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Supernatural: Bad Day at Black Rock Recap

Scene is inside a prison. A man is going to the visitation room. And there is Gordon, waiting. They speak for a moment. The man, Kubric, tells Gordon that the Devil's Gate was opened in Wyoming, and hundreds of demons released. It's war. Gordon wants to know if Sam Winchester was there.

He was. But the hunters Kubric talked to, most importantly Bobby Singer, told him Sam and Dean were trying to stop the Gate from opening. He trusts Bobby.

Gordon used to trust Bobby, but he thinks Sam's influence has changed him. In fact, he doesn't even think Sam is human any more. He was right about everything else. He's right about this.

And he tells Kubric Sam must die.

Mad about Ruby

Sam and Dean are arguing. Sam told Dean about his meeting with Ruby. Dean wants to know why Sam was chatting with her instead of sending her back to Hell. Sam tells him it's because she said she can help Dean save his soul.

Dean pauses.

No, he thinks she's lying. She's a demon, she can't be trusted.

"She knows what your weakness is, it's me," Dean says.

Sam is quiet, and Dean wants to know what else Ruby told him. Sam says, "Nothing." He tells Dean they need Ruby. They don't know where the escaped demons are, they don't know what they want. He knows it's a risk, but he wants to use Ruby to help them win the demon war.

A phone rings. It's John's cell phone, that Dean keeps charged in case one of his old contacts tries to call. John had a storage unit in Black Rock, New York, and someone broke in. Sam gets the address, and tells them to lock it back up again.

Kubric and a friend are sitting in Kubric's RV. There are religious items everywhere - a painting of Jesus on the wall, some statues in an cupboard.

"You have no hard evidence on this Winchester guy, you're just working off Gordon's instincts," the friend says.

Kubric says he's hunted with Gordon lots of times, and Gordon is the best. He's saved Kubric many times, so if he says Sam Winchester is dangerous, Kubric believes him. Kubric is going to put out the word to other hunters, to try to track Sam's movements.

Kubric's friend opens a cupboard, and finds a plaster Jesus face that is designed so that turned one way, it's in 3-D profile, turned another, it's a frontal veiw. He turns it side to side, fascinated.

Kubric takes it from him. "Don't play with my Jesus," he says.


The storage unit is booby-trapped with a shotgun. There were 2 burglars, and one was shot, though not badly enough to stop them. The burglars ignored John's huge arsenal, which included guns, knives, and landmines. Sam and Dean look around, and notice the mementos John saved from his boys. Sam's soccer trophy is there, as is Dean's first sawed-off shotgun, which he made himself. Sam notices that the floor was charms to ward off demons, and he also notices a shelf of boxes with charms on them to keep curses inside. One of the boxes is missing.

Petty Thievery

One of the thieves is bleeding to death. The other is ignoring him, wondering what's in the box. A woman paid them $200 to steal it, and now he wants to know if what's inside is worth keeping to sell. He opens the box, and inside, he sees a rabbit's foot. The injured thief picks it up, he can't believe that's what they were after.

There's a knock on the door. A man stands there, complaining about the noise. He sees the injured man, and tells the man's friend to go get a medical kit he keeps under the sink. He used to be an Army medic.

"So I guess it's your lucky day," he says.

Bad Thieves

Laster, the thieves are playing cards. The injured thief can't lose, winning hands against improbable odds. He thinks it's the rabbit's foot.

Sam and Dean are outside. The thieves parked where the security camera could catch the license plate, and they've tracked the thieves to their home.

Sam and Dean burst in, armed and angry, but after several improbably lucky events, the brothers end up disarmed. One of the thieves is choking Sam, and in desperation, he reaches out and grabs the first thing he finds.

Which happens to be the rabbit's foot. Immediately, the luck changes, and the thieves both knock themselves unconscious.

"That was a lucky break," Dean says. "Is that a rabbit's foot?"

"I think it is," Sam replies.

Later, in the car, Sam is trying to research the object, but he finds nothing. Dean, though, has bought several lottery tickets. The run of luck makes him think the rabbit's foot might be a real charm. Sam thinks it must be cursed, or John wouldn't have locked it up.

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, And In Between....

The thieves wake up, and the injured one goes into the kitchen to splash water on his face. He's talking to his friend. The woman who hired them is going to be unhappy that they lost the charm. As he walks out of the room, he steps on a stray beer bottle, and falls backward, gruesomely impaling his head on a badly placed grill fork.

