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Supernatural Recap: The Magnificent 7

If it took all of season 2 to kill one demon, how long will it take to kill 7? Answer: exactly 1 episode, if you have a little help.


The episode begins with a recap of seasons 1 and 2, set to AC/DC's "Hell's Bells". The recap ends with the demons escaping from the hellgate, and swarming around the countryside. Outside Oak Park, Illinois, we see a bearded man taking out the garbage. He sees his neighbor's nice car, gives his beater a glance, and sighs. He puts the garbage in the can, and as he turns to walk away, the streetlights flicker and the cans begin rattling. A demon enters him. Possessed.

Party time for Dean

Cut to Sam sitting in Metallicar, reading Faust. He's obviously looking for a way to break the bargain Dean made with the crossroads demon. He glances up to see Dean in the window of a motel room. Dean gives him the thumbs-up sign, and draws the curtain. The silhouettes show both Dean and a woman getting undressed. Sam shakes his head. This is apparently a scene he's witnessed before.

The cell rings, Sam answers. Bobby tells him that there are a lot of omens centering on Lincoln, Nebraska. They should leave right away.

Sam knocks on the motel door, but doesn't get an answer He opens it, and looks around the room, before hurriedly shutting his eyes and trying to back out of the door. [background music is "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"]

Later, in the car, Sam asks Dean for his knife. "Why?" Dean asks.

"So I can gouge my eyes out," Sam answers.

Sam has seen parts of Dean's anatomy that he doesn't want to ever see again.

Sam recaps the situation for Dean, and they're off to Nebraska.


In Nebraska, they pull up to a quiet farmhouse where Bobby is waiting. The farm where they meet is the center of the omens he has tracked. They hear cicadas, one of the omens Bobby mentioned. They knock on the door. No answer, but they can hear faint noises inside. Drawing their weapons, they walk in cautiously.

The house appears deserted, but there is a rank smell, and flies can be heard buzzing in the background. They gradually make out noises that sound like someone talking. Opening a door, they see a television, the source of the sounds of people talking. And on the couch in front of it, there are the 3 mummified bodies of the family that lived here.

Dean hears a noise outside, and motions for Bobby and Sam to move quietly. Dean peeks out the door, weapon drawn, and sees nothing. He takes a cautious step outside, and is hit from behind. Before he can get his bearings, Bobby greets Dean's attacker and the woman with him. They are 2 hunters, Isaac and Tamara.

They go back to Isaac and Tamara's place, which is packed with hunting paraphernalia, including a stake of wood from Peru, that is toxic to demons. They talk about what they just saw, and about the escape of the demons. Sam asks how they began hunting. There is an uncomfortable silence. It's clearly a sore subject.

They announce plans to begin hunting the escaped demons, but Sam tries to talk them into working together, since they will be much stronger that way. They refuse, saying they don't trust working with the people who let the demons escape in the first place. Sam looks stunned, Dean is angry.

Bobby pulls the curtains, and just after, a mysterious blonde woman emerges from the mist to gaze menacingly at the house.

Cut to a store. The bearded guy from Illinois walks in, and talks to a blonde who is shopping. He puts his hand on her shoulder, and nods toward some shoes across the room. "Those are nice shoes," he says. She agrees. She walks over to another shopper, who has just picked them up. "Those are nice shoes," she says. "I want them."

"Sorry," the other woman replies, "Last pair."

The blonde follows the woman outside the shop. She walks up behind her, slams her head into a car windshield several times. As the woman lies bleeding, and dying, on the street, the blonde picks up the shoes and walks off.

Cut to Dean chatting up a woman clerk in the shoe store. Sam asks him what he's doing, and Dean says he's comforting the bereaved. Sam tells him he should be working. Bobby, in a suit, walks up. Dean asks him what his cover was. Bobby tells him he was an attorney for the D.A.'s office. The blonde was not possessed, no blackouts, he even spilled holy water on her without effect. She just really, really, wanted those shoes. Bobby doesn't think it's a coincidence that this strange murder happened in the same town where the family died. He asks what the brothers found. Sam says nothing. Dean interrupts, "Well, maybe something." He nods toward a store security camera. "See," he says to Sam. "I'm working."

They review the videotape, and see the bearded guy talking to the blonde moments before she confronts the shopper.

Sam leaves to check out the bearded guy. Across the street, the mysterious blonde woman watches him, and begins to follow him. Sam gets a feeling, looks back, and she's gone.

Drink on the house

Cut to Dean and Bobby in Bobby's car. It's raining, and they're staking out a bar, waiting for the bearded guy to show up. Dean canvassed the neighborhood earlker, and found out that this is where the man likes to spend time. Sam smacks the window, and gets in the car. The man is Walter Rosen, he disappeared from Oak Park, Illinois a week ago, about the time the Devil's Gate opened.

Sam asks if this demon can just make people do things by touching them. Bobby explains that these demons will be able to do things they've never seen before.

Walter drives up. Dean wants to go take him down now, but Bobby thinks they should assess the situation first. Sam tells him they don't have that option any more. Isaac and Tamara are walking into the bar.

Inside, Isaac and Tamara watch Walter drink. Isaac has his holy water ready. Walter heads to the restroom, and Isaac gets up to follow. He's stopped by a bald guy, who asks him what he's doing. Isaac tells him he was about to go to the restroom. The man says, "No, I mean, what do you think you're doing here?" His eyes turn dark and he takes the holy water from Isaac and tosses it away. "I don't like hunters in my bar." Suddenly they're surrounded by 7 demons.

