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Supernatural Recap: Sin CIty

We open with a nun placing books in the pews of a church. A priest gives her more books. He offers to walk her to her car, but a man at the pulpit says, "Father?"

The priest turns. "Andy?"

"God's not with us. Not any more," he says.

"Andy, of course He is," the priest says. "Why would you say that?"

"He can't help us. And if He can, He won't." He pulls out a gun, and kills himself.

The Colt is back

Cut to Dean and Bobby disassembling the Colt at a workbench. Sam walks up and mentions some omens that he found in Ohio. Dean is sceptical, they don't sound like much.

"There's got to be a demon in South Beach," he says.

"Sorry, Hef, maybe next time," Sam replies.

Sam asks if they're having any luck with the Colt. Bobby says it's slow, the only thing the Colt is good for is figuring out how it works. Dean kids Bobby about having the pistol ready by afternoon.

"Well, it won't kill demons by then," Bobby says. "But I can promise you it'll kill you."

Dean and Sam laugh, and prepare to leave. Bobby tells them to call him if they run into anything. Anything.


In Ohio, Sam and Dean question the priest while posing as insurance investigators. The priest says that Andy used to be a church regular, sang in the choir, but that he stopped coming about 2 months ago. The whole town changed about then, people started becoming more self-centered. It seemed to happen suddenly. A man named Tony Perkins who killed several people in a hobby shop also had a rapid personality change.

As they leave, Sam notes that 2 months ago was about the time the Devil's Gate was opened. Sam doesn't think it's a coincidence.

They check into a motel. Dean chuckles about the mirror over the bed. As he goes to shut the door, he recognizes the man across the hall who is just opening his door.

"Richie!" Dean says.

"Dean, uh, Winchester, right?" Richie asks.

A tall, scantily-dressed blonde walks out of Richie's room. She pauses.

"This is my, uh, sister, Cheryl," Richie says.

He gives her some money, and she struts off.

"Well, you know... step-sister," he laughs.

Dean invites Richie in, introduces him to Sam, and Richie and Dean catch up for moment. Richie is also a hunter, but he's an amateur. Dean and Richie hunted a succubus together when Sam was in school. Dean told Richie then that he wasn't cut out for the job. Dean claims he rescued Richie from the succubus.

Richie takes a call, and tells the caller, apparently a female, that it's a bad time. They talk for a moment. Neither Richie nor the brothers have any proof of demonic activity in the town. Dean wonders why, if the demons are possessing people, that the victims are committing suicide. Richie speculates that the demons might be passing host to host, like taking cars for a joyride. Dean wants to know who else in town fits the profile of someone who was a nice guy whose personality suddenly changed.

Richie says, "There's Trotter." Trotter used to be a model citizen, but he's the one who brought in the gambling, bars, and prostitutes. He owns most of the vice in the town.

Dean notices the Magic Fingers on the bed and breaks out into a big smile.

Sam asks if he knows where to find Trotter. Richie says he's going to his bar in a few hours.

Run through the Jungle

Cut to the bar. As CCR's "Run Through the Jungle" plays, the brothers watch the scene. Lots of scantily dressed women, several appearing to be prostitutes, are walking around. One tries to get Dean into the back of a limo, but Sam pushes Dean away. Lots of people are drinking. The bar is hoppin'.

Sam and Dean meet Richie, who points out Trotter. Dean checks out the bartender, a hot brunette, but Richie says the she and him have something going on. Dean is sceptical.

Dean makes a comment about the bartender's butt, and the priest, who is sitting at the bar, overhears him. Sam asks what he's doing there, and the priest says he has to go where the flock is. The bartenders says, "Plus, clergy drinks for free."

She pours the father a drink, and the priest says she owes him a confession.

"Not in this lifetime, Father," she says. The priest says he wants to see her butt in church, and leaves.

Dean asks her what her specialty drink is, and she says she makes a mean Hurricane. Dean says he'll take one.

"You drink Hurricanes?" Sam asks incredulously.

"I do now," Dean smiles.

A man walks in, acting strangely. Sam and Dean notice him, but before they can make their way to him, he pulls out a gun, and shoots a man playing pool. Dean tackles him before he can kill himself. Sam throws holy water on the man, but nothing happens. Sam and Dean look at each other. The man is not possessed.


Sam and Dean sit while the police do their investigation. Sam wants to leave, there are too many cops. Dean tells him to play it cool. The sheriff walks up and tells the brothers the newspaper photographer wants to get their picture. As soon as he leaves, they get ready to leave. Dean stops. Where is Richie?

Cut to Richie with the bartender getting out of his car. They go into an old house. Richie asks her if she wouldn't be more comfortable back in his motel room. "I have oils," he says.

