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Supernatural: All Hell 2, Reviewed

First a little character building:

Let's start with Dean.

What we find out in this ep is that the womanizing, devil-may-care attitude Dean sports is just a front. In reality, he feels inadequate. He feels like he let his dad down. He feels like he let Sam down.

I think we all had a hint this was the case. But I think we learned a couple of things about Dean.

For one thing, Dean has a serious, serious lack of faith. Any faith at all would have kept Dean from ever considering dealing his soul, even - or especially - for his beloved brother. It's not clear what exactly Dean believes about the afterlife. He's had a clear demonstration now that Hell is real. Does this mean there's a Heaven? After all his hunting of Hell-spawned creatures, Dean either didn't believe in Hell (though surely he must now, after John climbed back to Earth), or believed there is a Hell without a Heaven to counter it. Otherwise, he would have let Sam go, knowing that Sam would be on his way to Heaven.

And what of Sam?

Sam's got a little devil in him. Or rather, a little demon-blood. What exactly does this mean for Sam? Sam has been solid in his faith, and yet, all season he's wondered if maybe the part of him that's evil would win outl Will he start down the same self-loathing path as Dean now? Especially since Dean's soul is forfeit because of him?

Now about the story

It was a nice wrap up. It answered a lot of questions, but asked others. It finished up the story arc neatly. At first, I thought it finished it up a little too neatly. I ddn't like John climbing out of Hell to help the brothers.

John's arc felt finished to me. All his life he'd required his sons to sacrifice for his revenge mission. Then, in the end, he sacrificed himself to save one of the boys, but it also allowed them to finish the mission he chose for them. He didn't need to rise from Hell to help them. His part was done.

But I think this was a way to really show what John's fate was after the deal he made. Demons lie, but they weren't lying about John going to Hell. Plus, it opens up the larger questions for Dean.

I don't think Dean truly believed in Hell before this episode. I think he believed Hell existed for demons, but not humans. He knows demons lie. I think Dean believed that when your time was up after making a deal with demons, the Hellhounds came for you, and you just died. There was no afterlife.

But now, Dean has clear, incontrovertible proof that people go to Hell. This makes him deal even worse than he thought it was before. And the question is now open - if humans go to Hell, do they also go to Heaven?

I think that's part of the reason the writers brought John back. Plus, it neatly ties up the arc. It started with John, Dean and Sam hunting the YED, and it ended with the three killing the YED.

Next season

It's pretty clear the direction we're headed. Dean will still struggle with his self-worth. Sam will continue to struggle with knowing he has demon-blood, and wondering if he can defeat the evil within him.

The overall arc of the season will be saving Dean's life. Secondary arcs will be finding out why Mary Winchester recognized the demon, and what the full effects of consuming demon-blood are.

Then there's the war. That ought to keep 'em busy for a bit.

We may see some more faith struggles. Judging from the blogosphere, those episodes dealing with faith don't seem to be very popular, so I think they'll be kept to a minimum. I don't think the writers can avoid doing something in this area, though.

And of course, we'll get new questions, and maybe some more background on the brothers's lives before the show started (to tie in with the graphic novels). We're still waiting to learn why both Sam and Dean's eyes bled in Season 1's episode. We're also still waiting to learn about Dean's amulet. We may get answers to those questions.

I would love to learn more about Bobby. He's still somewhat of a mystery. Why is he so close to the Winchesters? We actually know more about Ash and Deacon than we do about Bobby. Bobby has the potential to be a great character. I hope the writers see that also.

And don't forget Gordon. That dude is dangerous. We may not have seen the last of him.

For that matter, I'm still waiting on more about hunters. How do they get started hunting, how do they learn to hunt, how many are there? Are there human groups opposing the hunters, say, Satanists?

Well, that's it, I'm out for a couple of months. Have a great hiatus, and I'll be back in the fall!

Posted by Miller on June 8, 2007 6:37 AM
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