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Supernatural: Where We Are, Where Are They Taking Us?

Last week's episode doesn't leave much for analysis, though it might be fun to list all the homages in this episode. Mostly, though, I'm in a "where do we go from here?" mood.

Shout outs to:


All the cast and crew who've worked on Lois and Clark (especially Philip Sgriccia) and Gilmore Girls (especially Jared Padalecki)


The movies "Poltergeist", "Three Men and a Baby", "Metal Storm" and "Die Hard". There were several shout outs I missed when Dean first saw Tara. Anyone pick those up?

Also shout outs to Production Assistants everywhere.

I knew I must have missed some references in the faux movie trailer. Super-Wiki has a nice rundown of them. They're all scenes from previous episodes.

Back to the Future

So here we are, Ep 2.19. Four to go, and the last 2 are 2 parters.

I'm starting to see a pattern that I think will continue in Season 3 (crossing fingers and knocking on wood for a Season 3!).

I mentioned back in November how the show was running out of creatures. These episodes are important, not only because they're scary, but also because they pay the bills. Many networks and affiliates are reluctant to pick up serial shows in syndication. That's where most of the money can be made. By having lots of standalone episodes, it may improve the chances of going into syndication.

So what can the show do for standalone episodes when all the creatures have been done? Well, the first thing is a twist on previous creatures. We saw this in Bloodlust, Night Shifter, and even Simon Said. In fact, most of the spirit episodes are just twists on ghost stories. I expect to see more spirit episodes. For one thing, spirits are pretty much the most common type of supernatural creature that people hear about. Even in this modern world, where we very seldom hear stories about werewolves or leprechauns or vampires any more, ghost stories abound.

But the brothers can't keep salting and burning bones. There has to be a twist. A twist that the writers have used a lot is changing up the ghosts haunting grounds.

We've had a haunted lake ("Dead in the Water"), highway ("Pilot episode" (thanks to K for the correction)) asylum (with the inspired title "Asylum"), a truck ("Route 666"), house ("Hell House") and a painting ("Provenance") in Season 1. In Season 2, we've had a highway again ("Roadkill"), hotel ("Playthings"), and movie set ("Hollywood Babylon"). We're getting a prison ("Folsom Prison Blues").

I tried to think of some locales or types of hauntings that the writers haven't explored yet, but I didn't come up with much. Here are a few, though.

Haunted trains
There are lots of stories of railroad hauntings, partially because working on the rails was frequently a lonely and dangerous job in the past. We may yet see the writers explore that next season. There's a good possibility for drama on a train, because it's so isolated. It's hard to escape from a speeding train.

Construction sites
Another area that's spawned a large number of ghost stories are construction sites. A lot of buildings are rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of workers who died on site. Especially large construction sites, like the Hoover Dam, where many workers died, could be a source of an episode.

Haunted battlegrounds
There are tons of stories of haunted battlegrounds from the Civil War. Not sure how this could be worked into an episode, though. Maybe an event could raise a vengeful spirit, like construction (that idea is pretty hackneyed, though), or a re-enactment with a living descendant of the ghosts former enemy.

Haunted bars
We also haven't seen an episode about a haunted bar/restaurant. I'm not sure that's sufficiently different enough to justify an episode, though it might be fun to find out that Ellen's Roadhouse is haunted in some way (maybe Ash is a ghost, ha!).

We'll never see ....
One area the writers have shied away from is the mysterious creatures - like lake monsters (Champlain is probably the most famous lake in the US with a reported monster) or Bigfoot. I think that's an intentional decision. Those creatures aren't generally thought to be supernatural, so it would be hard to fit them in a show. Same reason alien abductions won't be featured (I loved how they managed to both sort of fit an abduction in, and explain away the lack of them, in a single episode).

Previously, in predictions

In my November prediction post, some of those predictions proved out, like the brothers being wanted coming more into play (at least 2 episodes have dealt or will deal with the Wanted status since that prediction).

Others, haven't, at least not yet. Though we had some indications of the larger mythology about the hunters, they haven't figured in nearly as much as I thought they might. Will they? I still think so. It's too good of a story to pass up, but it has to be done right.

One way I think it might play out is if the brothers come to be hunted themselves. This has been hinted at in some episodes. Sam killed a hunter, he's supernatural himself (and at least 1 hunter knows this - Gordon), and the brothers are responsible for turning Gordon over to the police. All of these are good reasons for them to become hunted themselves.

Story-wise, it works. Last season was about chasing John, this season about dealing with John's death, but Eric Kripke has said the Yellow-Eyed Demon storyline will wrap up. Something has to happen to give the show propulsion for next season.

Having Sam and Dean go on the run, with nowhere to hide and no one to trust can up the ante.

Posted by Miller on April 24, 2007 6:32 AM
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Ah, I enjoyed this, I agree with you completely.

Do you know if there will be a Season 3?

-- Posted by: Kellen at April 24, 2007 9:28 PM

The first haunted highway was in the pilot and "Bloody Mary" was a haunted mirror. Just, you know, cause I'm a geek like that :)

-- Posted by: K at April 25, 2007 5:14 AM

Thanks, K, you're right, I'll have to correct that. The first one had some elements of the old Resurrection Mary legend out of Chicago. That's why I remembered it wrong.

-- Posted by: Miller at April 25, 2007 6:30 AM

Kellen, no, no word on a Season 3 yet. We won't find out for certain until May 17.

-- Posted by: Miller at April 25, 2007 6:32 AM

If they Reviewed relaistic haunted houses and fictional creatures " such as a werewolf and basilisk or something" they would come up with a creature to set things off, maybe the demon has a pet? who knows, but if they want to bring out bigfoot or the locness monster, all they would have to do is make the monster similiar to a shiftshaper.....or maybe just the trickster whom was never really killed.
To keep the show bouncing, they should give the boys another path......maybe one that includes a life.
I am not sure myself on what would be a better aproach but so far...i give them props because The show has blown me away in all directions.
Just the fact that you watch two good looking guys on the screen with a supernatural high.
I Love it regardless, expecially dean.
Im a dean fan.

-- Posted by: Elizabeth at May 17, 2007 12:08 AM

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