"But I have toys," she replies.

"Toys trump oils," Richie replies. While she lights candles, Richie asks her if she ever gets scared in the house.

"Of course not," she says. "Not when I have a hunter to protect me." She turns, closes her eyes, and when she opens them, they're black. Richies reaches for a knife, but she grabs his head and twists it completely backward, snapping his neck.

Sam and Dean are at a bar. Dean is worried about Richie. Sam suggest that maybe Richie just bailed.

"He's a moron. I mean he's a sweet moron, but he's not a coward. He wouldn't just bail," Dean says. They agree to split up. Dean will look for Richie, and Sam will follow Trotter.

Ruby the firearms expert

Meanwhile, Bobby is test-firing the Colt. As he's reloading, Ruby appears. "Cute piece," she says.

"Who the hell are you?" Bobby asks.

"Won't stop a demon, though," Ruby says, ignoring him.

"How the hell do you know?"

"Oh, I don't know," she pauses, and her eyes turn dark. "Call it an educated guess."

"Well, ain't I lucky then," Bobby says. "Found a subject for a test fire."

"Luck had nothing to do with it," she says. "But hey, by all means." She stands in front of him, arms out. "Take your best shot."

Bobby hesitates.

"Are you going to stand there like a pantywaist, or are you gonna shoot me?" Bobby fires.

Ruby looks down.

"Ouch." She looks up at Bobby. "That smarts a little."

"What do you want?" Bobby asks, looking frightened.

"Peace on Earth," Ruby says, walking toward him. "A new shirt. Now, do you want me to help you out with that gun, or not?"


Cut to Sam standing in the hallway of an office building. He walks up to where he can see Trotter talking to a big man. Sam's phone rings, and he hurriedly answers. It's Dean, and he asks Sam if everything is okay. Sam tells Dean to meet him at the bar and hangs up. The big man walks out to the hallway and looks around, but Sam is gone.

Cut to Dean at the bar. A well-endowed brunette walks up to him, and offers to cut her usual rate in half.

"What do I look like?" Dean asks.

"What do I look like?" she replies. "Cheapskate."

The bartender walks over. "Did I just hear you strike out with a prostitute? How's that work?"

"Well, I just told her I had a thing for the bartender," Dean replies. "It's pretty easy."

"Who says the bartender is available?" she asks.

"Good question. You got something going on with some guy, about yea tall, wears a sweatsuit..."

"Who?" she asks.

"Naw. My mistake. What say you and me grab a drink after your shift?"

"I say, why wait," she replies. "When we can go right now." They leave, as another bartender watches.

Cut to Sam at Trotter's offices. He waits until he's sure no one is around, then goes into the office, shuffling papers around, looking for any clue. The big man surprises him, and they fight. Someone puts a gun to Sam's head. It's Trotter. He asks Sam what he's doing there.
"I think maybe you know," Sam says.

"Yeah? Well, I think maybe I'm calling the cops," Trotter says.

"Cops?" Sam is puzzled.

"Breaking and entering, assault... you're in a pack of trouble my friend."

"I think I can probably explain..." Sam begins, and he knocks the gun away, and takes it from Trotter. Sam tells them to back off, which they do, hands raised.

"The money's in the safe, take it and go," Trotter says.

"I don't want the money, I just have to be sure," Sam says. He throws holy water on them.

Nothing happens.

"What kind of psycho are you?" Trotter asks angrily.

"Oh, God," Sam says. "I'm sorry? I think this was just a minor misunderstanding? How about I just, I just leave, cause... I'll take these..." He takes the bullets from the gun. "Okay, I'll leave this for, for you... uh, have a nice day?" He swallows hard, and leaves.


Cut to Dean at the bartender's house. "Looks like the maid's day off," Dean jokes.
The bartender doesn't say anything.
"Everything okay?" Dean asks.

The bartender takes off her jacket, kisses him, and says, "Make yourself comfortable."
She walks away.

"Oh, I forgot to mention," Dean says. "Richie was a friend of mine. When I realized I could track the GPS in his cellphone, I swung by here earlier. Give him a proper burial. Better than rotting in some skank's basement."

The demon leaps at him, but hits what looks like an invisible wall. She falls to the floor. Dean lifts a rug, showing a demon trap.

"Oops. Isn't that a buzzkill?" Dean asks. "Sorry, sister, but you're going back to where you came from."

Dean gets out a book of exorcisms, and begins reading in Latin. The demon, though, psychically makes the earth shake, causing the basement stairs to collapse and become blocked. The wind begins blowing harder, ripping the pages from the book so that Dean can't finish the spell.