Sam is on the phone with Bobby, while Dean is scratchign off lottery tickets, all winners. The rabbit's foot is cursed, and Bobby tells the the quick history - hoodoo curse to kill some enemies, it gives the owner good luck until they lose it, and then they die within a week. He asks if Sam touched it. He has. Bobby is angry, but Sam didn't know about John's storage unit. Bobby did, he built the curse boxes for John. Bobby promises to try to find a way to end the curse.

Clearly, Sam is not happy. Dean, though, is really enjoying Sam's luck.

The brothers go to get dinner,

Dean tells Sam not to worry, Bobby will find a way to break the curse. Until then, he wants to go to Vegas.

"Pull a little Rain Man. You can be Rain Man." Sam tells him they're laying low until Bobby calls back.

It turns out, they are the 1 millionth custormer of the restaurant. Free meals for a year! Obviously, this makes Dean very happy.

Being Tracked

Meanwhile, Kubric is sitting in his RV with a friend. He's on the phone putting out feelers to try to track Sam down. They make plans to eat, and Kubric's friend tells him about a place, and Kubric agrees to look at the menu on the internet.

As they eat, the waittress refills Sam's coffee. She spills a little, wipes it up, and flirts a little with Sam. As Dean encourages him to go after her, Sam spills his coffee. He jumps up from the table, colliding with a person carrying a tray full of food, and it spills everywhere.

Dean asks, "How was that good?." Sam checks his pocket. The charm is gone. They chase after the waittress, who She folds the charm into a cloth to keep from touching it. She removes her wig and walks away.

As Sam and Dean leave the restaurant, Sam trips and rips the knees out of his jeans. "So now your luck turns bad?" Dean asks.

"I guess."

"I wonder how bad," Dean muses.

Unlucky Break

Kubric and his friend check out the restaurant's website. As Kubric's friend looks for a location, right there is a picture of Sam and Dean, as winners of the 1 millionth customer prize. Kubric looks skyward.

Sam and Dean go back to visit the thieves. Dean talks to the survivor, who is mourning his friend. Sam trips on a power cord. The man doesn't want to talk to Dean, but Dean tells him that the charm could end up killing more people like his friend. Dean says he can read people.

"And you're a thief, and a scumbag, and that's fine. But you're not a killer. Are you?"

God's Will

Kubric's friend is leaving the restaurant. No one saw Sam and Dean leave, and there's no credit card trail because their meal wsa free. Kubric tells him not to worry, they'll find them.

"There's a higher power at work here. I know it now," Kubric says.

Bobby calls back, he's found a way to break the curse. Dean tells him the charm was stolen. Sam steps in gum. As he tries to remove it, he loses his shoe. Dean tells him a woman named "Lugosi" stole it from them. Bobby immediately knows who he's talking about - her name is Bela Talbott, and she's not a hunter. But he does know some people to contact who might know where to find her.

Sam is dejected, Dean is disgusted with Sam's luck. He takes Sam to a motel, parks him in the room and tells him not to move. Bela has a place in Queens, and he's going to get the charm back. He tells Sam he doesn't want his bad luck to get them killed.

He leaves. Unfortunately, the motel is exactly where Kubric and his friend have parked their RV.

Bela's Place

Bela is on the phone with a buyer for the charm. $1.5 million, she agrees to meet the buyer, Luke, at an airstrip in an hour. While she's on the phone, she misses seeing Dean on her security cameras. Bela has a sense that something is wrong. She grabs her gun and moves to the front door. She looks at her alarm system. It's been disabled, and the note on it reads, "Turn around."

She turns around, gun up, and Dean is standing there with his gun aimed at her. They have a standoff.

Sam is sitting in the chair, miserable. Smoke begins coming out of the air conditioner. "Oh, come on," he whines. He walks over to the window, flames begin shooting from the unit. He grabs the bedspread to put it out, and is successful. As he stands there, suddenly he notices his sleeve has caught fire. He uses the drapes to put that out, and accidentally pulls them down, falling backward and knocking himself unconscious. Standing right outside the window are Kubric and his friend. Kubric looks skyward once again.

Bela and Dean are talking. Bela tells Dean that the amulets and charms hunters use are worth a lot of money.

"So you know the truth," Dean says."about what's really going on out there, and this is what you decide to do with it?"


Kubric and his friend are wrapping Sam tape to keep him from moving. Kubric tells Sam he used to think Gordon sent him, but now he thinks he's on a mission from God.

