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Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part I

We open to Boston's "Foreplay/Long Time" playing on Metallicar's radio. Sam ducks into a diner to pick up some food - extra onions for Dean - and Dean's radio starts shorting out.

Metallicar is a classic, but these guys are experienced hunters. Dean gives the radio a single whack before he realizes it's not the radio, it's something.... supernatural.

He quickly scopes out the diner from Metallicar, populated moments ago, suddenly apparently deserted. He goes inside to find the employees and a custormer all dead, lying in pools of blood. No sign of Sam, though at the back door he finds sulphur.

Where Am I

Sam awakens in a ghost town. Prowling around, he hears a noise. He picks up a board, ready to bash in the head(s) of whatever it is, and as he waits around the corner, he nearly attacks Andy, from "Simon Said". Andy was just minding his own business, when suddenly, he woke up here. They hear a woman yelling for help, and find a locked shed. Sam knocks the lock off, and inside is Ava, from "Hunted." She runs to him for a big reassuring hug. Sam tells her she's been missing for 5 months, she doesn't believe him. She thinks she disappeared yesterday.

They hear more voices. The voices belong to Jake, a soldier who disappeared from Afghanistan, and Lily. Sam tells them he knows that they all have strange abilities, and that they have been brought here by a demon, as part of some evil plan. They all tell each other their abilities, except Jake. Lily can stop a person's heart just by touching them.

All by myself

Dean is frantic. He's with Bobby, who is telling him there have been no signs or omens or any indication of demon activity recently. Dean calls Ash, asking for help. Ash tells him that he has something, but can't tell him over the phone. He tells Dean to get there.

You gotta be kidding...

Sam is having a difficult time. He tells them they should stick together until they can figure out a way to get out of here. The other chosen ones refuse to believe they are part of a demonic scheme. Jake, in fact, thinks Sam is crazy, and decides to go off by himself, and tells them they should all do the same.

ake goes into a deserted school, and is attacked by a demon that takes the form of children. Sam saves him by swatting the demon with an iron bar. Well, now he believes. Sam tells Jake that he was attacked by a demon that takes the form of a child. Andy seems to be spacing out, and when Sam asks him if he's paying attention, he says, "Give me a minute, I'm still working through 'demons are real.'"

Sam notices a bell with an unusual engraving of a tree. He recognizes it. They're in Cold Oak, South Dakota. A town so haunted its residents fled. Lily is upset. She wants no part of this, and is ready to try to leave the town. Sam tells her that's a bad idea, the only way out is through miles of dense woods. He thinks they should stick together until they learn the demon's plans, and how many others there are that might attack them.

Lily doesn't like how Sam refers to her as part of the group. She has nothing in common with any of them. They just don't understand. She killed her friend. Sam tells her he understands, that he lost people also. But he doesn't give her the same reassuring hug he gave Ava. Lily finally agrees that they should stick together, but doesn't seem totally convinced.

Lock and load

Sam tells them they need to find weapons. Silver, salt or iron. As they search, Lily wanders off. While making her way through the woods, she is killed.

Dean shows up to the roadhouse. Or rather, what's left of the roadhouse. It's a smoking ruin now, and there are bodies in the rubble. Dean notices a blackened arm wtih Ash's watch on it. There is no sign of Ellen.

Lily, dead

Sam finds a knife, and pockets it without telling anyone. Andy finds huge bags of salt. Sam notices that Lily is missing. They hear demonic children laughter, along with a strange sound of machinery. Following the sound, they find Lily strung up by her neck on a windmill (This may be a homage to "The Visitation").

Sam's "network"

Sam mentions to Andy how much he wishes Dean was here. "I'd give my arm for a working phone," he says. Andy has an idea. He thinks he can send a vision to Dean, if Sam has something associated with Dean. Sam has a receipt with Dean's signature - D. Hasselhoff. Andy is puzzled, but Sam just says it's hard to explain.

It's not a tumor

Dean is devastated. Ash is dead, he has no clue how to find Sam. Suddenly, he gets a blinding headache, and distorted visions of something. Bobby asks him if he's all right. Dean says it's just a headache, Bobby asks if he's ever had headaches like this before. Dean says no, but that he could have sworn he saw something. Bobby asks if it was a vision, like what Sam gets. Dean scoffs. He's not psychic. Dean is stricken by another headache. He glimpses Sam. Bobby asks him if he sees anything. He says he saw Sam, and a bell of some kind with an engraving. Bobby asks if the engraving was a tree. It was. Bobby knows where Sam is.


