam agrees, but he's not happy about it.

"C'mon, smile Sam. God knows I'm gonna be smiling after 24 hours with Gumby girl..... Gumby girl...." Dean chuckles. "Does that make me Pokey?"


Dean drops Sam off and heads over to Lisa's house. She's obviously surprised to see him, and not particularly happy. It's a bad time, she's having a party. Dean can't resist a party.

But it's a kid's birthday party for Lisa's son, Ben. Ben is 8, and Dean hooked up with Lisa 8 years ago. Ben kind of shakes Dean up a bit. He dresses like Dean, is already interested in girls, and likes AC/DC. Dean is obviously thinking if Ben could be his son.

Dean hangs out for a bit, while 2 of Lisa's friends discuss him. They show obvious interest in him, which makes Dean uncomfortable, throwing him off his game.

Inside, Lisa is talking to her friend, the ex-wife of the man killed on his powersaw. The woman isn't doing well. Her daughter is acting strangely. In fact, she doesn't think that's really her daughter. Lisa thinks her friend is losing it, and tells her they'll get her help. The friend walks out without replying, getting her daughter so they can leave.

Dean walks in, makes small talk about Ben for a second. "I couldn't help but notice he's turning 8," he says. "You and me, you know ..."

Lisa looks at him. "You're not trying to ask me if he's yours?"

"No," Dean replies quickly. "Naw, course not." Lisa laughs uncomfortably. "He's not, is he?" Dean finally asks.

"What? No!" she says.

Lisa's friend leaves. "Something wrong with your friend?" Dean asks. Lisa tells him that she just lost her ex-husband in a horrible accident. Dean mentions that he read about it. Lisa tells him that there's been a lot of bad luck in the neighborhood lately.

"What kind of bad luck?" Dean asks.

Ruby returns

Cut to the diner. Sam is working on the computer, and Ruby sits down across from him. Sam accuses Ruby of following him. Ruby makes small talk. Sam asks her about her demon-killing knife. Where did she get it?

"Skymall," she says.

"Why are you following me?"

"I'm interested in you."


"Because you're tall. I love a tall man. And then there's the whole Anti-Christ thing." She quickly recaps the YED saga.

"How do you know about that?"

"I'm a good hunter. So... yellow eyes had some pretty big plans for you, Sam." Sam says the demon is dead, Ruby congratulates him, but says that doesn't change the fact that he's special. Sam says that's not happening now that the demon is dead.

"I'm still thinking you're a pretty big deal. I mean, after all that business with your mom..."

"What happened to my mom?" Sam asks.

"You know, what happened to her friends... " Sam looks at her, puzzled.

"You... don't know," Ruby says. "You've got a little bit of catching up to do, my friend." She tells him to research what happened, and writes her number on his hand. She tells him to call when he finishes his research.

"By the way, you do know there's a job in this town, right?" She leaves, just as Dean calls, telling him there is a job here. Four more people died in strange circumstances, but it didn't make the paper.

Play with me, mommy

Cut to Lisa's friend. She's just waking up, after having fallen asleep reading "The Historian". Her daughter, Katy, is sitting there, just watching her. "Play with me, mommy," Katy says.

"Sure, Katy," she says.

"I love you, mommy," Katy says, and hugs her mom. Mom looks into a mirror across the room, and sees something slimy and creepy hugging her, and most definitely not her daughter. But when she tears herself away and looks, all she sees is her daughter.

"I'm hungry, mommy," Katy says. Mom just nods. "Yeah," she says.

Katy gets a bit demanding

Cut to Sam. He's posing as an insurance agent to get more info on the other deaths. He talks to a woman, and examines where a man fell out of a window. On the house, outside of the window to the child's room, he sees smear marks that look like blood. Inside one of the windows, a child watches him, her face expressionless. Sam says that's all he needs, and leaves. But as the woman turns to show him out, he sees a large circular mark, almost like a bite mark, on her neck.

Cut to Katy's mom, making Katy a grilled cheese sandwich while rubbing her neck. She serves the sandwich, and goes to the bathroom. She looks at her neck in the mirror, and sees the circular bite mark. Katy begins banging on the door, demanding to be let in. Mom is terrified, but she's not letting Katy in.

The doorbell rings, and Katy stops pounding on the door. Mom composes herself, and goes to the door, where Katy is standing staring at a woman in a real estate blazer, holding a basket of baked goods. The real estate agent asks how they are doing, and Katy's mom tells her they are fine, this isn't a good time. The agent asks her if she's planning on keeping the house. "Look, I told you it's not a good time," she says, and shuts the door and locks it. Katy is standing right behind her.

"I want ice cream. Mommy, ice cream, please," Katy demands.

A lesson to bullies everywhere

Cut to Dean. He sees Ben sitting sadly on a park bench. Dean sits beside him. A bully has taken Ben's game system and won't give it back. Dean starts after the bully, but Ben tells him, "Only bitches send a grownup, and I'm not a bitch."

Dean agrees. He asks Ben which one has his game system, and Ben points him out.

