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Supernatural: Our Story So Far

Last episode, we found out the YED doesn't want to create an army of people with special abilities. It has other plans, plans that include using one of its hand-picked humans to lead a different army. And that it doesn't quite have that army together yet..

What we don't know is what that army is, or why it doesn't exist yet. We also don't know how Sam and the other children were singled out. Did their abilities exist before the YED visited them? Did the demon blood cause the abilities or bring them out, much like a genetic mutation? Or are all the children simply mutants that the demon "recruited" by giving them a taste of his blood.

I don't know the answers to these, but as usual, I'm not afraid to guess at the direction the show might take.

Miraculous recovery

We have some clues about what happens in part 2 of the season finale. I suspect that Sam will recover (I know, going out on a limb there). I'm just not sure he'll do it on this plane of existence.

My prediction is that tonight, Dean will enter the doorway to Hell to rescue Sam from death. And while there, he will meet the YED's gathering army.

An army of, well, a lot more than one

I think the army will be assorted ghosties and ghoulies much like the brothers have already met. Some of them may have some surprising twists on their powers, though, courtesy of the YED. The reason the army isn't complete yet is the YED is still gathering them from around the world.

This has some interesting implications for next season (sooo glad to be able to type the words "next season"...). I doubt the brothers can stop the army in a single episode. Their methods are crude, destroying these things one at a time. Having to face a horde of supernatural beings all at once may be beyond their abilities.

They're going to need a weapon.


So we may be back to season 1, essentially. In one of the previews for the finale tonight, it looks like Dean has the Colt that John gave to the YED in the first ep this season (interesting if that's what it is. Does that mean John's back? Though Jeffrey Dean Morgan is listed in the credits for tonight's episode, he was also listed in the credits for part 1, and he wasn't involved. ).

Even the Colt won't be enough to stop an army. They're going to need a weapon of mass destruction. Next season may be all about finding out what it is, and where to find it.

Hunters to hunted?

Another interesting twist for next season may be a reversal of fortune for the brothers. So far, they've been the hunters. If the YED releases his army onto earth, maybe the brothers become the hunted. They may have to move from town to town to stay ahead of the creatures searching for them, while at the same time hiding from the police.

Daddy issues?

Other interesting questions for next season: is the YED Sam's father? Is that how Mary recognized the YED? Or did she recognize the YED for other reasons? Why do the writers keep calling our attention to Mary telling Dean "A guardian angel is watching over you?" (it's been mentioned at least 4 times in 2 seasons.) What is Dean's amulet, and what does it do? Who burned down the roadhouse, and why? (that may be a question for tonight, rather than next season).

Mano a mano? Brother vs. brother?

At some point during the series arc, I think the brothers will be pitted against each other, before joining forces again to fight for good against evil. I just don't know if it will happen next season. I think that may be more of a season 4 thing (if they can make it that long).

No matter what happens, it should be interesting.

Posted by Miller on May 17, 2007 6:37 AM
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