They're both trapped.

Dean lights some candles and looks for his book. Dean tries the exorcism spell from memory, but stutters. He clears his throat and tries again, but can't remember it.

"Nice try, but I think," the demon says, "you just ordered a pizza. Guess you should've payed more attention in Latin class." Dean tells her that she's not going anywhere, but she says neither is he.

"Yeah, but I've got somebody coming for me, and he did pay attention in class," Dean says, while searching for a way out.

"Oh, right, Sam. Everyone says he's the brains of the outfit."

"Everyone?" Dean asks.

"Sure, you Winchester boys are famous. Not Lohan famous, but you know..."

"That's flattering, and I'll be sure to let Sam know when he gets here."

"If he shows up first." Dean turns, surprised.

"What, you thought I was flying solo? You shouldn't underestimate, Dean, it might be the death of you."

Who will show up first?

Cut to Sam at the bar. He bribes the male bartender to find out where Dean went, and gets the female bartender's address.

Dean continues to try to find a way out. The demon makes small talk while he looks. The demon says that she didn't make anyone do anything. All she did was have lunch with Trotter, and point out how much money could be made with some businesses catering to harmless vices. She says that humans just need a nudge.

"And they'll walk right into hell with big, fat smiles on their faces. Your kind is corrupt, Dean, weak. Our will's stronger. And that's why we'll win."

"And that's how it ends?" Dean asks.

"No, that's how it begins."

Sam goes to the bartender's place, and while searching, he finds sulfur.

Getting Biblical

Dean continues talking to the demon. They discuss the Bible. The demon scoffs, telling him it's only a book.
"Not everyone would agree," Dean says.

"Because it's God's book?" the demon asks. "Do you believe in God, Dean? I'd be surprised if you did."

"I don't know. I'd like to," Dean says.

The demon says that God and humans haven't done so well running the earth, racking up a huge body count.
"It's our turn now," the demon says. "And we're going to do it right this time."

They hear a noise, and Dean gets up to look, but the demon tells him not to get his hopes up. It's just the wind.

Back at the bar, Sam calls Bobby and leaves him a message telling him what has happened. He sees the priest, and asks to talk to him.

Dean and the demon are still talking. Dean says that demons lie.
"Some do," the demon says. "Some are true believers."

"Believers in what?"

"You think humans have an exclusive on a higher power?"

"You have a God?"

"Sure. His name is Lucifer."

"You mean the Devil?"

"Your word, not ours. Lucifer actually means 'light bringer.' Look it up. Once he was the most beautiful of God's angels, but God demanded that he bow down before man, and when he refused God banished him. Tell me, Dean, how do you like bowing before lesser creatures?"

"Lucifer's really real?" Dean shakes his head.

"No one's actually seen him, but they say he made us into what we are, and they say that he'll return."

"You believe that?"

"I have faith. Is my kind really all that different from yours?"

"Well, except that demons are evil."

"And humans are such a lovable bunch. Dick Cheney."

"He one of yours?"

"Not yet Let's just say he's got a parking spot reserved for him downstairs."

"Hey, speaking of downstairs, what's it like down there?"

"What, hell?"


"That's right, you booked a one way ticket with that deal." The demon looks at Dean. Dean chuckles.

The demon grows serious.

"You're not going to like it, Dean. And, um, judging by the trouble you've caused, I don't think you'll be getting the Presidential Suite. No, it's a pit of despair, why do you think we want to come here?"

Fatherly advice

Sam explains to the priest that Dean has gone off with the bartender. The priest says he thought the 2 of them were insurance investigators. Sam says it's sort of a family business. He tells the priest that he thinks they are in trouble, and asks if he knows of a place they might have gone. The priest says he will go also, since there may be trouble. As he gets his coat, he sighs and his eyes turn dark. He's a demon.

Dean and the demon continue to make small talk. The demon tells Dean he's all right. She says he's likable.

"A demon likes me. Sorry, I don't know how to respond to that."

"You can say thanks," she pauses. "That deal you made? The deal you made to save Same? A lot of others would mock you for it, think it was weak or stupid. I don't."

"It's been kind of liberating, actually," Dean says. "What's the point of worrying about a future, when you don't have one?"

"Still, a year to live. You're not scared?"

"Nah," he says, but his look betrays him.

"Not even a little?"

"'Course not," Dean says.

Sam and the priest make small talk in the car. The priest tells him he's a smart kid, that he could do some great things. He appears to be hinting at something. Sam notices, but he says he's happy doing what he's doing.
"Well, it's your life," the priest says.

The demon stretches sexily, and Dean watches. She says that she sees lust in his eyes, and that it might be one way to spend the time.