Cut to Ben walking up to the bully. He asks for his game back, but the bully tells him to take it. Ben turns, as if to leave, then turns back and kicks the bully in the groin, twice. Once the bully is on the ground, he takes the game. Dean, sitting on the park bench, laughs.

Until Lisa shows up. She saw the whole thing, and wants to know if he told Ben to beat up the other kid.

"What?" Dean asks, exasperated. "I mean someone had to teach him how to kick a bully in the 'nads."

"Who asked you to teach him anything?" Lisa asks angrily. She grabs Dean and hauls him off the bench. "What are you even still doing here? We had one weekend together a million years ago. You don't know me, you have no business with my son." She leaves. Ben breaks away to hug Dean, as Lisa calls after him. "Thanks," Ben says.

As she stalks away with Ben, 3 creepy children watch them go, then turn to look at Dean, no expressions on their faces.

Katy gets even creepier

Cut to Katy's mom buckling her in a car, as Katy tells her how much she loves her mommy. The love fest has gotten very creepy. Mom is nervous, fumbling with her keys. She glances in the rear view mirror, and sees a horrible lamprey like face staring back at her. She starts, but when she looks again, she sees only Katy. She starts the car, telling Katy she's taking her for ice cream. They drive to a lake, where Mom parks the car on a boat ramp, puts it in neutral, and gets out and lets off the parking brake. As the car rolls into the lake, Katy makes no move to escape, only staring calmly back at her mom.

Back at the house, Mom opens the door, crying, and sees a puddle on the floor. Katy is sitting at the table, her clothes dripping.

"Hi, mommy. Can I have my ice cream now?" Katy asks.


Cut to Sam in the motel room. Dean bursts in, "Something's wrong with the kids in this town," he says.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Sam has discovered that they are up against changelings. They climb in a child's window, take the real kids, stash them underground, then take their place, feeding on the mother's synovial fluid. If anyone begins to suspect, or come between them and their food source, the changelings kill them. Sam had noticed marks near the victim's windows that looked like blood. The only way to kill a changeling is to burn it.

Dean has a sudden realization. Ben is potentially in danger. He goes to Lisa's house, and tries to get her to leave town, using his credit card. Well, not quite his.

"Siegfried Houdini," Lisa says. "Whose card is this?"

"Mine. Nevermind, it'll work, I promise," Dean replies. Lisa begins to kick Dean out, but Ben interrupts.

"Make him go away, Mommy." Dean tries to get Lisa away from the changeling, but she tells him to get out.

Dean scouts around the house. There, on the windowsill, is a red stain. He touches it.

Dean jogs up to Sam, who is sitting in Metallicar, and tells him that Ben's been taken. He saw the marks on the window, but iIt's not blood. It reminds him of something he saw earlier. He thinks he knows where the kids are now.

Dean drives them to a house under construction, where there is a large pile of red dirt, which is what he found on the windows. They search the house, and Dean finds the kids, and one adult - the real estate agent. Dean frees them, but as they are escaping, Sam is attacked by the changeling in the form of the real estate agent. She knocks the lighter for his torch from his hand.

Dean finishes freeing the prisoners, and breaks a window. The changeling attacks again, but Ben leads the others to safety while the brothers fight the creature.


Meanwhile, Lisa sees that Ben is a changeling, but when she tries to escape, she is surrounded by changelings. In another house, Katy's mom has locked herself in the bathroom while Katy pounds at the door, demanding to be let in.

Dean finally manages to stun the mother changeling, while Sam gets the torch. He torches it, and as it goes up in flames, all of its offspring also go up in flames all through the neighborhood.

Dean returns Ben to Lisa. Dean explains about the changelings, and hunting, to Lisa, while Sam goes back to the motel. Dean wants to know if Lisa is sure Ben isn't his. She is, she had a blood test done. It was a guy a lot like Dean. "What?" she asks. "I had a type."

Dean is disappointed. Dean feels like he's not leaving anything behind when he dies, besides his car. Lisa tells him that Ben wouldn't be alive without him. She thinks that's a pretty good legacy. That seems to make Dean feel better.

Dean tells Lisa that he would have been proud to be Ben's dad. Lisa tells him that he's welcome to stay for a while, but Dean says no, he has work to do, and this really isn't his life. He leaves.

Ruby's secret

Meanwhile, Sam is researching Mary's friends. They're all dead, many under suspicious circumstances.

Sam meets with Ruby. Ruby tells him that the YED is the one who was trying to cover up something by killing all of Mary's friends. Sam wants to know how Ruby knows so much about him. Ruby says she is just a hunter.

"Right, just a hunter. Just tell me who you are," he says.

Ruby's eyes darken. She's a demon. Sam goes after his holy water, but Ruby says she's here to help him. Sam doesn't believe her. He wants to know what the demon was covering up, what happened to Mary. Ruby doesn't know. It's what she's trying to find out. All she knows is it's about Sam. Whatever is being covered up is what the YED did to Sam. Ruby wants to help Sam, but she won't divulge her reasons. She tells him that all demons are not alike, that they all have their own motivations. She wants to help Sam from time to time, and there's something in it for Sam.

"I can help you save your brother," Ruby says.

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