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Supernatural: What's Up with Folsom Prison

Easing our way back into the mythology.

That pretty much sums up this episode. We needed a mythology episode, but after so many standalone episodes in a row, we needed some reminders of what's going on. Folsom Prison and this week's episode will basically serve as reminders about where we are in the mythology.

There's not much to analyze. I thought the writers did a good job of hiding Deacon's identity. I never saw that coming. This episode was pretty scary, in my opinion, but the locale really lent itself to that. To me, there's not much scarier than 1) asylums and 2) prisons. Psychoanalyze that however you want. Toss in some vengeful ghosts....

The mythology part of this was interesting. This episde is back to what I thought the last few have lacked - any mention of the long term story. They didn't cover everything. We have no idea about what the YED is up to, though the whole second half of the season has been pretty sparse on updates on his plan. But we got a nice reminder about the brothers being wanted by the FBI, and the problems that can cause them. Nice big hint at the end about how this is going to curtail their activities a bit.

We may have also been introduced to a potential future ally in P.D. Moira Daniels. The brothers are slowly starting to rack up some friends of their own in the "normal" world. There's probably a handful of people other than hunters they can go to for assistance now: Ms. Daniels, Father Reynolds from Houses of the Holy,Susan from Playthings, Dr. Lee from Croatoan, Evan(?) from Crossroad Blues, Detective Ballard from The Usual Suspects, Andy from Simon Said, Lenore (the vampire) from Bloodlust. That's just from this year.

It will be interesting to see if any of them will show up again in the 2 part finale, or next season (knock on wood). I think there may be decent odds on Ms. Daniels and Father Reynolds.

This week

So this week, we may have a good dose of mythology. The episode seems like it would be right for it, and it also gives them the opportunity to really set up the season finale. Maybe we'll also get some hints as to what Sam and Dean's mother was apologizing for in the episode Home. I'm looking forward to it.

Posted by Miller on May 1, 2007 8:37 AM
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