"But I don't think you'd respect me in the morning."

"That's okay, I mean, hey, I barely respect you now." They laugh. "Hey, can I ask you a question?"

"I'm an open book," the demon says.

Dean asks what happens now that the Devil's Gate has been opened. He doesn't see a plan. The demon tells him there was a plan, but the YED, whose name was Azazel, dying ended the plan. Sam was supposed to be the leader of the army.

"You think this is a good thing," the demon says. "Now you have chaos, a war without a front. Hundreds of demons, jockeying for power, all fighting for the crown, most of them gunning for your brother."

Dean looks away.

"For the record," the demon says. "I was ready to follow Sam."

Cavalry... with the Indians

Sam and the priest arrive. Sam is yelling Dean's name. Dean replies, and Sam hears him. Sam says he's here with the father. Dean looks at the demon, and she smiles slightly. Dean tells Sam to be careful. Sam looks around, and pulls his holy water from his pocket. The turns, and the priest is standing there - his eyes flash dark.

He walks toward Sam, and there is a gunshot. The head of a nearby statue explodes, and the priest turns to see Bobby. The priest makes a move, and throws Bobby telekinetically. Sam moves in, but the priest does the same to Sam.

Sam goes to Bobby while the priest goes to the basement. Sam gets the Colt from Bobby. Bobby says, "Go." Ruby appears. "You heard the man, go," she says.

The priest has cleared the stairs, and telekinetically throws Dean across the room. He goes toward the bartender-demon, but she stops him and points out the demon trap. He kneels and smashes the ground near it with his fist, which cracks the floor, destroying the trap. He goes to the bartender-demon, and they kiss.

"You two?" Dean asks.

"For centuries. We've been to hell and back, literally," the priest-demon answers.

"Leave him be," the bartender-demon says. The priest-demon picks Dean up by his neck, choking him.
"Don't kill him, let's just go," the bartender-demon says. "Please..."

A gun fires, and the priest-demon is hit. Electric arcs surround him, and he falls dead. Sam looks at him, then turns to the female demon.

"Sam..." Dean begins, but Sam shoots the female demon also, and she dies.

A new team

Dean and Bobby are talking on the street. Dean wonders if they made a difference. Bobby says a few less demons isn't nothing. Dean notes that Trotter is still alive.

"Humans ain't our job," Bobby replies.

Dean wonders if anything is going to change, if people don't want to be destroyed. The demon is dead, and so is the girl it possessed. Bobby says it had to be done to save Dean's life. Dean says that Sam was cold when he killed the demon.

Dean stops Bobby, and tells him that the YED said something to him in Wyoming.
"What'd he say?" Bobby asks.

"That maybe when Sam came back from wherever that ... maybe he came back different."

"Different how?"

"I don't know. But whatever it was, it didn't sound good. You think.. you think something is wrong with my brother?"

Bobby thinks. "Naw," he says, shaking his head. "Demons lie, I'm sure Sam's okay." But he doesn't sound sure.

"Yeah, yeah, me too," Dean says, uncertainly.

Back in the motel, Sam is packing when Ruby shows up. She wants to celebrate, but Sam isn't happy.
"You're not going to get all pouty now on me, are you? C'mon, you killed 2 demons today."

"Yeah, well maybe you don't care, but I killed 2 humans, too."

"Sam, you know what happens when demons piggyback humans. They leave 'em rode hard and put up wet. Chances are, they still would've died a slow, sticky death. You probably did them a favor."

"Did 'em a favor? You're a cold bitch, you know that?"

"Yeah, this cold bitch has saved your ass a couple of times now. Some respect might be nice. Especially, if you want me to help you out with Dean and his little problem."

Sam reaches for the Colt. "You know, you keep dangling that, but the last time I checked Dean's still going to hell."

"Everything in its own time, Sam. But there's a quid pro quo here. We're in a war."

"Right, but for some reason, you're fighting on our team. Now tell me, why is that again?"

"Go screw yourself, that's why. I don't have to justify my actions to you, Sam. If you don't want my help, fine. Then give me the gun, and I'll pass it on to someone who'll use it."

"Maybe I'll just use it on you," Sam says, pointing the Colt at Ruby.

"Go ahead if that makes you happy. It's not going to do much for Dean, though. So what's it gonna be, hmm?"

Sam puts the Colt down.

"Ah, that's my boy," Ruby says. "This won't be easy, Sam. You're gonna have to do things that go against that gentle nature of yours. There'll be collateral damage. But it has to be done."

"But I don't have to like it," Sam replies.

"No, you wouldn't be Sam if you did. On the bright side, I'll be there with you. That little fallen angel on your shoulder."

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