Jake tears the iron spokes off of a wheel. His ability is super strength. Sam and the others make a circle of salt on the floor. Ava tells Sam she wishes it was all over so that she could go home to her fiance. Sam looks at her awkwardly, before finally telling her that the demon killed her fiance. She cries, and gets another reassuring hug.

Later, they all sit inside the circle, and Sam is nearly asleep when the YED gets his attention. Sam is zapped outside (apparently), and the demon tells him that he's rooting for him. Sam doesn't know what he means. The YED tells him this is a competition. He already has his army,or he will... soon. He just needs a general. The best of the best, of Sam's generation. He has other generations. The chosen will all fight to the death. Winner becomes the general, and gets to live.He hopes Sam will win it, because Sam is his favorite.

Sam says the demon ruined his life, killing everyone he loved. The demon says it's just the cost of doing business. Jessica was a danger. He was prepared to marry her, and then he would have gotten soft. The demon needed him on the road, honing his skills, staying sharp.

"What about my mom?" Sam asks.

"That was bad luck," the YED says. "She walked in on us, wrong place, wrong time."

"What does that mean?" Sam asks.

"It wasn't about her, it was about you. It's always been about you."


YED says he's feeling generous, so he takes Sam back to the day his mother is killed. Sam and the YED stand to the side in Sam's nursery.

The YED is standing over Sam's crib. Sam tries to interfere, but the demon tells him it's just a vision. Mary walks in, barely awake, and thinks it's John, getting Sam back to sleep. Sam tries to alert her, but the demon again tells him it's just a vision.

She leaves the room, and the YED cuts his wrist and drips his blood into Sam's mouth.

"What the hell are you doing to me?" Sam asks. "Does this mean I have demon blood in me? Answer me!"

The demon only laughs. Mary returns, and the YED in the vision turns toward her.

"It's you," she says. The YED forces her to the wall with some kind of power, and slowly begins sending her to the ceiling.

"She knew you!" Sam exclaims. The demon brings Sam back to the present, telling him he's sure he doesn't want to see what comes next.

Sam awakens.

Let the circle be unbroken

Ava has gone missing. They all go to look for her, and Andy finds her back inside the circle. Ava breaks the circle near the window as Andy walks in. The child-demon comes through the window and kills Andy. Ava screams.

Sam comes running. He wants to know where Ava has been. She went for water. Sam notices the break in the circle, and asks her why she did it. She claims Andy did it, but Sam doesn't buy it. She's been here 5 months, what has she been up to?

Ava drops her pretense. Yes, she's been here, fighting, as the chosen ones show up. They battle a few at a time. As of right now, she's the reigning champion. She has increased her ability. She can now control demons, and she begins to summon one to kill Sam. As she's concentrating, Jake walks up behind her and snaps her neck. The demon goes away.


Dean arrives with Bobby, but they have to walk through the woods to get to the town.

Sam tells Jake he thinks the demon is gone now that Ava isn't controlling it. He thinks they'll be able to escape. Jake says only one can leave. The YED told him the only escape was by killing the others. Sam begs him not to fight, that they can hunt the demon down together. Jake says he'll kill Sam, and then hunt the demon down to avenge his death. Sam says they can do it together. Jake wants to know how he can tell Sam won't betray him. As a show of good faith, Sam takes out the knife and places it on the ground. Jake puts down his iron bar, then punches Sam, sending him flying.

As Jake tries to finish the job, Sam gets a few kicks in. Jake punches Sam in the shoulder, possibly breaking his arm, but Sam manages to get Jake's arm immobilized briefly to land a few punches when Sam dodges one of Jake's punches and his fist goes through a fence. He kicks Jake unconscious. He picks up the iron bar, ready to kill Jake, but then decides not to.

The cavalry arrives, too late

It's raining now. Sam hears Dean's shout. He stumbles toward Dean, holding his arm. Jake, however, awakens, and picks up the knife.

Dean and Bobby shout to warn Sam, but it's too late. Jake stabs Sam in the back, even giving the knife a little extra thrust at the end, then pulls it free and runs off, with Bobby in pursuit.

Dean grabs Sam, and tells him he'll take care of him, just like he's always done. Sam's eyes are glazed over, and his mouth is full of blood. "No. No no no no no," Dean says, quietly.

"Sam!" he shouts.

Posted by Miller on May 11, 2007 11:01 AM
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