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Supernatural: Sin City - "Talky"

Supernatural suddenly makes like a talk show.

Not that I didn't like the episode, because I did. It's a bit early in the season to go all philosophical, but I'm confident the writers are going to make it up to the viewers later on. In fact, Eric Kripke has hinted that the second half of the season is explosively fast-paced.

But, in order to do all that, and to fit in a few special episodes like the Christmas episode, some things needed to be moved along.

Just a couple of episodes ago, I mentioned how little we know about demons. Are they truly evil, or do they just believe they are superior to humans? Is there a leader?

Some answers

Turns out the answers are in this episode.

Demons, it turns out, are much like humans. Some of them believe in their God - Lucifer - to various degrees of fanaticism. Some don't believe at all. No one has ever seen Lucifer, and there is a mythology about his return just like the Bible tells of Christ's return. Demons can love, or something similar. Casey, the hot bartender possessed by the demon, had a mate? Partner? Demons can even have sympathy for humans, as shown by Casey. She sincerely tried to stop her mate, or whatever - the possessed priest - from killing Dean.

Leading to...

So where do these answers lead?

Well, for Dean they lead nowhere. Has he have developed some sympathy for demons? He tried to stop Sam from killing Casey. Or was he just worried about the body the demon was possessing?

He still doesn't know if there is a heaven, so he can't feel its loss. As the time gets closer to his death and descent to Hell, he won't be budging from his plan to save Sam.

The Lucifer thing, though, that is interesting. It sets up a possible story line. Imagine if the brothers find the Devil's version of the Bible. In it are the prophecies for Lucifer's return. Now there is a new story arc. Do the brothers believe Lucifer exists? If they begin to believe, is there a way to stop Lucifer's return? This also makes me wonder, could the prophecies of Lucifer's return be tied to the YED's plans for the demon war?

The War

Speaking of the demon war, the conversation on that subject was also enlightening. Casey says that it's now chaos, that every demon is out for itself now, with every demon creating its own front in the war. And Ruby may just want to step into the void the YED's death has created.

Ruby has turned even more dangerous than before. She clearly has a hold over Sam. How far will Sam go to save Dean's life? Will he just begin by sabotaging the hunts? Or will Ruby bide her time, helping Sam - and Dean and Bobby - in order to gain their trust, before using Sam to unite the other demons to create the war the YED wanted? Or does she have another agenda?

The Colt

The Colt is back in business. What does that mean? Well, several things. First, it means the hunters have a new weapon against demons, obviously. Before, they were limited by the lack of magic bullets for the pistol. Ruby has apparently solved that problem. That makes the Colt too powerful of a weapon, though. The story will get boring quickly if all the brothers have to do is show up, find the demon and shoot it.

Unless the Colt is also a liability. If Bela knew about the Colt, she would find it hugely valuable, I'm sure. Now, the brothers have to think about protecting it. This can keep them from using it every episode. The Colt may also turn out to still be useful as a key for a Devil's Gate. What if Bela stole the Colt for a client, only to find out that the client planned on using it to release even more demons? Alternatively, now that the Colt is repaired, maybe that's what Ruby will ask of Sam, to find a Devil's Gate to release more demons, demons under her command this time.

Ruby wants the Colt, she told Sam to give it her if he wouldn't use it. So what does she want Sam to do with it?

Posted by Miller on October 30, 2007 6:49 AM
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