Outside, Bobby, Sam and Dean are trying to get in, but the door is locked. The demons taunt the couple. One of the demons walks up with a bottle of drain cleaner, and tells Isaac, "Have a drink on me." Isaac appears to resist for a moment, then grabs the drain cleaner and begins to chug it, while Tamara screams. After a moment, Isaac begins to bleed from his nose and mouth, and falls to the floor.

Bobby's car slams through the bar door. The three jump out and begin flinging holy water everywhere. The demons scream, and Sam grabs Tamara and puts her in the car, telling her to leave Isaac. "He's dead," Sam shouts.

Bobby gets in the car, but Dean is out of holy water, and must fight Walter. He knocks him back into the open trunk of the car, which is covered in demon trap symbols. He closes the trunk, and gets in the car, and they race away, leaving Isaac.

Back at Isaac and Tamara's house, they argue. Tamara wants to go back to get Isaac. Dean volunteers to go with her. Bobby and Sam try to convince them not to go. They have no weapon to kill them, there are too many to exorcise at one time. Sam says they don't even know how many there are.

"Yeah, we do," Bobby says. "There are 7 of them. Do you have any idea of who we're up against here?"

"No, who?" Dean asks, exasperated.

"The 7 deadly sins." They are very powerful, and Bobby isn't sure how they can defeat the demons. The family in the farmhouse was touched by Sloth, the shopper by Envy, and Isaac by Gluttony.

They question Walter (who is Envy), and he tells them his only goal is to kill. This is fun to him, after so long in Hell. He tells them that they show their vices to him - Dean is Lust and Gluttony, Tamara is Wrath. It's why she started to hunt.

"Its so much easier to drink in the rage, than face what happened so long ago," Envy says. Tamara attacks him, but they restrain her. He says the other demons are coming for him.

"But they aren't going to find you," Dean says. "'Cause you'll be in Hell." Tamara exorcises the demon, but Walter doesn't make it.

They discuss what to do. Dean wants them to leave while he stays behind to slow the demons down, but Sam thinks they will be stronger at the house. Bobby doesn't think it will matter, they will track them down no matter where they are.

The party starts

Isaac comes to the door - or a demon possessing Isaac. He tells Tamara that she left him behind to die, just like she left their daughter to die. Tamara bursts through the door with a stake made of special wood that can kill demons. She attacks Isaac, saying it's not him, he's a demon. She stabs him with the stake, and fortunately, she's right.

But she's broken the salt circle protecting the house. The 5 demons left move in. A pretty blonde targets Dean, while a big guy goes after Bobby. That leaves Sam with 3.

The blonde starts kissing Dean. "You must be Lust," Dean says. He kisses her back, and suddenly, he shoves her into a bathtub filled with holy water.

Downstairs, Bobby is being chased by the big guy. He keeps backing up, until he backs into a wall. The big guy comes after him, until he stops suddenly, as if he ran into a wall. They both look up, the demon is in a demon trap painted on the ceiling. Bobby begins his exorcism.

Sam is being pursued by 3 demons. He tries Bobby's trick, but the lead demon, a guy in a suit stops before he enters the trap.

"Do you think that stuff will work on me? I'm not that stupid," the demon says.

"Let me guess, you're Pride," Sam says. The demon nods, then causes the ceiling to rip, destroying the trap. "The root of all sin," the demon says. He tells Sam that he's tired of hearing about him, "The Boy King." He says that now that the Yellow-Eyed Demon is gone, he doesn't have to hold back. The three demons attack Sam. As he's fighting them off, the mysterious blonde who has been following him walks in, grabs one of the demons from behind, and cuts its throat. Sam struggles with another, while the blonde kills a second demon. A third grabs the blonde, but Sam pulls it off, and the blonde stabs it in the throat.

"Who the hell are you?" Sam asks.

"I'm the girl who just saved your ass," she replies.

"And I just saved yours," he says, as she walks away. Sam follows, but she's disappeared already. "Take care of yourself, Sam."

The next morning, they are salting and burning bodies. Two of the possessed are still alive, but Bobby has been up all night exorcising the demons. Sam wants to know what kind of knife can kill a demon, but Bobby doesn't know. Dean wants to know why a girl can fight better than Sam. "Three demons, Dean," Sam says. "At the same time."

"Whatever it takes to get you through the night," Dean replies.

Tamara decides she's going on alone. Bobby is headed back also, but he tells them to watch for omens.

"Bobby, we can win this war, right?" Sam asks. Bobby just looks at him for a moment, and doesn't reply.

Sam tells Dean that Tamara told him about a hoodoo priestess in Louisiana that might be able to break the contract. Dean refuses to go, he suggests Reno instead. Sam confronts him, asking him why he's so disinterested in saving his life. Dean tells him he doesn't get it. If the bargain is broken, Sam goes back to being dead. Sam is shocked, he didn't know this part of the bargain.

"How could you make a deal like that?" he asks.

Dean says he couldn't live without Sam.

"So now I live, and you die?"

"That's the general idea, yeah," Dean says.

He asks Dean if he remembers how he felt about John making a deal to save Dean's life. Sam tells him he was being selfish. Dean says, "Yep, and I'm okay with that." He says he's tired, but now, knowing he only has a year, he sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

"That's hellfire, Dean."

Dean shrugs. "Whatever. You're alive, I feel good, for the first time in a long time, Sam. I got a year to live, and I'd like to make the most of it. What do ya say we kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell, huh?"

"You're unbelievable," Sam says.

"Very true," Dean replies, and they drive off.

Posted by Miller on October 5, 2007 6:36 AM
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