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Supernatural: Bad Day, Good Episode

Bad Day at Black Rock was a nice change of pace. Lots of humor to lighten up the very dark first 2 eps.

Seemed like the directors let the actors go a little over the top, but it worked for this episode. It seems the favorite part of the episode throughout netland was Sam's little-boy-who-lost-his-puppy rendition of "I lost my shoe."

There were a couple of little things I want to call your attention to, though, because they may figure in later.

I'm sure everyone caught the tribute to Stanley Kubrick, of The Shining and many other movies. I'm also sure that everyone caught the title reference, Bad Day at Black Rock, an old Spencer Tracy film.

For Horror fanbois

First, a little Easter egg for horror fans. I'm sure everyone got Bela's name reference, as in Bela Lugosi. And if you didn't, the writers made sure to hit you over the head with it by having Bela use Lugosi as her alias.

But did you catch her real surname? Talbot isn't an actor, it's a character once played by Lon Chaney, Jr., in The Wolf Man. Lon co-starred with Bela Lugosi as Lawrence Talbot, a man who is bitten by a werewolf while killing it, and is therefore cursed to become a werewolf himself. Lugosi played a character named Bela, the gypsy who is also a werewolf. Bela is the werewolf that bites Talbot and passes on the curse.

Not sure if there's any significance to the werewolf story, or to the passing on of a curse (though that kind of happened in this episode). It may just be some fun trivia passed on by the writers.


The other tidbit is the mention of "amulets" by Bela, during her monologue justifying her profession when she was in the standoff with Dean. I feel sure this is foreshadowing for somewhere later in the season, when Bela will be after Dean's amulet. Dean may or may not realize the significance of his amulet, but if he doesn't, Bela is the perfect plot device to fill him in on the backstory quickly.

Speaking of backstory, I also wanted to bring up a tidbit I noticed from last episode. Sam finds out that all of Mary's friends had been murdered. Interestingly, in the October edition of the Supernatural Origins comic, there is a reference to Mary's best friend having been murdered by a hellhound. I think it's neat how they have tied the show and the comic together that tightly.

So how did I feel about Bela?

The character is okay, but she hasn't grabbed me yet. The accent, combined with her tendency to dress in black, along with her Catherine Zeta-Jones resemblance had me thinking of Entrapment the whole time. We'll see how she plays out in future episodes. I liked her introduction much better than Ruby's intro, so maybe she'll grow on me even more than Ruby has.

Her little theft at the end of the episode seemed a bit cutesy to me, but in keeping with the character, so it didn't really bother me. It did make me think, though, when will the brothers lose again?


One thing I love about the show is how the good guys don't always win. The forces of evil got what they wanted in Season 1, in Dead in the Water, Nightmare, and Shadow. The brothers lost to evil again in Tall Tales and Heart, in Season 2. So each season, evil wins out at least a few times. But the stakes are higher now. How will losing affect the larger storyline?

Well, plot arcs generally flow so that things always look darkest before the dawn. If the war is planned to last only this season, then we can expect things to get very grim for the Winchester brothers starting about.... oh, late winter.

Posted by Miller on October 23, 2007 9:40 AM
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I loved this episode, I thougth that acting was amzing and the writng was awesome! Loved Jared's performance!

-- Posted by: Jay at October 23, 2007 5:35 PM

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