Dean tries to reason with Bela. She says he can have the foot... for 1.5 million. Dean asks how she even found it. She looks over to an old Ouija board. She says she just asked the ghosts of those it had killed.

"So you're only out for yourself, huh? It's all about number one?" Dean asks.

"Being a hunter is so much more noble? Bunch of obsessed, revenge-driven sociopaths trying to save a world that can't be saved."

"Well, aren't you a glass half-full?"

"We're all going to hell, Dean, might as well enjoy the ride," Bela says.

"I actually agree with you there," Dean replies. "Anyhoo, this has been charming, but look at the time. Oh, and this," he holds up the foot. "Looks like you're not the only one with sticky fingers. And if it's any consolation, I think you're a truly awful person."

Bela shoots at him, but misses, and the ricochets come close to hitting her. Dean escapes.


Kubric is beating Sam. He asks if Sam is part of the demon plans. He wants to know where the demons will strike next. Sam says he doesn't know, but Kubric tells him that Gordon filled him in on Sam's psychic powers. Sam tells him that since the Hell Gate, he hasn't had powers. Kubric tells him he's lying, and hits him. He says they're getting close to the end of the world, so maybe he can understand why they can't take chances.

He pulls his pistol to shoot Sam, but Kubric's friend stops him. Kubric tells him that he saw what happened. "Why are we here?" He thinks God is leading them to Sam to do his work.

"This.. is destiny," Kubric says, as he aims at Sam.

"Nope, no destiny," Dean says, stepping up behind Kubric. "Just a rabbit's foot."

Kubric tells him to put the gun down. Dean does. He picks up a pen.

"But there's something about me that you don't know," he tells Kubric.

"Oh, yeah? What?"

"It's my lucky day."

Dean throws the pen, which improbably sticks in Kubric's gun barrell. Kubric's friend tries to punch Dean, but Dean ducks, and Kubric's friend runs into the wall and knocks himself unconscious.

"Im amazing," Dean says. He picks up the television remote, and throws it at Kubric, knocking him unconscious.

"I'm Batman," Dean says.

"Yeah," Sam replies. "You're Batman."

A Little More Good, and Bad, Luck

Sam and Dean are in a cemetary, ready to destroy the charm. Dean is busily scratching off lottery tickets for some last-minute luck. He puts the tickets in his jacket.

Bela steps up. She aims her gun at Dean and tells him she wants the foot.

Dean tells her he knows she won't shoot. He says he can read people. "Yeah, you're a thief. Fine, but you're not going to..." Bela shoots Sam in the shoulder.

"You've got the luck, Dean, you I can't hit. But you're brother," she says. "Him I can't miss."

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Dean yells. "You can't just go around shooting people!"

"Relax, it's a shoulder shot. I can aim," Bela says. "Besides, who here hasn't shot a few people?"

She tells Dean to put the rabbit's foot on the ground and step away. Dean leans over, then tosses it to her, saying, "Think fast."

Reflexively, she grabs it.

"Damn," she curses softly.

"Now," Dean says. "What do you say we destroy that ugly ass piece of dead thing."

They destroy the charm. "Thanks a lot," Bela says. "I'm out one and half million, and on the bad side of a very powerful, and very psychotic, buyer."

"Wow," Dean replies. "I really don't feel bad about that. Sam?"

"Nope, not even a little," Sam grins.

"Maybe next time, I'll hang you out to dry," Bela says, leaning on a gravestone with Dean's jacket on it.

"Oh, don't go away angry, just go away," Dean replies. Bela leaves.

Dean and Sam walk back to Metallicar. "Guess we're back to normal now, huh," Dean says. "No good luck, no bad luck... Oh, I forgot, I'm up $46,000." Dean reaches for his lottery tickets, which are gone.

Cut to Bela driving away, looking through the lottery tickets.

Gordon's Ally

Cut to Gordon in prison. Kubric is visiting. "You were right about everything," he tells Gordon. "He's the adversary."

"What was it that convinced you?"

"God led me to him," Kubric says. "And his will is clear."

"Oookay. Great. Glad to have you on board," Gordon replies. "But first things first. We have to get me the hell out of here. Because as I told you before, Sam Winchester must die."

Kubric nods.

Posted by Miller on October 19, 2007 6:33 AM
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Awesome episode!!!

Sam: "I lost my shoe"

-- Posted by: Anonymous at October 20, 2007 5:54 PM

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